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Wei Chuan milk to help you become a creative mother – creativity, Wei Chuan milk – Food Industry

Wei Chuan milk to help you become a creative mother – creativity, Wei Chuan milk – Food Industry

Article by hi joiney

“Mommy, why do you call Mom, I called the baby?” You see TV When the baby suddenly to your question. “Silly, because I’m the mom you baby … ah …” you quietly continued staring at television. Baby on the side of things is always curious, always like to grasp this that thing run, even in your mouth, you see is not shocked, and quickly the “dirt” away, and then to baby stuffed with a nipple … … Modern mothers seem to have special attention, concern and discussion like baby’s creativity, are said to firmly grasp the baby from childhood brain development, creativity training your baby, your baby does not lose at the starting line. But you have done? What you do the right thing? The face of the article at the beginning of this plot, how do you respond to it? If the mother is like the plot in response to it, then you have to reflect the fear. Wei Chuan milk Group of expert advisers to remind her mother: the baby is not genetically determined mental development, nor is it able to achieve a training course, the baby creativity in all the details needed to start from day to day, and this requires you must first be a creative mother. So-called creativity, innovation means a kind of ability to break through the usual ways of thinking skills, which need to form their own way of thinking the baby started training early. Perhaps many parents would worry about is a no creative people, how to develop your baby’s breakthrough thinking too! In fact, this is not difficult. Wei Chuan Milk powder Expert advisory reminds everyone has creativity, but you are more than just the difference between my little. Infant brain development which are golden, active thinking, and thinking, this time bound by the framework is still relatively small, relatively speaking, creativity is the strongest (studies show that infants and young children’s creativity the most active, and “decreasing year by year “Kindergarten children’s creativity is a primary school, 2.7 times, the creativity of students is 1.8 times the students … …). So as long as the creativity to seize the baby the best time to train, observe, in some small place for baby to encourage even more to explore, often more with less, it is possible in the small things that you take your baby on a creative path shortcut. It to be a creative mother is not difficult, the key lies in your attitude and careful. Wei Chuan milk group of expert advisers to the mothers who bring some creativity to help train your baby two small suggestions: 1, the first train baby’s curiosity. Create must be created based on interest, with starting point will be a breakthrough, so development of the baby thirst for knowledge is very important. Baby baby just to this world, on the strange environment around them is full of curiosity, always like to explore what happens. And this curious proper guidance, can often be trained to a very good interest. Such as the baby around like grasping things, and sent to the mouth, in fact, this is the environment around him to test an expression, then the one hand, mothers may give up rap, my colleagues choose to explore, together with the baby, such as to give him more playing clean Toy Or appliances, to develop his keen sense of touch, to provide him with different shapes and colors of things, constantly stimulate his response, use the environment to stimulate his curiosity and so on. 2, followed by acceptance and encourage different. As previously mentioned a large extent, reflected the creativity to break through people’s habitual ways of thinking, and they made the baby rather strange problems or different from your idea, or have different behavior with the other baby habits, without circumstances affecting health or safety, the promotion and development of his that different. If at the beginning of the first plot, mothers down the problem if the patient answers to the baby, led him to ask more question, and even ask him questions, though not necessarily fully understand the baby, but he got the first breakthrough sure, the future will go further. On this basis, further training baby independence, self-confidence, can better help your baby develop their own unique way of thinking.

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5 Most creative Social Media Ways to Improve Customer Service

5 Most creative Social Media Ways to Improve Customer Service

Article by Amit Kothiyal

Remember how we all “dislike” being put on hold on a phone line or approaching prompts to get the must deserved customer service. With all the improved high tech world and more beneficial communication tools, various organizations have found an interesting way to reach customers and improve customer service. Through social media, customers get exactly what they are looking for and receive better customer support and easier ways to contact an organization. Jump into the game changing strategy to increase company’s touch, use social media for business, if you are not because serving customers is social, too!5 Most creative social media ways to reach customers are:

Twitter: Tweet to serve the customers. Tweet to solve an issue:-The much used phone conversations may help solve the problems but the wait time will not. A single tweet is enough to reach a lot of customers in just one click, which made twitter a fast-lightning platform. Build global image:- Better customer service gets talked about, which may lead to better brand image and more sales. Twitter is one of the social media ways that may turn a single happy customer story to international news.Reduction in cost:- Customers have better things to do than to be on call for hours because of a simple issue. With Twitter, the solution is quick, cheap and precise and it also reduces the call rates and time.Online chat: Let the customers save through technology:There can be various reasons to use the chat functionality. Some consumers are not always comfortable or understand the solution on call or have a lot of patience to pick the phone to call the service center. Also online chat can be a great way to inform customers about your new services or to sell the complimentary helpful products. Whether the problem is about a bank account or online assistance, chat works great for customers and the company.Serve customers through blog posts:Blog is the finest way to create a social customer service strategy using social media style. The World Wide Web has taught us to demand and get everything immediately without wasting much time and effort and blogs do exactly the same. A blog post can solve customer query, market a product or service and advertise about the new improvements of the company. The regular and easy updates on the blogs keep the brand always in news. The comment section of the blog provides instant feedback about the product or service, which may turn the negatives into positives and develop brand image. Serving customers through forums:If a lot of customers are facing a similar kind of issue and calling to ask the same questions, it is smarter to put the solution that is searchable globally by the users and the search engines. The customer can easily click on the product name, to sort out their issues. Also, a forum can provide various solutions to a single problem so that the customer can choose the most suitable one. Along with better and quick customer support, a forum may reduce your customer service admin calls, as the customers are getting the solutions through the net.Communicate through social networking sites:Social networking sites have brought the world closer and made life easier and now its time for the organizations to use these channels as a means of providing better customer service. The sites like Facebook, Orkut and MySpace not just enable a company to communicate with the customers on various levels but also help solicit feedback, send out the update bulletins about the product and service and manage the reputation and the image of the brand. These sites bring you closer to the customers, which enhance customer support. Build community, start an event or social networking forum, the ultimate result would be, better brand image through proper customer service!Social Media has provided interesting ways to reach customers and improve customer service through Customer feedback, providing important announcements via social networking sites and follow market trends.

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Start Your Creative Home Business with Creative Memories

Start Your Creative Home Business with Creative Memories

Article by James Hyatt

Being good at art and craft can become handy when you are planning to run a home based business. You can use your creativity to earn money from home without worrying about brand building at all. All you need to do is team up with Creative Memories, a brand which allows the inner artist merge with the business mind to create a successful enterprise. As a part of this company, you can make and sell creative products like photo albums, scrap books, photo books and digital tools for scrap booking.

About Creative Memories:

Creative Memories was founded in the year 1987 by Rhonda Anderson. Since then the company has grown a lot by leaps and bounds. The recent percentile growth of Creative Memories has reached to 98.23% and the growth is higher than 665 companies and has also ranked 13 among the 678 active home businesses.

Creative Memories-how does it work?

Creative Memories is specialized in making photo albums, photo organizers, traditional scrapbooks, digital scrapbooks, greeting cards, calendars, wall prints, and photo solutions to help capture favorite memories of clients forever in a frame. The company also focuses in crafting memento scrapbook albums. Creative Memory possesses around 95,000 consultants and a presence throughout the World. The brand has also launched a software for scrap booking considering that everything is going digital these days.

How to join Creative Memories?

You can join Creative Memories as a consultant. To be a consultant you need to go the website and choose the consultant option in your registration form. An existing consultant would be your mentor and he or she would teach you all you need to know about the business. You would also get a Consultant kit at a minimum cost after joining the company. With the “New Consultant Success Plan” of Creative Memories, you can earn compensations from the very beginning. Being a member of Creative Memories, you would get 15% as a sales profit when your sales target reach more than 0.

Why join Creative Memories?

Creative Memories consultants mostly work through home gatherings and meetings, so you can achieve your dreams to work and earn while spending time with your family and friends. You just need to introduce and demonstrate the products in your social circle to begin with. The more clients you acquire, the more you would sell and more you would earn. Another benefit is that along with the profit you earn on every sold item, you can also earn rebates and product certificates to increase the income potential.

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Stimulate Your Creative Thoughts At The Writing Retreat

Stimulate Your Creative Thoughts At The Writing Retreat

Article by tddwrdgnzlz

The wellness and writing retreat is the place where creative writers, yoga practitioners, and travelers come together in an energizing environment. This summer yoga retreat gives the time, space, and structure to work efficiently and creatively in an inspiring atmosphere. For creative writers, it is a great place as it provides the right company, relaxation, inspiration, and creative stimulation to write volumes of creative work.

Range of Wellness Activities

Most Italian retreats for creative writers have regular yoga and writing practice sessions, pranayama and breathing exercises, and sumptuous meals prepared by talented chefs. All this is combined with one-to-one manuscript guidance, enlivening discussions with fellow writers, creative thinking exercises, and much more to stimulate the mind. The yoga exercises help reduce stress and increase concentration.

The writer’s retreats are constructed in a place surrounded by natural beauty and forested organic estates where the singing of birds and nature sounds calm as well as inspire the writer inside a person. The empowering company of creative writers and artists help the person take up more challenging writing process and also help generate new ideas.

A full array of activities is offered at the creative writing yoga retreat. The dynamic group of participants is brought together who have varied interests and backgrounds. Hikes, yoga sessions, wellness activities, creative writing critique, and personalized guidance are main activities taken up on daily basis in the writing retreat. This helps the writers integrate an exciting relationship between the environment and the intrinsic awareness of the surroundings in the creative writing pieces. Without any diversion, stress, or worry, the writers can concentrate fully in the creative writing yoga retreat.

New Ideas Generated Through Discussions

In the writing retreat, the writers are encouraged to write on different modes of writing. The participants are invited to work on a poem, a story, keep a journal which records daily personal narratives, and to keep a sketchbook. This results in generation of new and fresh ideas which can then be put down in writing in a serene atmosphere with utmost creative bent.

The creative atmosphere of the writing retreat provides more than just comfort and privacy for writing. It provides the inspiration, stimulating company, instills a sense of well being, and provides the opportunity to learn and explore new things. The group of participants which consists of around 12 people is a mix of different cultures, background, and views.

This gives every individual an opportunity to know more about the things new to them and to discuss different points of view of the same thing. The avid travelers provide lots of information and study about different cultures of different regions that they have traveled. New ideas are discussed and their viability for creative writing is also discussed. Due to diversity in the group, same ideas are viewed upon in a different light, therefore giving the writer ample opportunity to develop a creative piece of writing.

The writing retreat concept is becoming very popular among the creative people. Therefore, the seats for the participation get filled months before the program starts. If anybody is interested in the writing retreat program, they must get registered well in advance.

About the Author

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How to Nurture Creativity in Creative Kids

How to Nurture Creativity in Creative Kids

Article by Johnny Gilbert

Recent research has shown that America?s creativity is declining. However, this is not a hopeless situation as it can be fixed. Creative kids are still around and they still have what it takes. Since the accepted definition of creativity is production of something original and useful, it cannot be determined through one right answer. Thus, creative kids exhibit certain characteristics and ways of thinking that can be used to nurture their potential. Creativity in kids is different from intelligence or IQ. With intelligence, it has been shown that scores go up with each generation, a phenomenon known as the Flynn effect. This is obviously due to enriched environments that tend to make kids smarter. As one writer put it, even the proliferation of junk material seems to have improved the intelligence of today?s generation. With creativity though, a reverse trend has been identified.

Creative kids are the future of human ingenuity which is the No. 1 leadership competency of the future. There are many national and international matters that will need to be resolved and that require creative solutions. Such solutions can only spring from a marketplace of ideas that are sustained by a populace constantly contributing ideas and that is receptive to fresh original ideas from others. In order to develop this marketplace, it is obvious that the education system needs to be revised. Instituting problem-based learning programs that adopt problem-based learning approaches will likely help creative kids develop their abilities even further.

To develop and nurture creativity in kids does not however mean that we need to reduce how much students learn and instead concentrate on developing this ability. Fact-finding and deep research are vital stages in the creative process and if taught in a different way, the current curriculum standards can still be met. This means that creativity can be taught. When applied to everyday process of work or school, it is possible to improve brain function of creative kids. The home-game version of nurturing creativity in kids would mean not encouraging kids to spring straight ahead to the right answer. When a kid asks why Sacramento is the capital of California, turn the question back and encourage him to come up with as many explanations as he can why it is and why it is not Los Angeles or San Franscisco. The trick to helping creative kids to be more creative is to allow them to keep asking questions ? have a teacher who is willing to tolerate their unconventional answers, occasional disruptions or detours of curiosity. When this is done, rather than hear them say ?I?ll never use this so I don?t need to learn it?, don?t be surprised to hear them ask ?Do we have to leave school??

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Top 7 Problems in Creative Thinking

Top 7 Problems in Creative Thinking

Article by Emilija Zaevska

I recently started reading several blogs and e-books related with creative thinking. As my job requires a lot of brainstorming and creative solutions, I tried to boost my imagination and get around several useful tips on the topic.As always I started with creative thinking Don’ts, blocks and barriers.First I tried to find an answer to the question what exactly is thinking block?The simplest answer I could get is that this is a situation where all of a sudden you just cannot come up with a decent answer or solution to a problem, because your mind goes blank. And the harder you try the more confused you get. Creativity depends a lot on how our brain works. It all rests on which hemisphere of the brain is more engaged while thinking. Experiments showed that the left hemisphere of our brain is responsible for logical thinking, while the right one is for creative and lateral thinking.I will try to use both sides of my brain equally while writing this article. Here are several situations that caught my mind:

1.There is always another solution! Someone once said it would be stupid to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. That is why, when thinking, analyzing, making a decision or brainstorming, you should always look for another opportunity. Creative thinking is not an exam in which all questions have one correct answer. View things from a different perspective or maybe consult with your colleague or friend, because third party opinion is always welcome.

2.Black and White perspective! Because of some current situation, comments of others or personal factors at the moment, people have the tendency to switch their attitude from highly positive to highly negative in just several minutes. This attitude change can misguide you and give different course of thinking and action. It’s far healthier to stay neutral and not let emotions influence. Because things are rarely as good or as bad as you think they are.

3.Combine play and work! The biggest ideas and innovations are born through play and pooling of different perspectives, not thinking and working in isolation. Studies show that a child’s mind has greater number of connections, because children do not limit their world view. When you think and play like a child, accepting everything without judgment, than you can let your imagination free and use full mind capacity. Creative thinker does not make a difference between work and play.

4.Think of details, but always remember the big picture! Not seeing the forest from the trees is one common creative block. Usually when trying to organize ideas and actions around specific goal we start with the big picture and then go into details. While striving to do things the best possible way, we spend energy and creativity on inconsequential things, at the end losing ourselves in a dead end. Of course to make things easier you can make to list or visual map of every detail using software like DropMind.

5.Mistakes happen! Nobody likes them, nobody likes to admit them. But mistakes are part of our everyday work and they are a driver for improvement. Creative thinking is not about being wrong or right. It is about exploring new ways and opportunities, finding new challenges. As Albert Einstein said: “Person who never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

6.Other do it also syndrome! This exists to a different degree in all of us. Even if we hate to admit it, other people’s actions do heavily influence ours. There’s always pressure to adopt the behaviors of the groups we’re in and fear of looking dumb. But creativity is not about standardized rules and regulations. If your idea is, in fact, original, it may stand alone because, well, it is different. For instance, the Dyson vacuum cleaner was the first to use a cyclonic action to separate dust from air, meaning that a bag or a filter was no longer required. This truly was an innovation in home vacuum products.

7.Denying your creativity! If your start point is an assumption that you cannot do something because you are not creative enough, than you probably have another creative block. “Thinking outside the box” is true only if our mind creates that imaginary box. Creative thinking skills are as much about attitude and self-confidence as about talent. Creativity is often less ordered, structured and predictable. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will. George Bernard Shaw ?

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Creative visualization of yourself as healthy

Creative visualization of yourself as healthy

Article by Lixiao

Creative visualization is a form of self-hypnosis; but so is all of life. You hypnotized yourself into thinking that you are sick, and you can just as easily hypnotize yourself back out of it again. It is to be expected that you will be doubtful and hesitant at first; but if you have even a modicum of belief in the possibility that what you are doing is valid, that will be enough to make it happen. Of course, the more heartfelt your belief, the faster and more impressive the result will be. Creative visualization is essentially the same thing as prayer, and has the same result, except that you don’t invoke a deity. If you are accustomed to praying to a deity, then by all means continue to do so, since this can be even more efficacious than straight creative visualization (of course this depends upon who the deity is and what you’re praying for).

We will summarize two creative visualization methods here:

1) Affirmations can be spoken aloud, voiced mentally, written down, or chanted. These are positive, uplifting statements: for example, “I’m so happy now that I’m healthy again!”; which are repeated over and over.

2) Treasure maps are collages of photographs or drawings which illustrate us getting what we want from life. The visual images can also be accompanied by written affirmations. The visual images are examined and the accompanying affirmations read with the aim of conjuring up the feeling of that image coming true in our lives.

In using both affirmations and treasure maps, the important point is to get to the feeling of the desire, and not just do it by rote. To make it heartfelt, you should be in a happy, delighted mood – lose yourself in reverie. Try to connect with a feeling of intense longing – a pang of sweet anguish – in your heart.

Creative visualization should be done for at least ten minutes or so upon awakening, and again at night before going to sleep. Try to do your visualization as you drop off to sleep. This is difficult at first because the attention needed to maintain an image in the forefront of the mind (importance) is the opposite of the attention needed to enter the dream state (surrender). The trick is to drop off to sleep with the feeling of your desire uppermost in your mind rather than the mental image, which is a lot harder to do

You should also visualize your desires during the day – just like daydreaming, but in the present rather than the future tense, e.g., “I’m so happy now that I’m healthy again!” When you catch yourself indulging in normal daydreaming, switch it to creative visualization. The point is to stop thinking and to let yourself feel; to give yourself permission to feel as much joy as you would feel if your desire were to come true, without making that joy contingent upon whether the desire comes true or not. Then it really doesn’t matter whether it comes true or not; and this clears the way for it to come true.

Visualization is similar to normal daydreaming, except the latter is done with thinking, and the former is done with feeling. Daydreaming is done in the third person and the future tense, whereas visualization is done in the first person and the present tense. In visualization you imagine yourself to be actually in the middle of the scene as if it were unfolding around you here and now; and you let yourself feel all the joy you would feel if that scene were actually happening. The secret of visualization is to convince yourself that what you are wishing for is already true, and to allow yourself to feel the feelings you would feel if that were in fact the case.

The difference between creative visualization and normal daydreaming is that in creative visualization there is no doubt: as in dreaming, the experience is too vivid and intense for doubt. In normal daydreaming, on the other hand, people don’t really want the fantasy to come true. They’re afraid of taking responsibility for that probable reality, for having that much power and control over their own destiny. Therefore, they detach themselves from their desire by projecting it into a future which will never come, instead of knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the probable reality will come true – by living that reality in the now moment, which is what is done in creative visualization. Healthy people are already using creative visualization unconsciously: they have no doubt about their health.

In normal daydreaming you are standing back and watching yourself, applauding yourself, patting yourself on the back. The “you” in the daydream is just a puppet; the real you is watching this puppet perform. But in creative visualization, the real you is smack dab in the middle of the action, taking primary enjoyment from being in the scene that unfolds around you, rather than standing back and watching at a distance. Whereas normal daydreaming is a means of escaping from the rigors of life, creative visualization entails knowing that you called your outer circumstances to you for some reason; and knowing that you can also change that reason if only you don’t lose sight of (feeling for) the ultimate goal. It means reaching out to probable realities in which there is joy, no matter how improbable they may seem at the moment, rather than to ones which will only reinforce your self-pity

Creative visualization is a way of cutting across all those endless circles of doubt and feeling sorry for yourself, by taking primary joy in the act of visualization itself. It’s like playing with an imaginary companion: a child who has an imaginary companion doesn’t care if it’s real or not – he or she just has fun with it in the now moment. And that’s the attitude you must bring to creative visualization – take primary pleasure in imagining it happening right now, rather than worrying about whether or not it will actually come true in some future.

The secret of creative visualization is to convince yourself that what you are wishing for is already true, and you’re just hanging around for a few minutes in the waiting room while the universe finds it and hands it to you. To visualize a desire as if it were already achieved means to imagine it happening in the here and now, as if it were taking place in front of you. You mustn’t set up any contradictory agendas such as, “In the event that this creative visualization doesn’t work for me then I’ll do this other thing.” You have to put all your eggs in one basket, in the probable reality in which your desires come true. The more energy you can bring to bear upon your desire, the faster you’ll start seeing results. But be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Like that character from Moliere who was delighted to learn that he’d been speaking prose all along and never knew it, each and every one of us is channeling all the time; and the only difference between “professional” psychics and mediums and the rest of us is that the psychics are aware of what they’re doing – they make a special point of (call special attention to) a completely natural process that everybody already knows how to do. Everyone has spirit guides who talk to them constantly; however, most people don’t listen to these messages, any more than they listen to what other people, such as their parents, spouse, or children, are trying to tell them. When a thought or feeling prompted by a spirit guide pops up in their consciousness, they just pass over it or reject it. In this essay we will discuss thought forms, spirit guides, and other beings which can be channeled, together with a simple technique for consciously channeling them.

In order to get an idea of what spirits are, it is first necessary to get a handle on what we are. Contrary to popular opinion, we are not solid, abiding objects that have individual self-existence. Although it certainly appears that the world is “real” and consists of solid, discrete objects, in fact our world is more like a movie screen, hooked up to other people’s movie screens, on which we’re all projecting what we’re feeling inside outwards as symbols – solid objects in a physical world.

To ask Heidegger’s question, “Why are there things rather than nothing?” is like asking, “Why can’t soccer players use their hands? Why did God so construct the universe that soccer players can’t use their hands?” In the same way, our perception of the universe as a world of solid, discrete objects is a wholly man-made restriction on our senses. Plants and animals don’t perceive the world in this fashion, and neither, for that matter, do infants and lunatics. They still use their “hands” (their feelings rather than their minds) to play the game of perception. As a result, they don’t “play soccer” very well, but they still have the free use of their hands -their intuition – which most people have learned to repress. The belief that we are discrete entities in a world of solid objects is just that – a belief – that makes the world of concepts, of thinking, possible

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Secret of creative PowerPoint templates

Secret of creative PowerPoint templates

Article by Paul Smith

Actually there cannot be any secret once the creation comes to the fore. Your idea remains secret till it is with you. But there is no doubt that ideas remain identical if there is touch of creativity. So while we are here trying to know the secret of creative PowerPoint templates, we would definitely like to know how a template becomes creative. Well, it is the novelty, purposefulness, simplicity in use of content or the technical aspects that makes layouts of any sort creative. If you know how to leave the touch of creativity in the layouts, you can design and deliver any fantastic PowerPoint templates.Now let us find some of the ways that can be called the secrets of developing creative PowerPoint templates:

Sense of novelty: The first point for which PowerPoint templates (PPT) can be considered creative PowerPoint templates is novelty. The reason is simple – searching through the internet anybody can find out thousands of PPTs ready to be used! Then what would be difference in your presentation and others? Just design the PPT with some novelty (looks and feels that people have not become used to see). If you can do so, there will be no issue of influencing your viewer to read and understand the content.Duly purposive: On internet anybody can easily find out PPTs for different purposes. Are you going to choose one of those? Nay! If you do that then there is no matter of your creativity left in it. You have to design your PPT that exactly meets your purpose. We call PPTs as creative PowerPoint templates when we find the purpose of its creation has fulfilled specifically for its creator. There is hell and heaven difference in customized and redymade PPTs. But it depends on you to choose the best one.Sense of simplicity: It is not always that PPTs has to be very much complex in understanding. Remember with all the creativity the message has to go straight to the users! So it is one of the major features of creative PowerPoint templates to become simple in its approach to the viewers. Expert designers know how to maintain simplicity with creativity!Proper use of color: Many a times it is found that improper use of colors make the things just less attractive! So we can easily identify creative PowerPoint templates with their fantastic color combination that does not match the convention. Effective use of colors shows off or helps in producing creative thought promptly.Effective use of content elements: There is no doubt that a designer will try his or her level best to design the most creative PowerPoint templates with all the design elements. Let it be the texts, graphics or images, only the effective use can expose the ideas in best possible ways. There should not be heaps of things put together!Well these are the powerful secrets of developing PPTs that comes to everybody as creative PowerPoint templates! But here you have to care for one thing- you need the help of experts in designing or guiding in design of creative PowerPoint templates. You just find out the designers who can present you templates of your choice. Hope your search for the right people ends at the right place!

About the Author

This article about “secret of creative PowerPoint templates” is written by Paul Smith, webmaster of Infoway – a US based web development company. To know more about our services on design and web development you can visit our web design portfolio page.

4 Creative Planning Tips For A Killer Whiteboard Sales Story

4 Creative Planning Tips For A Killer Whiteboard Sales Story

Article by Milly Sonneman

Not feeling too creative? But need a killer whiteboard sales story–for tomorrow’s client meeting? Find out how to ace your presentation with 4 rapid creativity tips.

In business presenting and selling, it’s tough to keep your creative edge. Let’s face it. There’s not enough time in the day, right? Wrong.

If you’re seeking creative inspiration for your killer whiteboard sales story…you’re in the right place. There is a system. A creative formula, if you will. Once you know it, you can use it. Anytime. Anywhere. Any topic.

“I could have used this yesterday!” These are the exact words a client of mine said when he saw this system. Most clients I’ve shared this with actually get a little peeved. “Why didn’t I learn this in high-school?”

Understandable. Really. When you learn how to use creative planning, you’ll see that it’s easier to keep your edge than you might have imagined.

Here are the highlights of the 4 critical steps in creative planning. Hint: use a sales opportunity you have in mind. Best ones are the ones you have coming up today, tomorrow and this week.

1. Get VisualWhen working at a whiteboard, go visual. Show your product, process, service, solution in pictures and words. Don’t make the mistake we’re seeing on a lot of whiteboards.

You know the ones. The ones that are covered from top to bottom with words. If your whiteboards are entirely filled with words, you’re missing tremendous opportunity. You’re missing the chance to show your solution in pictures that everyone will instantly understand.

2. Actively IncubateThe creative process includes an incubation phase. This is referred to with lots of interesting terms from ‘soaking’ to ‘noodling’ to ‘letting it simmer.’

Whatever terms you use, allow for incubation time in planning your whiteboard sales story. Go for a walk. Visit a park. Talk to a friend from outside of work. Do something other than sitting at your desk, hammering at the keyboard.

If you’re used to putting in the hours, now it’s time to give yourself a break. Go outside of your office. Let the ideas incubate. You’re not looking for answers. You’re investing in distraction.

3. Wild OutputAs the third stage, it’s now time to focus on outputs. This is a highly experimental zone. No bad ideas. No judgments. Just output.

In terms of creative thinking, this is often called the zone of wild ideas, brainstorming and creative collaboration. If you want help, get input from people on your team. Ask for collaborative output on ways to share your story.

4. VerifyThis is the testing phase. It’s time to make decisions. Which idea will work within the timeframe–with this specific audience?

Verifying includes making decisions, selecting an option, practicing, rehearsing, getting feedback and refining. It’s not an instant thing.

Think of it as a critical phase. This is where you’ll work through your choices at a whiteboard, practice with a test audience, and make adjustments.

What’s the value of using these 4 phases of creativity? You’ll discover that creativity is fun. Instead of being a hassle or another thing on your overflowing to-do list, creative thinking is a critical aspect of successful sales presenting.

With a disciplined and creative approach to presenting, you’ll continuously improve. You’ll come up with new ideas faster and easier than others. You’ll try things out. Some you’ll reject. Others you’ll keep and strengthen.

Additionally, you’ll have a roadmap for building creativity across your sales teams and across your organization.

Now, the curious thing is…once you start consciously being creative, you can’t stop. It’s just too much fun and too rewarding.

With this newfound energy and enthusiasm, what do you think your clients will feel? They’ll instantly see your excitement and passion. Your authentic passion comes through loud and clear while your selling, drawing and showing solutions. That’s the secret for killer results at the whiteboard.

About the Author

Milly Sonneman is a recognized expert in visual language. She is the co-director of Presentation Storyboarding, a leading presentation training firm, and author of the popular guides: Beyond Words and Rainmaker Stories available on Amazon. Milly helps business professionals give winning presentations, through Email Marketing skills trainings at Presentation Storyboarding. You can find out more about our courses or contact Milly through our website at: http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com/

How To Get Your Creative Juices Going For Article Writing

How To Get Your Creative Juices Going For Article Writing

Article by Seo Pirate

Writing an article doesn’t just mean putting down thoughts into words then typing and writing it. You have to capture the interest of your readers and get them to keep on reading. To send your message across you have to get the attention of the reader and have a firm grasp of their interest and pique their curiosity.

The main ingredient in baking up an article is a large dose of creativity. While creativity may come natural to many people, some just gets into a block or something to that effect that can drive someone crazy. Many writers have literally torn their hair out when they get writers block and just can’t seem to get their creative juices flowing.

Putting words into images in the readers mind is an art. A clear and crisp depiction requires a certain flair that only creativity can provide. Similes and metaphors help a lot, but the way an article gets entwined word for word, sentence by sentence then paragraph by paragraph into a whole article develops the essence of the article.

So just what do you have to do when nothing comes to mind? There is no surefire ways to get the perfect ideas but there are easy ways to get your creative juices flowing. No one can guarantee you of having the perfect mindset but many methods may aid you in achieving that state of mind. Here are five easy ways for that.

1. Keep a diary or a journal with you always. Ideas can be triggered by anything you may hear, see, or smell. Your senses are your radar in finding great ideas. Write all of them into a journal and keep it with you for future reference. You may also write down anything that you have read or heard, someone’s ideas could be used to develop your own ideas and this is not stealing. Remember that ideas and creativity can come from anywhere; it’s the development of the idea that makes it unique.

2. Relax and take time to sort things out. A jumbled mind cannot create any space for new ideas. Everyone must have a clear mind if one wishes to have their creativity in full speed. Get rid of all obstacles that can be a hindrance to your creativity. If you are bothered by something, you cannot force your mind to stay focused.

Try to relax every time that you can and think about your experiences and interactions with others. Your experiences are what shape your mindset and your opinions which could be reflected on your writings. Try to discover yourself, find out what triggers your emotions. Discover what inspires you and what ticks you off. You can use these emotions to help you in expressing yourself and your ideas, with this you can grow creatively.

3. Create a working place that can inspire your creativeness. Your working place can be quite a hindrance if it doesn’t make you feel happy or relaxed. Creativity comes from being in a good state of mind and a messed up workplace that causes distraction won’t be conducive in firing up your creative flow.

Surround your working place with objects that makes you happy and relaxed. You may put up pictures, or scents, objects that inspire, or anything that can get your creativeness cranking. A clean and well organized workplace also rids of distractions and unwanted hindrances. With a good working place, you can work in peace and never notice the time pass by.

4. Set the mood. Setting the mood requires you to just go with the moment or to induce your self to feeling what makes your mind works best. Finding out what makes you tick could help you find ways to get your creative juices flowing. Set the pace and tempo for your mood and everything else will follow.

There are many ways to set the mood. Some writers have been known to use alcohol, a little sip of wine to stir up the imagination. Some would like some mood music while others let the lighting of the environment create the mood.

5. Go on a getaway and just do something unlike crazy. Letting yourself go and have fun produces adrenaline that can make your imagination go wild. Take an adventure or a solemn hike. Whatever it is that is unusual from your daily routine can take the rut out of your schedule. In no time at all, your creativeness will make use of that experience and get your imagination to go on overdrive.

Creative Juices For Article Writing

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