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All About Relationship Coaching Services

One of the hardest things to do in life would be to maintain relationships because all people are very different from each other and it is inevitable that there will be some fights at times. Now no matter what relationship it may be whether it may be a marriage disagreement or a family feud, effort has to be put in to make it work. It is during this kind of situation that one may utilize relationship coaching services.

Now many people would just ignore the problems that they would have with other people thinking that it is not important. What they do not know is that if these relationships are strained and nothing is done, it will affect both parties negatively. Now it is the job of the coaches to come up with effective strategies that will help clients.

Now there are only three things that the coach will be suggesting to the clients based on how the coach has evaluated them. Now these choices are amend the relationship, just let it go, or just simply create another one. Of course just like any counselling session, the first thing that coaches would do would be to have a word with the client.

Of course the coach cannot only look at one side of the coin as there are other people who are involved in the case. So aside from talking to the client directly, it is important that the coaches talk to the other affected parties along with the client. So for example, if the client has a problem with the wife, the client has to bring the wife.

Now it is very important to talk to them individually first so that the coach can get a good assessment of both of the sides. After talking to them individually, then the next thing to do would be to talk to both of them together. However, he has to make sure that they are in a very quiet environment so that there will not be any fights.

After he has done this, then the next part would be the implementing of activities. Of course one would be very familiar with the very famous open forum strategy. This activity is wherein there will be a mediator who will have both parties talk one at a time for a certain number of minutes just to let everything out.

Another one would be the positive reinforcement exercise wherein one would write down a list of good things about the person. From there, they will then talk to each other about this list. After that, they will then write down the bad things about each other and they will talk about it.

Of course there will be times wherein the parties just cannot reconcile anymore but do not want to terminate each other. Now in this type of situation, the coach will just suggest that they give each other a lot of space. That way, they can still visit each other but not have to make each other angry all of the time.

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Important Aspects Of Effective Workplace Communication Training

Effective communication in an organization is crucial. For once, it affects productivity at work and could also determine brand popularity where customers are involved. In this case, any modern business should seek to invest in workplace communication training to help improve the level of interaction among workers or between employees and clients. Besides, there is need for clear guidelines on how information is handled within the organization.

The key is to make sure information lands to the right professional. One of the basic points about communication in the workplace is email etiquette. Many organizations create work email addresses for their employees to allow smooth flow of information that affects their daily duties. Unfortunately, not all companies train their employees on the right ways to use such a communication tool. As a result, many end up misusing their work email accounts and can risk credibility as well as information security of their organization. This makes it necessary for any organization to train their staff on the right ways to use such a tool.

When writing emails to fellow staff, employees must do so professionally. The language used must be modest and simple to understand. The subject must be clear and relevant to the role of the recipient. This way, the addressee will be able to respond to the request effectively. Emails that are not clear act as a distraction to the recipients and have direct impact on their productivity.

It is also polite for employees to include full official contact details and company logo in their signature. This enables to recipient contact the sender easily in case clarification is required. It also gives the company an opportunity to reinforce its brand especially where sending emails to external parties is involved.

For companies that issue press statements or any other form of external messages, there should be a specific person doing it. Companies could come up with a corporate affairs department to take care of such tasks. This helps in maintaining the company image. It is not appropriate to have just anyone speaking on behalf of the company. This actually could create confusion and there may end up with misguiding information even among staff members.

Another important tool in the office is the telephone. This could also be misused if employees are not trained properly. Some do not practise telephone etiquette, while others leave their unattended to. This is wrong. With the current growth in technology, one can always set their work telephones to leave appropriate instructions for those calling when the recipient is not near the phone. Such will also record details of callers and the owner can call back for follow-up. This is better than acting like you just ignored the call.

This kind of attitude is irresponsible and not befitting modern time professionalism. It is important for every company to create a responsive culture at the workplace. Telephones should be attended to after the second ring. With advancement in digital technology, it is possible to track missed calls on a telephone handset. This way, staff members can return missed calls and assist the callers appropriately. If a call is misdirected, it is also polite to transfer it to the right person first time. This helps resolve queries with minimum handshakes as possible.

During work, face to face interactions should be maintained at professional standards. Every employer ought to use respectful language when addressing their colleagues. There should be a comprehensive employee code of conduct given to new workers. They should understand implications of not adhering to such as part of their contract with the organization.

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Professional Michigan Psychic Medium Services

Reconnecting with your loved ones in spirit helps you to come to terms with the loss and find inner peace. This is not always easy considering the many voices that dominate the mind. This calls for the services of a reader who helps in decoding and understanding the message. Only by so doing are you able to take the right steps and move towards self actualization.

Finding a professional Michigan psychic medium is empowering and encouraging. It allows you to find peace within and with the spiritual world. Such instructors have intrinsic gifts and will teach, encourage, inspire and empower you to face your future with confidence. They help put your past and present in perspective so that you can face the future. This is a natural gift that delivers high levels of accuracy.

Being at peace with departed family members or friends is the source of inner peace. They send messages from the spiritual world which cannot be decoded by any other physical being. People with medium power step in to ensure such messages are respected and responded to. This is the source of family peace and stable relationships. Your circumstances, achievements and struggles become clear to you. It is an opportunity to reconcile the past and present in order to safeguard the future.

Some of the things to direct you to the reader include the feeling that one of your relatives is always near you. The psychic has the power and revelation to help you identify the person and understand what he or she wants. Similar intervention will be provided to persons who feel the urge to talk to their diseased relatives.

The experience of death can be traumatizing and leaves so many questions. This is usually the case if such a person underwent a lot of pain, was away or succumbed suddenly. The need to know that such a person forgave you or is free from pain makes communication between the two worlds necessary. Some people fear that the dead may come to harm them. The intervention of psychics is important in finding a solution.

The place of soul mates and friends in decision making about life can never be underestimated. Their death leaves a gap that is difficult to fill. Reconnecting with them after their departure for approval is crucial in gaining confidence about certain actions. One feels a missing link when a person who was part of a project or thought is not there to see the fruits. Medium readers assist you to converse with them and gain their approval.

There are instances of great pain, pleasure or confusion when you need a person who was very close. Sometimes you have doubts whether the person is still around or he/she has deserted you. Visiting a psychic ensures that you reconnect or solve the issues that may be separating the two of you. The closeness is restored and the loneliness or feeling of desertion disappears.

The psychic medium helps you to understand your inner personality and create a connection between the body, mind and spirit. Such a connection makes communication with your inner self easy and seamless. You begin to feel whole again where the body responds effortlessly to the directions of the mind.

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General Functions Of Baptist Churches In Chesapeake VA

Christians always meet every Sunday, in a common sanctuary, for worship and instructions. Meeting together is actually an instruction from God, as He said that believers should always meet together for the purpose of worship, exhortation and praise. To help new believers understand why they should join Baptist Churches in Chesapeake VA, it would be helpful to look at the function of these places of worship.

From the beginning, the body of Christ exists for giving praises to the Almighty. To this very day, giving praise to God remains one of the primary functions of the house of God. It is important to meet together to give praise to God because He will always be in the midst of those who praise Him.

There is nothing as great as meeting with other believers and offering a sacrifice of worship to God. At times, however, human beings believe that the relationship between God and human beings is a personal type of a relationship. While this is true, God requires Christians to come together and worship as the Body of Christ. Where there are two or more believers, the presence of the Trinity is a guarantee.

It can be difficult for a Christian to live a worthy life is they do not have enough spiritual and moral discipline. Leaders of the house of prayers have taken the responsibility to teach believers how they can live worthy lives and find the favor of God. If you put what you learn in practice, it becomes easy for you to live a worthy life throughout the week before the next session of worship arrives.

The house of God is the only place from where new believers can learn how to become true disciples of Jesus. Because this is part of the Great Commission, it has to become part of a lifestyle of a new believer. If you are to go and make disciples of all nations for the Kingdom of God, you have to learn how to go about the whole of this mission. It becomes easy to spread the Gospel once you have passed through a class of discipleship.

Through fellowship, you get to know different people in your life. It becomes easy to build a strong relationship between and among new and long-term believers. The great advantage is that when you give fellowship, you will get it in return. Make an effort to give it in love that you may likewise receive the same.

While it is always great to serve other people, you have to learn what it takes to serve people better. The house of God is a great place where you can get to know how to serve other people in love, obedience, humility and without bragging. Helping others with sincerity is a sure way to earn your blessings from God.

Another great reason for the existence of Baptist Churches in Chesapeake VA is the aspect of evangelism. This is an act of taking the Gospel of Christ from one place to another with an aim of bringing people close to Christ. It actually forms part of the great commission, which every Christian is welcome to take part.

Get a summary of the factors to consider when choosing a church and more information about Baptist churches in Chesapeake VA at http://www.gracebaptistchesapeake.org now.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing

Article by Bettridge Korner

What is Attraction Marketing?

Simply stated, Attraction Marketing is a method of getting potential clients to come to you in order to find out about your product, as opposed to you pitching the product to them. Right now you are probably saying to yourself, “that sounds great, but how in the world can I do that?” A good question, and that’s what I’m going to explain in this article.

Attraction Marketing starts out by giving your potential client valuable and relevant information, which allows them to decide for themselves whether they want or need the product. Then, if they decide that they are interested in what you have to offer, they will seek you out. The secret for the successful attraction marketing is to try to brand yourself rather than your product. People have to see you as an expert that they want build a relationship with. In other words, you want to first earn their respect.

How can I use Attraction Marketing in my MLM business?

There are a number of ways to use attraction marketing in your business, but to start with, you have to lead with value. In my opinion the best way of doing this is to begin by offering people something of value for free.

You might do this is by offering a free ebook or training video which provides valuable information. If you have a blog you can write articles which provide readers with interesting and useful information. Your blog should have some sort of bio page which tells about yourself so that you yourself are being branded rather than just the product. Once you have educated others and caused them to see for themselves the value of what you have to offer, they will come to you rather than the other way around.

There are many ways that you can get your message out. There are free marketing techniques such as Facebook, Twitter, and using your own blog with search engine optimization (SEO).

There are also paid targeting techniques such as pay-per-click (Google Adwords for example), ezine marketing, classified ads, and online banner advertising. The possibilities are almost endless.

In the end though, you need to have a system. You can struggle to invent your own; however there are systems already in place which can help you avoid mistakes and dead ends. The best in my opinion (and the one I use) is MLMLead SystemPro. MLSP uses a branded attraction marketing system which is fully customizable to whatever MLM business you currently are involved in. It offers lead capture pages which can be designed around your own primary MLM business, and you can easily add your own content.

In effect, MLMLeadSystemPro acts as an effective “sales funnel” which utilizes a sophisticated system to funnel leads toward your primary business, and offers the opportunity for income through affiliate links along the way, even if the prospect in the end is not interested in your primary MLM business. In my case, this additional affiliate income is money that I have previously been leaving on the table without realizing it!

If it sounds like there is a lot to learn there is. If you haven’t discovered already (the hard way in my case), in order to be successful in any business, including MLM, you must work hard, persevere, and continually educate yourself. MLMLeadSystemPro offers extensive video training which makes it easy to stay focused and grow your business.

In summary, attraction marketing offers a powerful and profitable alternative to traditional MLM techniques such as bugging family members, friends, and strangers, cold calling, and buying leads. Attraction marketing can be used to build any network marketing or home based business. With attraction marketing you may find that you have prospects standing in line to join your business!

Whatever you decide, good luck!

About the Author

If you are serious about achieving success in MLM, you need to know about attraction marketing. To learn more about how you can master attraction marketing click here.

The Universal Law Of Attraction Allows You To Be Creative

The Universal Law Of Attraction Allows You To Be Creative

Article by Jim Biscardi

Creative and business may sound like a contradiction to some. Creative denotes a certain freedom and business reminds one of rules and regulations. However every business can use the talent of a creative person. It definitely takes creativity to be the person who makes out the schedule at work. But if you are the person whose life is being scheduled you may not appreciate the surprises. If you are a creative person in a data entry position you may feel a little stifled. Then the creative aspects of your personality kick in and you realize that if you eat certain things, sit in certain positions or listen to certain music your speed increases. Your boss may not appreciate these discoveries. So why not create a business that allows you to express your creativity in a way that is satisfying to you and appreciated by everyone else?

The trick to being creative is to use the principles that the Universal Law of Attraction offer. These include the idea of putting creativity out into the world and in turn, getting it back. The idea is that whatever you put out, you will attract back. So, if you put positive energy and creativity out into the world, you should under this law, get rewarded with the same in turn.

To make a creative business work you must be passionate about it. If there is no enthusiasm for what you are doing your business will soon suffer. So what are you interested in? Do you have a gift for sewing, cooking, craftsmanship? Do your friends admire your taste in decorating or do they often ask your advice on what to wear? Everyone has abilities they were born with. Dig deep within yourself and find that special creative talent or desire that is unique to you. There are workshops and seminars and books that will help in developing creativity in just about any area. Once you find your gift and develop it expanding and creating will follow its natural course.

Marketing takes a special kind of creativity. You may have something you are really good at and really enjoy doing or making but marketing that idea or product is not your forte. It can take time and it can be expensive. But it is an important part of your business. A simple solution to this problem is to find a partner for your business whose expertise is marketing. If you can form a positive relationship within the Universal Law of Attraction, you will gain a lot from this solution. He or she will enjoy doing the research and finding creative ways to market your product within your budget. There are also companies that specialize in marketing that will assist you. Using other resources to help you in marketing will give you the time to keep your creative fires burning.

When setting up the legal aspects of your business continue to think creatively. There are partnerships and corporations and other styles of organization. Choose one that gives you the last word on how things are done. Having a partnership can be advantageous on the financial end of things. It can also limit your creativity which can cause you to lose your passion. So choose carefully always protecting your creativity in every aspect of your business

About the Author

Jim Biscardi is owner of Dynamic Wealth Systems, LLC and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about this topic Jim recommends you visit: www.DynamicWealthSystems.com

Law of Attraction – Pure Justice

Law of Attraction – Pure Justice

Article by Matthew McClifford

Laws are made for a reason. They provide feedback to the individual whether their behaviour is acceptable to the standards upheld by the applicable law. Some people get away with breaking the law, some don’t, and others become wrongfully accused. The law is not perfect in its justice and righting what we deem is wrong, unless you are talking about the only law that really matters – the law of attraction.What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is the belief that like attracts like, and that positive and negative thoughts bring about positive and negative results, respectively.

In a nutshell, you attract to you people and consequences that are a direct reflection of the thoughts with feeling you are having on a day to day basis.

One of the most famous books ever published was based on the theme that “thoughts are things”. Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich in 1937 after interviewing hundreds of Americas most affluent people and boiled down their success in their personal and business life to the fact that these individuals understood that how they thought was going to create their reality.

This book is a timeless classic due to the fact that it is rooted in a timeless principle – the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction – It’s Universal

The law of attraction is one that is universal in nature and knows no physical boundaries. Its the one law that is consistent across the earth, stars, and planets. Its the one law you can never hide from, avoid, or impose on someone else.

Thats right, its as perfect a law as there is on this planet.

Whats better, its is unwavering and always gives back to the person what they rightly deserve, based on their thoughts and feelings. You can’t fake out the law of attraction. You can’t ask for a “do over” from the past. However, you can literally get what you want no matter how small or large it may seem to you at the time, in the “future”.

After all, the law of attraction doesn’t care how impossible something seems…it only cares that you believe it, and think about it often.

Implications of the Law of Attraction

The effect this law has on your life is how you decide to leverage it.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we have no choice but to accept that the life we have currently is a residual of our past thoughts we had with feeling (conscious or subconscious). The good news is if we don’t like it, we can always change our thoughts to reflect a more positive outcome for our future.

This may seem easy at first, and it is with regards to its simplicity in its nature, but the practice of it on a continual basis is what stops people from getting what they truly want.

If you simply decide to change you thoughts on a daily basis, with belief, after 30 days you could expect those thoughts to start becoming your reality. For some, they start seeing results right away! However, if you want this to be a constant flow of universal “goodness”, you need to practice every day examining your thoughts and making sure they are only positive in nature and focus on what you want to help it become your reality.

If this seems difficult to you, you are going to have to accept that all your thoughts, regardless if they are negative or positive, will manifest in a physical way. Thats a lot of power to control, but the possibilities are endless.

You can literally leverage your thoughts to become who you want to be! Thats power!

Whats a Practical Way to Use The Law of Attraction?

There are 2 important components is using this powerful law. Expressing gratitude, and believing what you are wishing for is already yours.

Some people call it an “attitude of gratitude”. For you to attract more of the things you want in life, you need to be thankful for what you already have. So if you are focused on creating more wealth for yourself, you can’t think about all the debt you currently are in (this is the one aspect many people trip on). You need to be grateful for the money you do have and feel good about it every single day. This will help you attract more money (and with the right actions, it can really accelerate the process).

The other important factor is that you believe that whatever you want is already in existence. The mind can not tell the difference between what you believe is your reality, and what is not. Therefore, if you believe in your mind that your new car is already yours, it will help attract that to your existence. Conversely, if you are thinking about how you dislike your current vehicle, and you are hoping to have a new one in the future, thats where it will remain.

So express gratitude, believe you already have what you want, and be ready to receive it.

A Law of Attraction Exercise

I recently held an exercise with my business partners on using the law of attraction. Each day, for 30 straight days, we expressed genuine gratitude for what was currently in our existence, and believed what we wanted was already ours, and we just needed to be ready to receive it.

Within a few days of this attraction mastermind, people were already starting to notice some serendipitous activity with them, and their family! This brought it home that an attitude of gratitude is the only way to live, and that our thoughts needed to be on course with what we wanted to come into our existence.

I encourage you to use the law of attraction in your life every single day to get what you want. Failure to take control and use it wisely, will haphazardly create your life.

Let the universe know what you want, be clear about it, and believe it is already yours. Back that up with gratitude for the things in you life you already have, and you are on your way to create a new existence, tailored specifically by you.

Remember – you’re reading this post for a reason. Don’t take it for granted, and be grateful you found it.

Have a great day! I know I am…

About the Author

To learn more about how you can use attraction marketing, visit http://thesilverlining.ca/.

Law of Attraction Money, How To Attract?

Law of Attraction Money, How To Attract?

Article by Pamela Walker

Money is one of the basic needs that we need in life, without money we cannot buy anything that we want, we cannot go to the place that we want to without money. People do everything to be stable in life, we do our best to earn so that we will be able to provide ourselves the things that we really want in life, but the question is, what are we going to do to attract money and fortune? What are we going to do to be wealthy? How can we be guided to follow the law of attraction in money? What is money for us?

Money for others became the center of their lives, they are so motivated to earn money but still they are not wealthy, they are not improving at all. Law of attraction in money will teach us not only to put all our attention to wealth and material things, law of attraction in money wants us to realize that life is not having those material things alone, it is about how to become a better person.

Let us define money in a different way; in this manner we will be able to understand the importance of law of attraction in money.

1. Must save.

In order to attract money, we must save and be able to set our priorities in life. We should not be a one day millionaire person, if we earn too much of what we have expected, we must save. I have read a book about being rich and it says that a person must save 10% of his or her earning every month. Law of attraction in money does not take in just a snap, we must sacrifice and work for it for us to be able to be wealthy and be successful.

2. Open arms.

For a person to be able to apply the law of attraction in money he or she must be open to every possibility in life, we must be open with all the opportunities and criticisms in life. Being open means to be always positive in life, being open to all the possibilities in life, we should be open for all the outcomes in life whether it may be neither positive nor negative. Law of attraction in money entails someone to be open minded; a person could not attract money if he or she is close minded.

3. Never quit.

Life is not all about happiness, our plans may not be for us, there are always hardships and difficulties that will come our way, and all we have to do is to bear in mind that quitting is never a choice. We may rest if we feel tired in trying but we should not quit. Law of attraction in money will help us realize that attracting wealth entails strength and perseverance, if things do not meet our plans, let us try and try and learn from it.

4. Experience

Law of attraction in money is all about experience; life is a trial and error process. If plan A is not working then we must learn to accept our mistakes and try plan B. these experiences is our teacher for us to prosper and develop. These experiences of failure will be our greatest armor in dealing greater problems in the future. These experiences will teach us to appreciate life and be able to attract the things that we like the most.

5. Yield

Yield means to surrender, let go and give away, law of attraction in money wants us to be able to surrender all the fears and doubts that we have in mind. If we think that we will not be successful and afraid to take risk then everything will be reflected in our actions, we will be forever coward and doubtful. To attract money we must let go of fear, we must stand firm and be confident that we are going to be prosperous in life. Everything is in the state of mind, if we are oriented that we are losers, and then we really are. Law of attraction in money depends on us alone; we attract it the way that want it to be.

About the Author

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Apply Law of Attraction Quotes to Manifest Your Life of Perfect Self-Expression

Apply Law of Attraction Quotes to Manifest Your Life of Perfect Self-Expression

Article by Marl Renfro

Applying Law of Attraction Quotes to Live a Life of Perfect Self-expression is a realistic expectation.

In the orderly universe we live in nothing happens by accident. The Law of Attraction ensures this. One of my favorite law of attraction quotes gets to the heart of the matter: “All the Powers of the Universe are Already Ours” ~ Vivekananda. But if all the powers of the universe are already mine you ask, “why am I not already living a life of perfect self-expression where I am wealthy, healthy, loved, and enjoy warm, harmonious friendship?”

The answer can be found in hand selected law of attraction quotes. The Law of attraction draws our attention to the vital role the mind plays in shaping the order of the universe. A keenly focused mind is the key to attracting the abundance into your life, you need to achieve your life of perfect self-expression. This is where law of attraction quotes come in because there is nothing else like Law of Attraction quotes leverage three of the four rapid change technologies for focus your mind to a laser point. You see, the images you lodge in your mind initiate an attractive force shaping the direction your life must take: You visualize it; you feel it, intensively; it’s yours–let there be no doubt.

Law of Attraction quotes will make you succeed where others have not.

Law of Attraction Quotes are a powerful way to harness your mind, to get your thoughts to march like obedient soldiers aiding in the manifestation of your imagination. If your minds is going to attract what you think… positive or negative… wouldn’t you prefer to use Law of Attraction quotes to have your thoughts build a life of perfect-self-expression by keeping you focused on positive images?

But if what Vivekananda says is true and the Law of Attraction is as simple as focusing our thoughts, why aren’t more living the life of their dreams?

The Answer is Simple, very simple.

As Vivekananda goes on to say, “we have our hands over our eyes and wonder why it’s dark.”

This is where law of attraction quotes comes in. Law of attraction quotes are the keys to uncovering our eyes.

If What You’ve Been Waiting For is precise instructions, you are capable of following, on How To Work with Law of Attraction Quotes, you are in for a great treat. Once you realize that building the life of perfect self-expression you seek, doesn’t have to backbreaking trudge through 1000’s of pages of long-winded books, you can take some of the pressure off yourself.

With law of attraction quotes you can start using all the powers of the universe without spending years reading and taking notes. With Law of Attraction quotes you skip years of backbreaking work to get right to manifesting abundance, to living your life of perfect self-expression.

Think about that, would you want to read a whole book just to find five or six key points on visualizing for abundance when someone else has already done the hard work for you? Of course not! Neither does anyone else. Every sensible person just wants the key information and that’s about it!

If you’re smart…and I know you are or you wouldn’t be reading this… the information you are seeking can be gained from reviewing Law of Attraction quotes.

The beauty of Law of Attraction quotes is that they are the true gems.

Law of Attraction Quotes Open Your Eyes to Answers to Questions like these:

How do I Decide which of life’s Paths is Best for Me?Why are there no limitations to what I can attract?What is the EXACT Thought Process for attracting abundance?what roles do Spirituality and Meditation play?How do I build the life I seek?What are the key Ways to Accelerate attracting abundance?

About the Author

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The Law of Attraction in 5 Minutes or Less

The Law of Attraction in 5 Minutes or Less

Article by David Riklan and the SelfGrowth.com Staff

I started SelfGrowth.com 10 years ago, and have been reading and following self improvement literature most of my life. In all of that time, I’ve never seen a concept so take the field by storm and ignite such passionate enthusiasm and interest among people as the Law of Attraction.

So let me start by explaining what exactly the Law of Attraction is, and how YOU can change your life with the Law of Attraction.

While there may not be one universally-agreed-upon definition, I think most authors and speakers who teach the Law of Attraction would agree on the following:

The Law of Attraction states that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest themselves; in other words, to make your thoughts, hopes and dreams reality.

So, if you believe you will get rich, you will get rich.

If you believe you’ll get the promotion, get the new car, the big house, get the girl – or guy – of your dreams, you will.

And the same holds true in reverse. If you believe you’re going to fail, if you think you’re a loser, well, you’re probably right. Fill your thoughts with visions of failure at work, crumbling relationships, health problems, then your negative thinking is going to attract those things into your life and make them come true.

And that’s the amazing promise of the Law of Attraction, this idea that ANYONE CAN change their life for the better at any time, simply by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.


Now, I want to give my take on a few “hot button” issues surrounding the Law of Attraction.

First question: Is the Law of Attraction simply a matter of mindset, or do your thoughts and beliefs have the ability to change physical reality?

There are some people believe that the Law of Attraction works, but only in the sense that it helps keep you positive and motivated in order to go out and make those good things happen.

But others insist that the Law of Attraction goes deeper than that, and works almost on a molecular level. They believe that all matter and energy is in a state of vibration, and that these vibrations create an energy field that works like a magnet. Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs affect these vibrations and this energy field attracts similar energy.

So, positive thoughts literally and physically attract the things you wish for, and make them come into your life.

My own view is that the truth is probably a mix of both.

I think for health issues, psychological issues, well, any doctor can tell you of the amazing power of positive thinking in changing a patient’s physical condition.

As for the idea that thinking about that big mansion on the hill is going to change its molecules so that it will be yours one day – well, probably not. But it’s a nice idea.

Second question: Does the Law of Attraction “blame the victim?”

Philosophers and religious leaders have been debating the question of why bad things happen to people for millennia.

The Law of Attraction seems to offer a simple answer to this age-old question: bad things happen to people because they attracted them into their life. Either by thinking negative thoughts, or by failing to adequately think positive ones, people are ultimately and completely responsible for everything bad that happens to them.

My own take is that this becomes absurd if you take it to extremes. You can’t blame victims of random acts of violence, epidemics, genocides, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and say that they brought in on themselves. Some things truly are out of our control as mere humans.

Maybe you can’t completely prevent any bad things from coming into your life just by thinking positive. But I do think the Law of Attraction can still help you better deal with those bad things when they come.

The Third and Final question: Does this Law of Attraction thing actually work, and how can I get it work for me?

I believe that, yes, absolutely the Law of Attraction can be one of the most powerful concepts you can use to start improving your life for the better today.

While the term “Law of Attraction” is new, the principles behind it aren’t. This basic concept has been taught in one form or another by self improvement authors stretching back to Normal Vincent Peale and Napoleon Hill in first half of the 20th century.

So, the principles behind the Law of Attraction are time-tested and well-proven.

Begin each day by affirming the positive things you want out of life, and make it a habit to visualize the things you want. If you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts and emotions, banish them immediately, and replace them with positive visions.

Start now and I’m positive you’ll soon see your life change for the better.


The above is adapted from the Law of Attraction episode of our video series “Change Your Life in Five Minutes or Less.” Click here to watch and comment on the complete episode – http://www.selfgrowth.com/blog/law_of_attraction.

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