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The Great Variety Of Marco Island Restaurants

Visitors and residents alike can enjoy a tremendous variety of Marco Island restaurants. There is sure to be something to suit every taste and occasion. From those who are looking for a fast and friendly way to feed the family, to those planning an extravagant wedding or other special occasion.

Those with young children know that they don’t have much time to eat. They should look for one of the popular eateries that offers a children’s menu and fast service. A good tip to a successful dining experience is to try and avoid the lunch or dinner rush and plan to eat at an off peak time. The wait staff will have more time to focus on any special requests and the food will be out in no time.

The menu is typically quite extensive. Everything from a simple soup and salad lunch all the way to a hearty three course meal are offered. Many people like to chose a variety of dishes for the table to share. This is a great way to make sure that healthy options like salads and low fat dishes are available. Most places are now catering to the more calorie conscious parents and making sure they have fruits and vegetables available as a side dish.

Steak houses are also a great place to take the family for a wonderful dining experience. Every cut of steak is available from a huge prime rib to a delicate fillet Mignon. The main meal usually comes with a choice of side dishes. French fries are probably still the top pick, with mashed or baked potato close behind. A side of fresh vegetables really completes the meal. Portions are huge and it is quite possible to share a meal.

A good old fashioned steak restaurant is just as popular as ever. There are many cuts to choose from. Some people love the huge prime rib, served with a baked potato and some farm fresh veggies. Others may go for something a little smaller but still as tasty. A rib eye or T bone are also excellent choices and will be cooked to each persons individual taste.

People looking for something different may want to try Thai or other Asian inspired food. The ingredients are simple and fresh, but when pan cooked with spices and sauces they become really special. Many people find Thai food quite spicy and need to be prepared. Others prefer Chinese food. Again simple ingredients are transformed into hearty dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

Families spending a day at the beach often need to stop for a quick lunch. There are some excellent sandwich shops that make every sandwich to order. There is a range of fresh breads and everything from the most basic egg salad to a hearty roast beef.

Marco Island restaurants are well known for their excellent sea food and friendly service. From the moment the guests walk through the door they will be treated like family. Many people quickly find their favorite place and just keep going back time after time.

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