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Learning Tennis Is Easy

If you are looking to learn or improve your game of tennis, look no further and start to read the following article below. Tennis is not as difficult as it seems even to those who do not have in born talent and natural agility and co-ordination. You just need to focus on the point of contacting the ball. The rest will follow suit.

The conventional way of teaching tennis is structured and rigid. It requires one to follow a series of steps in order to replicate a particular stroke. This is all well and good but to a beginner can be confusing and rather complicated. You would prefer a more simplistic way of learning. Read on!

The traditional way of teaching tennis emphasizes good footwork and in fact goes to teach one how to move. This had made learning tennis daunting to many given that we are all forced to move in a certain manner only which may be in contrast to our natural way of moving. As such, it is better then not to focus on footwork so much but just train the mind to find the ball and push it. Compelling one to only move in a certain manner may retard the progress of the student.

Therefore, the key is in getting the student to only focus on finding the ball and contacting it. If one sets aside the complications of having to follow a series of many steps such as footwork, racket back etc, and only focus on finding and contacting the ball, you will realise you can actually hit the ball much easier than you thought.

In order to ensure simplicity, just try pushing the ball with your palms. Stand facing the net in an open stance and open the palm of your hand. Try it with the right first if you are a right hander. Just push the ball over the net and follow through to the left side of your cheeks. Repeat the process by holding a racket.

The main focus should be on locating the ball with your eyes and hands and then pushing it over with your racket. This ensures total focus is on hitting the ball at the point of contact.

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