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For Legal Advice, Ask A Divorce Attorney

For Legal Advice, Ask A Divorce Attorney

Article by Britney Smith

If you are looking for some advice on how to handle your divorce, then there is nothing to fear. Believe it or not, there are attorneys that specialize in divorce. Divorce attorneys can be extremely useful during the divorce process. Not only do they have experience in handling divorce cases, but it can help to take the stress off of you during an already difficult time. Finding a good divorce lawyer is a safe way to ensure that your divorce is handled with care and consideration.

Gauging Your Need

Do you really need a divorce attorney? This is a common question asked of people who are going through a divorce. Divorce attorneys can be expensive, and many people don’t want to pay the price. For these reasons, people will often decide to go through their divorce on their own, making legal decisions without the expertise of a divorce attorney. In some situations, this is not a terrible decision. However, some circumstances call for a divorce lawyer.

There are several situations that would be better handled by a divorce attorney. If either partner has a criminal record, is neglectful, is verbally abusive, is sexually abusive, is domestically violent, is mentally ill, suffers from a severe health issue, engages in substance abuse, is financially irresponsible, or has made threats to the other, then a divorce attorney would be best be able to handle the situation.

Other factors to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to hire a divorce attorney is the behavior of your spouse’s divorce attorney. If your partner’s lawyer is disagreeable just for the sake of being disagreeable, or if they are purposefully being aggressive or intimidating, then you should take the initiative to hire a lawyer of your own. Under no circumstances should you hire the same divorce attorney as your spouse.

It’s Never Too Late

If you have reached the divorce trial without consulting a lawyer, you are to be congratulated. But the process isn’t over yet. You might get to court only to find that the judge recommends that you consult with a divorce attorney. In another situation, you might begin the trial and find that the judge is not partial to your side of the case. In either of these situations, hiring a divorce lawyer would be advisable.

Best Representation

Usually, an individual is the best person to represent themselves. However, in the case of a divorce, people are typically better represented by someone who is experienced and impartial to the emotional situation at hand.

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