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Discover The Best Dog Pain Relievers For Your Pet

One of the worst things I hate to deal with is to see my pet in pain. Instead of a happy and healthy dog, I get a whimpering and listless dog that just breaks my heart. It doesn’t help that all sorts of canine sicknesses run through your mind and you worry whether or not your pet might have contracted it. Fortunately, studies on safe and effective dog pain medications are continuously being done to see to it that we have every option to give our beloved pets.

Before attempting to give these dog pain medications, you should go and visit the vet to have your pet checked up. An accurate diagnosis of your canine’s condition cannot be stressed enough for us to be able to know the correct actions to take. There are a lot of times that the symptoms the dog is exhibiting points to an underlying health condition that must be treated immediately.

NSAIDs are the most frequently prescribed dog pain relievers. These non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs are known to be safe and particularly effective when used together with a dietary supplement. However, as with all medications, there have been some cases wherein some dogs do not do well with some of the substances that certain NSAIDs contain. Some examples of NSAIDs are Deramaxx, Metacam, Etogesic, Actron, Orodis and Rimadyl.

Steroids and narcotics shouldn’t be used except when specifically prescribed by a vet, and even then, only for a particular period of time. The chemicals in these drugs are strong and will be very bad for the dog’s body if used often. It must only be used in very dire situations, and indeed, often only given to animals who are critically ill.

An excellent alternative to medications are holistic and natural remedies. It is becoming more popular with vets and pet owners alike. These homeopathic treatments are safer because they draw on the curative properties of herbs and other natural elements. Look for these natural products and supplements on reliable pet-care websites and various dog shops in your local area.

Herbs are very helpful in correcting any problems that dogs, or even people for that matter, have. Certain herbs counteract specific problems, thereby alleviating pain significantly. Digestive and stomach issues can be aided by the use of Slippery Elm and Ginger root. Garlic not only prevents heartworm, a small amount can improve intestinal functions. Aloe Vera is one of the most effective dog pain relievers for abrasions and wounds.

An inexpensive and quick way to lessen pain is through ice therapy. Apply an ice pack to the inflamed part of your dog’s body. Leave it for 20 minutes and then let it rest. Do this repeatedly for 48 hours or until the swelling goes down. Massage is also another good idea to relieve pain. It promotes better blood flow and releases the animal’s tension in the body.

Use this valuable information to your best advantage. It won’t be long before you see your pet regains his normal, vibrant self. Keep him on a nutritious diet and maintain regular physical activity for a great looking dog at his best health.

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