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Save Money With Bed Bug Detection Dog Boston Handlers

Bedbugs are difficult to control even for the experts, and when exterminating them, you should ensure that everything is done right from the inspection to extermination and fumigation. When the inspection of bedbugs is not done correctly, it could lead to improper treatments that may not get rid of these insects. However, with the bed bug detection dog Boston handlers, you can get reliable results about the areas where these parasites have infested.

The bugs can survive for many months even without feeding and this means that they may be present in vacant clean houses, which have not been inhabited for several months. Although bedbugs do not transmit diseases, the skin bites can create problems such as rashes and secondary infection by bacteria. The bites from these insects are itchy and can cause irritation on the skin.

Similarly, if you use the wrong methods of extermination, you will not get rid of them completely, and re-emergence may occur in future. In the early infestation, it is difficult to detect the presence of bedbugs. If you have traveled from another location and your suitcase picked the bugs from a hotel room, it may end up in your building.

If you have bites that form a series of dotted lines or straight rows of marks, they could be caused by bedbugs. The bites are not a good indicator of bedbug infestation because they can mimic those of other insects like misquotes. Therefore, you need to seek for other signs such a molting skin, fecal spots, and live bugs or hatched eggs.

When you use bedbug scent detecting dogs, you are able to get accurate results on areas that are infested with these insects. The dogs are trained by expert trainers on how to identify bugs. They can distinguish between dead and live bedbugs. In addition, the dogs can detect eggs and nymphs from surfaces and the results are precise.

The increase in population is another reason that makes the treatment and extermination of these bedbugs difficult. Many premises owners only realize about bug infestation when populations have increased. The best time to eliminate bugs is when they are few and in their early stages of infestations. When you wait for bugs to multiple, you will experience problems when getting rid of them.

Moreover, the dogs are fast in inspecting and they can quickly move around many rooms detecting the bugs. A detection task that could take a couple of hours to complete may only be done in a few minutes, and the results are accurate. In cost perspective, because the dogs pinpoint the exact points which are infested, it means that only specific areas or spots are mapped for treatment and fumigation.

Dogs have a good sense of smell and this is why they are used to track particular scents. However, when choosing a bed bug detection dog Boston handler, you should ensure you deal with a primed one because the training of the dogs may differ. If the dog is trained on different scents, it may become ineffective in detecting a specific scent and could give false results or confuse the handler.

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