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Nursing Short Stories Are Fun

Posted November 5, 2013 By Rachael Gutierrez

There are many nursing short stories that can be heard around this planet. People everywhere are very amazed at how these lovely ladies take the time to care about individuals who are suffering from some type of illness. Once in awhile these wonderful medical people will meet a stranger that really touches their heart.

The Dating Black Book Review

Posted March 28, 2012 By admin

The Dating Black Book Review Article by EBcontent Some PUA’s out there try to convince you that you need flashy clothes, learn magic tricks and a ton of other things. As Carlos Xuma shows in The Dating Black Book, this isn’t extremely necessary, indeed, this is […]

Book Review of The Heart of Motherhood

Posted March 27, 2012 By admin

Book Review of The Heart of Motherhood Article by Lisa M. Hendey Book Review of The Heart of Motherhood: Finding Holiness in the Catholic Home by Donna-Marie Cooper O’BoyleReviewed by Lisa M. HendeyThe Crossroad Publishing Company, 16 Penn Plaza – 481 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1550, New […]

Writing An Analytical Book Review – Introduction And Summary Article by Tim Brians An analytical book review/report is one that summarizes the main ideas in a book and also evaluates them. The analytic book review has 3 main parts; the introduction, the summary and the evaluation. […]

Book Review for “Daughter of Ashes”

Posted March 22, 2012 By admin

Book Review for “Daughter of Ashes” Article by StephB Book Review for “Daughter of Ashes”Legends of Tirum, Book 1Written by: Esther MitchellDesert Breeze PublishingISBN: 1-936000-90-3Ebook Format4.5 Stars Reviewed by: S. Burkhart “Daughter of Ashes” is a fantastic start to Mitchell’s fantasy series, Legends of Tirum. Telyn […]

iCan The Book Review

Posted March 21, 2012 By admin

iCan The Book Review Article by Natalie Aranda For the price of a single evening out trying to find confidence in the bottom of a glass, iCan will unleash your true inner confidence iCan gives you the tools to create the lasting impact of a lifetime […]

Suze Orman’s Women And Money – Book Review

Posted March 19, 2012 By admin

Suze Orman’s Women And Money – Book Review Article by Frankie This article is a short review of Suze Orman’s book Women and Money: Owning The Power To Control Your Destiny. Women & Money is a very good book that I would recommend to all women […]

Book Review: Considering SomeplacElse B. L. Lindstrom Article by Simon Barrett As a book reviewer I love to categorize books, but try as I might I cannot seem to find the right pigeonhole to put this book in. It has some aspects of Sci-Fi, some aspects […]

Book Review: Lodestone Book Two-The Land of Ice and Stars Mark Whiteway Article by wr potter Lodestone Book Two: The World of Ice and StarsMark WhitewayVirtualbookworm.com Publishing (August 2, 2010)978-1602645882312 pages Return to Kelanni where a band of rebels reunite to locate an instrument that will […]

Hot Christian Book Review – A Hope Undaunted Julie Lessman Article by Angie Lippard Quick word about my review below…this was hard to write without giving away significant plot lines so I hope that I don’t have any spoilers below and if it seems vague, it’s […]