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Online taxes don’t damage the internet economic vitality

Online taxes don’t damage the internet economic vitality

Article by Ellen

The concept is now taxpayers thorough popular feeling. For the domestic omnipresent of of all kinds of taxes, folk have a saying: from you wake up every day, in the beginning to pay tax, drink water, wash a face to buy things, and by bus, make a phone call, going to the supermarket, so long as has the spending, cannot leave the tax shadow. In a word, you pay or does not pay tax, in there. Roughly speaking, the Internet is fled the last piece of heaven and taxes, at least in the sales link, the tax is to pay. But now, even this final free lunch and disintegration.

A few days ago, wuhan open domestic debut solo shop to a local income tax, taobao shop collection of more than 430 yuan of taxes. Wuhan national tax department within the jurisdiction of the crown, said the shop are subject to collection and management level range, the crown below level for tax-free shop. China is not yet on the specific measures for the Internet taxation. (xinhuanet) on June 28,

Since July of last year the network trade in goods and related services of the interim measures for the administration of the behavior of the shop after carrying out, the domestic entered “real time”. According to media reports at the time, almost all the shop for “no fear” real, but those will be a real concern “” to tax charges and the prelude to the shop. The relevant departments of the state at the time of the network trade taxes not always clear answer, who want to after a year, the concerns of the shop to collect taxes have a language into Chen.

In fact, for market cake huge electronic business, it is not a few beyond hope taxes can also just of the morning and evening, taxation. The data shows, begin from 2006, China’s e-commerce turnover exceeding RMB one trillion, with more than 70% a year since the sustainable growth rate, far more than in the real economy development speed. Now, more than 50% of the domestic existing large enterprises to embark on the road of independent electronic commerce, the future will have more traditional enterprise into e-commerce market. The expected future ten years, China will have 70% of the trade through the electronic transaction is finished. These data show that to shop is an inevitable trend of fees and taxes, the market, the government of such get part revenue also have certain rationality.

Now, wuhan open debut solo domestic income tax, shop to a local taobao shop collection of more than 430, or it is this tax tax the prelude to a trend. Perhaps, the public the next to fear, not this one individual income tax is in the country will be unable to form the demonstration effect, can cause follow to shop around wuhan tax and, more should be concerned about how tax supervision, how to avoid power of Internet economy too deeply tentacles, on the Internet economy management, and finally the dense interloper of electronic business up the power and the fishing, the government can ze from e-commerce market share DuoDa cake, this will cause of Internet economy into DuoDa impact, how to avoid the influence of the tax burden overweight Internet economic vitality……

No doubt, the e-commerce market can get today’s development, to a great degree thanks to lower the threshold, transaction cost little this feature. The traditional physical commercial field in the reality in the business tax collection access, the threshold, the electronic commerce but can walk around the RuLvPingDe. If will look onto the general public, even, e-commerce lit the many people dream of entrepreneurship, Internet trade not only change their lives, as mining wealth first bucket of gold of important place.

Can see, if treat the electronic commerce, treat the traditional entity enterprise, heavy taxes on that easily, and improve the operation cost, the online Internet economic advantages will never return, it will be as traditional commercial general, heavy taxes of negative tired plodder, under poor prospects.

As a new economic, on the Internet and strengthening economic regulation on the tax burden and make it more standard is necessary, but the government this only tangible hand but could not stretch too long, tube, the separation to conduct pipe, especially not to damage economic vitality for cost. In the Internet economy changing China business landscape right now, the government obtain tax and not ultimate aim, more should be subordinate to thinking about, how to regulate the Internet has become increasingly active business operation, thus safeguarding the interests of the consumer Internet; How to stretch out the hand of Internet economy support, ensure the future important economies get the benign development. These, is power into the meanings of the Internet economy.

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