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Facts About Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dogs

If you have been trying to find details concerning Australian labradoodle therapy dogs you may want to consider one as a pet or companion canine. The Labradoodle hybrid breed was originally developed by mixing the breeds of the English Labrador with the Standard Poodle. The animals are classified as being hypoallergenic so people who have severe allergies can own one.

The breed is often used as service and therapy companion animals because of the fact that they are so often calm and gentle around other pets and young children. Probably the first person to cross breed the Labrador and the Poodle was Wally Conron who was from Australia and a dog breeder. The original idea was to take the good traits from both breeds and combine them into one new breed.

The Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia based out of Victoria was one of the first programs to use the breed starting in 1988. The animals can be widely used as guides, therapy canines, and assistance animals for people who need that kind of help and services. Many breeders try to look for the best qualities from the breed so that the puppies will grow up to be well trained service animals.

At the moment, there are no major breed associations or kennel clubs in the World that recognize the hybrids as an official registered breed. Some famous people own the hybrid breed such as members of the Norwegian royal family. The Crown Prince and Princess both own one. Labradoodles are not an official breed so they do not have distinctive characteristics that other breeds have.

Labradoodles are friendly and playful and enjoy spending time in water. When a chance to swim presents itself most often they will jump in the water and swim since both original breeds are known for their swimming abilities. Some people even breed multiple generations of them trying to focus in on specific traits.

The fur can be soft and curly or wire textured and wooly. Some puppies have the short fur that is similar to a Labrador’s fur texture which will not shed as much and is usually easier to maintain and groom. The colors of the fur include brown, black, white, yellow, and even mixed colors. In some litters it is common to have a few health problems such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders so they should be checked out by a veterinarian.

Many organizations and clubs exist all over that try to further develop awareness for the hybrid breed. Currently there are not any plans that will officially recognize them as a unique breed because of the fact that they are hybrids and because most people need them for therapy reasons. Puppies can be trained from a very young age to assist with tasks that their owners may want them to help with.

If you are trying to locate facts about Australian labradoodle therapy dogs you will find many different selections available to you. For more information and details you are encouraged to go online and find other articles and resources that go more in depth about the subject that you are looking for. You also may want to find local breeders in your area as well.

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