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Nursing Short Stories Are Fun

There are many nursing short stories that can be heard around this planet. People everywhere are very amazed at how these lovely ladies take the time to care about individuals who are suffering from some type of illness. Once in awhile these wonderful medical people will meet a stranger that really touches their heart.

American women everywhere have all heard about the lady who went into this profession because of her family. After the death of her parents this lady was the only parent to her siblings for quite a long time. Her greatest accomplishment was getting her five brothers and sisters through high school and college. After this was done she went back to school to obtain her own degree.

A major hospital within the area hired her without hesitation. They made sure that she received the very best training by placing her with a very stern physician during her work hours. This doctor was very good looking but he was also very arrogant and evil towards other people.

She took care of her patients without hesitation and made sure that they were always comfortable. No matter what she did her handsome supervisor would always make sure that she felt inferior to him. One day she finally learned the secret which made him evil. He informed her that his wife died from a chronic illness and his beloved child was also dead. After hearing this she wanted to become friends with him.

The two of them would work long hours into the night caring for individuals who were suffering from chronic illnesses. They would also take care of certain people who only had minor issues. Their hours together were very long and at times it seemed like they were the only two individuals on duty.

One day he really surprised her when he asked her out to see a movie. This lady had always worried about people talking about her therefore she told him “no”. He was very persistent and would not give up so easily on this woman who had captured his heart. Finally she agreed to go out with him but insisted that they had separate bills.

Weeks would roll by as the two individuals would go on more and more dates. Each date was even better than the previous one which made this woman very happy. It was also wonderful that the man of her dreams was by her side for many hours each day. She loved it when other workers would compare them to “Romeo and Juliet”. Instead of eating lunch on their breaks the duo would make passionate love.

Unfortunately not all nursing short stories have a very happy ending. Everyone within the hospital found out that this dedicated physician still had a wife at home and they shared no children at all. He had made up the entire story about his family because he was a sex maniac. His wife on the other hand was a very vengeful woman who decided to end his life with a bullet. His mistress was also killed in the process.

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