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Home Made Solutions For Window Cleaning

Everytime you clean your window, streaks starting to appear. This is because you are using a simple spray bottle and a rag. Using rag as wiper may either clean the it or make it far more worse. This is because rags absorb water and by the time it absorbs the water from some parts of the glassware, it will leave moist to the other parts of the surface. Now, here are the most effective ways on how to clean your it without calling a window cleaning service anymore.

Though alternatives is highly recommended, this is not applicable to the applicators which are the washer and the squeegee. The washer is use to apply the cleaning solution into the glass and some are using sponge as a substitute. Sponge though is a bit rough so much better to use the washer. The squeegee is the one to remove the solutions and to polish the glass. As mentioned, people are using rags to cover up the work of the squeegee which is not ideal.

Buying glassware cleaning solutions are pretty much costly and not that needed for there are a lot of alternative that can only be found in your kitchen. One of these is the vinegar and water, it leaves no smudges on the glass. Just mix an equal amount of both and you can already have your solution.

But this is too weak for a very dirty job, if you think that the dirt on your window is too thick and adhered strongly, it is better to use pure vinegar. But using vinegar is too wasteful and so it is said that using a soap for dish washing is effective. Just add it on the previous mixture and then you can already use it.

For many years, news paper had been taught to as an alternative for glassware maintenance. This is somehow effective for dry cleaning and polishing. But sometimes, this is not as effective as you believed. The ink may spread into the surface and may cause damage to the glassware. There are some new paper company which are using soya as ink and this is much effective than for soya will not leave stains.

Baking soda is not just used to lift the flour, it is said to be effective in lifting the grease and for easy removal of wax. Lemons somehow, is very effective on killing microbes and bacteria due to its acidity. It can also give a more fragrant environment as a citrus fruit. Some people would prefer this for they do not want the smell of the vinegar.

To remove the scratches on the glasses, it is said that toothpaste is a very effective solution. By doing this, you are to use a cotton ball or a soft cloth on the scratched area. And after few minutes you can polish it using a dry damp. But then again it is better to use the exact tools for polishing.

The reason why alternatives are introduced is for you to be ready whenever the prescribed solution is not anymore available. Therefore, using these as maintenance is not advisable. It is still better to use the required materials and solutions than using substitutes in which sometimes has no assurance.

Window cleaning would be very easy if you are really a keen researcher. Everything cannot be considered alternative, for they are considered as such because they do not have the same features as the real ones. But what is more important is to follow your needs.

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