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An Overview Of The Military Dog Adoption Program

Military Working dogs (MWD’s) serve as sentries, scouts, trackers. They chase and corner suspects. They sniff out bomb materials and drugs. Training is rigorous. Military dogs must be intelligent, loyal, and fearless. The military dog adoption program seeks to place retired MWD’s in homes where they can enjoy peaceful days, fun activities, and loyal friendship.

Service dogs are trained at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas. These amazing canine warriors are sent to bases throughout the world to perform duties that save lives. Many return to Lackland when their assignment is completed. Others return because they’re injured or aging, ready for retirement. Some retired dogs remain at local bases until adopted.

The more flexible your requirements, the more likely you are to find a retired dog that suits your family. Adoptable dogs range from 1-13 years old. Dogs at local and regional bases are usually disabled or aging dogs ready to retire. Young dogs may be available at Lackland Air Force Base. Some wonderful and talented canines don’t make it through the rigorous training required to become an MWD.

Dogs must be spayed and neutered before they’re adopted. The adoption contract prohibits the use of MWD adoptees for security, police work, or detection. They must not be sold to anyone who will use the retired working dog for such purposes. Breaking the contract is a federal offense.

Healthy dogs no longer needed for military service are first offered to other law enforcement agencies. Former handlers are next in line. Up to 300 dogs a year need adoption families from outside the military. The waiting list is 6-18 months.

Dogs with military training and battle scars need special homes. Most aren’t suitable for homes with very young children or other small pets. Some need to be an only pet. The handler wants to match the right dog to the right home. They’ll ask about your motivation, dog handling experience, family members including other pets, home environment, and financial resources for ongoing and potentially expensive vet care.

Groups supporting MWDs have websites with information on the adoption program, or you can contact the base directly. There’s no fee for the adoption other than a notary fee to complete the contract. Adopting families are responsible for transporting their new companion to their new home. They’re responsible for all subsequent expenses and vet bills including vet care required due to preexisting conditions.

When you adopt a military working dog, you become the handler. Working dogs are strong willed, independent minded dogs, loyal, obedient, and fearless. Retired working dogs need fun activities to practice obedience and satisfy their intelligence and activity needs. New owners should be sure they understand the dogs history and training, especially what commands will trigger aggression or hunting behaviors.

Military dog adoption seeks to provide aging and ailing canine soldiers an active but safe and peaceful retirement. These dogs are used to strong bonds and constant companionship with their owner/handler. They return unfailing devotion and loyalty. Breeds used in military service are primarily Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, Retrievers, Bloodhounds, and Beagles.

If you are interested in military dog adoption, simply fill out the form that appears at www.mddeddangelsrescue.com. To make a donation right now, click on this link http://www.mddeddangelsrescue.com.