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Christian Credit Card Debt Solution – Salvage Your Self-Esteem

There are many legitimate faith-based groups who offer Christian credit counseling. A quick online search will reveal page after page of them, and many are, indeed, affiliated with genuine religious organizations. And many are not.For consumers who have an existing relationship with a church who offers these services, then there is solace in knowing who they are dealing with, and that can be a positive thing. But for those who see the ads and think that because an organization is church-based that it must be legitimate, there can often be a sad realization when it doesn’t perform.

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The Christian Credit Counseling Contract is HOLY? – Oh, and the contract they have consumers sign is hole “E” all right, as in full of holes! Their contracts essentially protect them from client related lawsuits. If you are one of the countless numbers of Americans seeking to deal with an increasingly stressful debt problem, don’t select a Christian Credit Counseling program or service on the sole premise that it’s Christian based. You better beware because there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing and they will take your hard earned money and leave you high and dry with no compunction.

They also reduce the interest rates significantly and thus help people save money and use it for other important and urgent needs. Now, this does not sound any different from what other credit card debt consolidation companies do. However, there are some differences. To begin with, the number of Christian credit card debt solution companies working on a non-profit basis is much higher. The ones that charge a fee stick to nominal rates. Additionally, they also proffer spiritual counseling to their clients to give them strength not to incur debts again in future. This spiritual counseling does go a long way in improving the spending habits of people.

Start the vetting process by insuring that they are properly licensed to do business. You’ll need to contact the business license division in your county and confirm if they meet all of the state and local licensing requirements. If they don’t, move on and find another company.If they pass, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have any complaints lodged against them. Next on the list is the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Attorney General and then your State Attorney General. If a company passes that vetting process, you still have one more final check.

The recession has resulted in grave debt problems. Christian Debt counseling is the way out. The Christian counselor assists an individual to assess his financial status. This process is called Christian credit counseling. Foreclosures, repossession, job loss or even company closures have become household words. Many people who are deeply in debt pray for relief. The Christian debt counseling organization provides relief to these persons irrespective of the faith they belong to if they practice the dictates of integrity. The correct financial picture of the party is drawn up with the Christian credit counseling, the party’s problems are discussed and the financial status of the party is brought into focus. The difference between a run-of-the-mill credit counselor and a Christian credit counseling personnel is that the latter views the problem from a compassionate angle. With Christian credit counseling, the reasons behind your unbridled debts are analyzed. Your obligations are refinanced and ways and means to reduce your liabilities explored. During all these exercises you are given moral support and guidance to enable you to face life with confidence.

By using a Christian credit counseling service, you will be joining forces with other believers who have a true desire to help. They are even likely to look at their services as a ministry to others, and as a way of serving the Lord’s body, the Church. Your counselor is likely to be a trained professional with expertise in the field of accounting or a related area. There may be extra benefits this fellow Christian can provide, such as putting you in touch with a Church buying co-op, or other cost saving plans.

A christian credit repair counselor can help you recover from your major credit problems and help repair bad credit to what it was before you got into trouble. The Christian credit repair counselor can prevent you from filing for bankruptcy or borrowing against your home. In the future, you can have more available credit options just by clearing up your debt now, if you want to buy a house or a car. Even you can be eligible for obtaining a regular loan.You can talk privately with your Christian credit repair counselor, because what you tell them about your financial situation stays with them. The counselor first understands your situation. Then, you and the counselor can formulate a budget so you can easily pay off all your outstanding debts. The counselor also can teach you how to save money for a future rainy day and can give you valuable credit repair tips to fix credit problem. Below are some of the things that a christian credit repair counselor can do for you:Teach you to better manage your household expenses.Help deal with harassing collectors.Teach you understand relevant financial issues surrounding your credit.Advise you how to reduce your debt burden.Help avoid bankruptcy situations.

Because of the particular financial challenges of these modern times, many people need help to learn effective money management skills. This is a topic which is neglected in our schools, so some churches are stepping in to provide this type of financial education as an ongoing program. This way money problems are often avoided before they happen, and by combining Bible studies on the responsible use of money, and good stewardship, the church members should emerge more financially stable than the average citizen.

To insure there are no repeats, the Christian credit counseling staff may ask why and how you got into this debt problem. Oftentimes clients learn to deal with issues such as failing to budget, failing to follow a budget, greed and coveting things and objects. These are areas that someone outside of the Christian faith might not want to discuss or even recognize as being a problem.

Of course, not every case of being overextended is directly due to money mismanagement. Many times a sudden, unexpected financial crisis can take people by surprise. But even in these cases, the crisis occurs because a family does not have a savings ‘buffer’ with which to meet emergencies. So a long-term goal of Christian credit counseling is not only to see people back in ‘the black’ regarding debt, but to be proactive in money matters and use wisdom about accumulating savings, making sound investments, and having extra to give to needy causes.

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