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Drain Cleaning Keeps Home Functioning Properly

Slow moving drains are an indicator of even worse problems in the future. The slow moving water through the pipes may indicate they are becoming coated inside with grease and other substances or that a clog is forming in lines. Unless action is taken, these pipes are likely to become completely clogged, leading to sewage backing up in one’s tub, sink, shower or toilet. Drain cleaning can remedy the problem.

When cooking, many people make the mistake of disposing unwanted fats down the sink. No matter how much hot water is added after the fat, it will eventually solidify in a line. The sticky fat then attracts other particles of foods and wastes from the kitchen to form a plug. At this point one may need the help of a plumber.

With tubs or showers, hair is the most likely culprit. Hair collects in traps and mixes with un-dissolved soap and other materials to form a clog. If showers are operating correctly one should never be standing in water when showering. Screens are available to collect hair before it goes down the line to prevent this problem.

Toilets may be plugged with paper in the line. Sometimes, these plugs dissolve and the clog goes away. A more immediate solution is to use a plunger. If all else fail, call a plumber who can remove the toilet to access the line.

If more than one fixture is not draining at the same time, the problem is likely in the main line. This could be caused by grease, hair, paper and other waste. In addition, sometimes tree roots grow through the pipe to cause problems. In this case, the plumber may use a tool called a rooter to cut through the problems.

Drain cleaning keeps plumbing working as it should. Regardless of the fixture giving problems, they can help. Homeowners can also help by being careful what they flush down pipes.

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