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Leukemia survivor wins LPGA Pro-Am event

Leukemia survivor wins LPGA Pro-Am event

Article by Ailisleo Jenny

Instead, she was on the course at 7:40 a.m., beginning another 18 holes – and, as her teary eyes showed, for a very good reason.

Bader’s partner in the Pro-Am was Aaron Theobald, a 23-year-old bartender from Bloomington, Ill., whom she’d never met before this week’s play began.

They were a perfect pairing. He’s a leukemia survivor. She raises money for cancer research, after losing her mother to the disease in 2004. Earlier this year, Bader organized the first Susan L. Bader Golf Classic, raising ,000.

So for Bader, there couldn’t have been a better reason to play Saturday, even though she wasn’t making a cent.

“Hearing Aaron’s story, how he’s battled what he’s battled at such a young age, it obviously touched me and it still touches me,” Bader said, crying softly as she spoke minutes after Theobald tapped in for birdie on their final hole. “It was a pleasure playing with him. … Today was about Aaron and we came through. It was a great day.”

A really great day, as it turned out.

The Bader-Theobald team shot a 64 on Saturday in the best-ball handicap format, finishing the tournament 25 under – and winning by three shots. For their efforts, they received a slew of gifts including a Waterford Crystal trophy, watches, airline tickets and a resort stay.

“He played spectacular,” Bader said.

He has a spectacular story as well.

Theobald was a 16-year-old high school baseball player when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a fast-growing cancer of the white blood cells and the most common form of leukemia found in children. More than 5,000 people are diagnosed annually with ALL, which can worsen quickly if not treated properly.

He spent eight weeks at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., underwent many rounds of chemotherapy and endured several spinal taps. He was too weak for school at times, and his right hip has already been replaced twice.

A few days ago, the surgeon who replaced his hip gave him a call, saying they needed to talk. Theobald instantly got scared, wondering if a bad spot had popped up on an X-ray or if another surgery was awaiting him.

“When they called me back, I asked them what was going on,” Theobald said. “And they told me, ‘You know, it’s nothing serious. We just had an opening for the Pro-Am down in Miami and wanted to see if you wanted to play.”

Now that’s the kind of call anyone wouldn’t mind getting from a doctor.

Theobald happily accepted, even though the trip to Turnberry Isle meant abandoning plans to visit his aunt, uncle and grandparents in Houston this weekend.

“They understood,” said Theobald, who carries a 10 handicap.

On their final hole Saturday, Theobald pushed a 3-wood off to the right, but wound up in a perfect spot – 175 yards from the pin, in the right place to attack the par-5.

He was debating whether to go for the green in two. Bader told him, “This is your time.”

His 6-iron landed 4 feet from the cup, and the two-putt birdie left them both thrilled.

“It was my job to kind of keep him cool and relaxed,” Bader said. “He did a great job.”

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Gleevec therapy method for Leukemia

Gleevec therapy method for Leukemia

Article by Groshan Fabiola

The therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia with Gleevec (Imatinib mesylate) began to be used in patients in 2001 and seemed to be real success. Since that time, a clinical study revealed the efficiency of Gleevec in other cancer types as well such as in hypereosinophilic syndrome, another blood cancer.

Gleevec is a targeted drug on abnormal cells of the body and doesn’t attack healthy cells like other chemotherapeutics. Gleevec is efficient against a protein called BCR-ABL from the class of enzymes known as thyrosine kinases which is responsible for the excessive multiplication of mature and immature white blood cells in the chronic myeloid Leukemia.

Most cancer forms are caused by genetic mistakes leading to the production of malfunctioning proteins that send a wrong message to the cells. When the abnormal enzymes are inhibited by chemotherapy, the cancer progression is also stopped. Scientists work to find other similar drugs like Gleevec that have the capacity to inhibit dysfunctional enzymes such as tyrosine kinases.

In normal conditions, tyrosine kinases send different signals to the cells stimulating them to perform different actions. Abnormal enzymes send modified messages to the cells allowing them to multiply particular cells in an abnormal rate and cancer appears. 4500 new cases of CML are discovered every year and Gleevec was firstly used on this type of cancer. Chronic myeloid leukemia is caused by a translocated, genetically modified chromosome called Philadelphia causing the occurrence of abnormal tyrosine kinases. This is the primer cause of leukemic cells occurrence in the bone marrow and blood.

Many of the chemotherapeutics used to treat leukemia have negative effects on other healthy tissues as well like skin, bone marrow, and gastrointestinal track or hair follicles, and causes injuries to organs like heart, kidneys or lungs. Gleevec is targeted on mutant protein and enzyme cells and only destructs this type of genetically modified tissues. Gleevec also has its side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, skin rashes or fluid retention due to its toxicity but they are far less dangerous for the human body than other drugs.

The drug therapy using Gleevec proved far more efficient than earlier methods and showed real more improvements for the CML patients. It impressively reduces the number of white blood cells and the number of leukemic cells inside the bone marrow. Gleevec can also be used on persons not responding to the Interferon therapy or the ones that proved intolerant to it.

The administration of Gleevec is easier as well as it is available as a pill not as injections like most of the other drugs. This aspect makes the self-administration possible and spares patients from staying in the hospital for long periods of time.

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For greater resources about Leukemia please visit these pages http://www.leukemia-guide.com/leukemia-causes.htm or http://www.leukemia-guide.com/chronic-leukemia.htm

Symptoms and diagnosing in leukemia

Symptoms and diagnosing in leukemia

Article by Groshan Fabiola

No human is alike another on this planet. Because of the this the way that the disease leukemia affects people is also very different. Some patients may experience severe or acute symptoms, while in others the action of the symptoms may be so mild that a long time passes till the disease is actually found and diagnosed; this can go on for years or even decades. All of us know that leukemia is the worst cancer that exist in this days and that affects people. Properly diagnosing this disorder can prove quite tricky some times, the fact being that many of its symptoms do resemble the symptoms of other very common and not life threatening illnesses.

Some of the most usual symptoms found in leukemia patients are fever, chills or other symptoms that resemble the ones of flu; weakness or fatigue may also appear in patients. Because of the heavy tole that the disease has on the body the patient may experience loss of appetite and normally after this, the weight might severely drop. Severe sweating may also be present, especially during sleep, at night time. Swollen or bleeding gums may be some of that symptoms to show us that the disease is getting serious and taking a heavy tole on the patient. Because of the lack of oxygen and nutrients that the body is receiving, bone or joint pain may also make them selves felt. Because the fact that the brain is also affected, headache, paralysis, seizures may sometimes trouble the patient with different intensities. In men the case might also include the swelling of the testicles, witch is a very nasty thing. Skin symptoms may also appear like rashes, loss of hair.

To be sure of the diagnose he makes, the doctor will most certainly run a wide variety of tests to rule out any other disease that is suspected to cause trouble to the patient. As long with physical test the doctor will also take blood samples to be more shore of the diagnose that he makes. High white blood cell count would most certainly indicate an over production of the bone marrow, but this does not necessarily mean the person has leukemia. A further more thorough test will actually include the extraction of some bone marrow for a bone marrow biopsy. If in this case a problem is discovered than the patient is in for some bed news. Still these test are extremely painful, often making patients to think again about taking them.

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For more info about acute leukemia please visit this website http://www.leukemia-guide.com/leukemia-causes.htm or even http://www.leukemia-guide.com/leukemia-symptoms.htm

Protein research used in leukemia treatment

Protein research used in leukemia treatment

Article by Groshan Fabiola

Leukemia is known as a type of cancer that attacks the blood. A recent discovered protein is believed to provide insights into the details of the interaction between sperm and egg. Its structure is believed to hold the key to new treatments for the earlier mentioned condition, leukemia. This protein structure was discovered by C.D. Stout at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.

Their research has proved the connection between a protein in the eggs of a marine mollusk and the protein on the outside of human white blood cells.

The egg protein was from the California sea snail named Aplysia californica, an animal that is frequently used by biologists in the process of fertilization. As we know, events occur at the molecular level when a sperm cell joins with an egg but these events are similar to those that are seen among the animals and humans too. The premier event that occurs is that a flood of calcium ions is released as a signal for the egg to begin to divide. The flood of the calcium ions is known to be controlled by a regulatory molecule, some kind of molecular switch, termed as a secondary messenger.

The mentioned secondary messenger is synthesized inside the egg from the building blocks of DNA. It is known that the reaction requires a specialized protein known as ADP ribosyl cyclase. This is the protein that we were talking about in the beginning of our article. ADP ribosyl cyclase is the protein that was studied by the researchers at the Scripps. A three dimensional image was reconstructed after preparing the crystals of the protein and after scattering x-rays off them. The image reveals that two of the molecules combine together to create a hole or a molecular cavity between the proteins. In these holes or cavities, the protein traps the DNA building blocks and rearranges their pattern of chemical bonds to synthesize the messenger.

In leukemia patients the white blood cells have a signaling protein called CD38 that for normal cells is present only in the early stages of the condition. It was noticed that molecule CD38 is similar to the cyclase protein that we discussed about earlier and that is why researchers think that CD38 molecules also pair up to create an internal cavity. The main difference between the cyclase and CD38 protein is that CD38 has a tail reaching across the cell membrane providing a means for it to transmit signals to inside the white cells.

Researchers do hope that drugs targeted toward the cavity in CD#* could be useful in allowing the immune system to eliminate leukemia cells.

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Leukemia Cure – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Leukemia Cure – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Article by Muscle Man

Acute myelogenous leukemia is the most common leukemia and is a fast growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow. Blood cells in the body are made up of platelets known as white and red blood cells. Those who have AML don’t have enough white or red blood cells and instead posses abnormal cells that grow quickly as the illness progresses.

AML is not genetic nor is it infectious however it is mostly caused by being exposed to benzene.

What is Benzene?

Benzene is an organic chemical compound. Benzene is used in production of oil, rubber, dyes and plastic. Benzene is commonly used as an additive in other chemicals. There are small amounts of benzene used in manufacturing processes for instance, detergents, pesticides and drugs.

Benzene is linked to various forms of cancer, as well as other physical issues such as dizziness and mental confusion; anemia; and depressed functioning of the immune system.. People are often not aware that they have been exposed to benzene.

Symptoms of AML

Benzene exposure may occur when people breathe or ingest it through any number of common products used in daily life and at work. Being exposed can lead to a fatal illness such as acute myelogenous leukemia. There are signs you can look for.

Some symptoms of AML include:

* Abdominal swelling

* Infections that continue or repeat

* Difficulty breathing and lack of energy

* Pain in the joints or bones


Age and disease subtype are factors that doctors will take into consideration in planning the right treatment for the person living with AML. Some treatments that are considered are:

* Chemotherapy

* Transplants from bone marrow or cord blood

* If the subtype is promyelocytic leukemia, then all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) may be used.

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Imperative Facts About Leukemia

Imperative Facts About Leukemia

Article by Roberto Sedycias

Acute leukemia occurs when immature blood cells begin to rapidly increase and begins to crowd the bone marrow, preventing it from making more healthy blood cells. Thus, problems occur in the body as it is unable to fight off diseases and harmful attacks and immediate treatment is needed to combat this disease. Usually this occurs most often and frequently in children over adults and can be caught and treated.

Chronic leukemia occurs when mature and abnormal white blood cells are produced very fast and at alarming rates causing really abnormal white blood cells to be present in the body’s blood stream. This is usually found in older people as the cells are usually mature already and sometimes immediate treatment is postponed as the entire chronic condition is monitored and the best case treatment is considered before any action is taken on the matter.

There are many signs of this disease, particular damage to the bone marrow causing a lack of blood platelets which are extremely important for the blood clotting process. So, people with this disease are often ones who get hurt easily and bruise for little things and bleed at alarming excesses. That is one way to know that one might have leukemia, to be aware of whether or not they bleed a lot for little injuries that should not have caused so much bleeding. Also, because the white blood cells are otherwise occupied, the patient’s immune system is always shot and unable to fight off sicknesses. They will even start attacking other body cells and people might get infections frequently or have infected sores in the mouth, tonsils, or even diarrhea or bouts of pneumonia that can be almost fatal in the extent of it.

Patients are often pale and weak as they might suffer from anemia, or low blood counts, and that might cause them to lack energy and strength. Sometimes patients feel sick, have night chills and sweats and fevers and many symptoms that could be mistaken for ones related to the flu. If you feel nausea or always feel very bloated or full, that might all be due to swollen organs like the liver or spleen that will cause weight loss and fatigue. Finally, it is possible to experience headaches, as well, as the disease can interfere with the nervous system.

To diagnose this disease, you will have to undergo medical tests that usually examine the bone marrow and do blood counts to see what the situation is. Also a lymph node biopsy is performed, as well, to see whether you have it in certain situations. The damage to the organs is also determined from the blood tests and sometimes doctors will perform X-Rays and MRIS or other kinds of screening tests. Usually this is treated with medications that are combined with chemotherapy radiation and sometimes radiation therapy.

Also, some patients benefit immensely from a bone marrow transplant, as well. It is important to get the proper tests because left untreated, leukemia can be a deadly and fatal disease. But, there are treatment options and ways to beat it.

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Roberto Sedycias works as IT consultant for http://www.polomercantil.com.br/

AC220 Is an Incredible Drug Discovery for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

AC220 Is an Incredible Drug Discovery for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Article by Jasmine Smith

In spite of several long term research and development process cancer is a deadly disease. It is not a curable one for most of the cases. A constant research is going on to help cancer patients so that they can have some remedies altogether. Scientists in the pharmaceutical industry are constantly trying very hard to give some relief to the patients having cancer. Acute myeloid leukemia is one of the serious cancer diseases that do not have any such remedies. This is a cancerous disease caused due to the rapid growth of the abnormal white blood cells Specifically the while blood cells accumulating in the bone marrow and also interfering with the production of normal blood cells.

Such a deadly disease called acute myeloid leukemia attack adults as the symptoms increase along with the age. It is a very rare disease. A proper replacement of the normal bone marrow having the leukemic cells is the major reason behind this deadly one. This disease is the basic reason behind the instant drop of the red blood cells or even for the normal white blood cells. There are a number of symptoms one can notice behind this deadly disease like fatigue, shortness of breath, easy bruising and bleeding for any cause behind this deadly disease. Even this can lead to the high risk of infection for any reason. There are a number risk factors related with this disease. They are all identified in spite of the fact that the main reason behind this disease is unknown and undiscovered.

This is an acute type of Leukemia and this rapidly spreads as well. This disease becomes fatal within a little period of time if no serious steps are being taken. An over expression of the FLT receptor is a great reason behind this deadly and fatal disease. Basically this fatal disease is treated with chemotherapy that aims at a complete remission. Even a patient may have to lead to some additional chemotherapy as well in order to get some more remedies altogether. This varies on the basis of the condition of a patient. The constant research brings the updating condition in the therapeutic process by which it can be tested that which drug is suitable for which patient and up to what condition and level. Even it can also be verified that how long the patient can be treated and can survive.

Mutation is among the most important factor behind this deadly disease. Almost 30% of the cases among the adults are caused by this common factor called mutation. Internal Tandem Duplication is the less frequent mutation in this process. A constant research on the kinase inhibitor has brought such important materials out which are extremely essential to continue further. Most of the signs of this disease are just caused by a constant replacement of normal blood cells along with the calls containing leukemic tendencies. A normal process of blood cell production can make each and every patient very vulnerable to the infections.

A product like AC220 is an incredible drug discovery as far as the cancerous disease is concerned specifically for the acute myeloid leukemia. Specifically the patients having this disease lost the capacity of infection fighting. The drop in the blood cell is the reason behind the fatigue, paleness and shortness of breath and this leads to an easy bruising or bleeding with minor trauma. At the very initial level the signs may not be so specific. Just because of this it can lead to influenza and other very common illness along with some general symptoms incorporating fever, fatigues, weight loss and many more.

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Caring for a Cat with Feline Leukemia

Caring for a Cat with Feline Leukemia

Article by Rose Ann Green

I would like to share this story with other individuals that own a cat with feline leukemia and provide some tips that I learned over the course of my cat?s illness.

My cat Peanut was diagnosed with feline leukemia when he was 9 years old. I was shocked since I had him vaccinated every year. Plus, he was tested by the shelter, and I had him tested right after we adopted him.

Here is the first tip. The feline leukemia test may be inaccurate until the cat is at least six months old. Test your cat again after 6 months. This is what happened in Peanut?s case. He was tested twice while he was less than three months old.

What prompted the Vet to test my cat again? She is a great doctor that listened to me when I felt that something was seriously wrong with my cat.Also, since he was about two years old, we had to make a visit to the Vet at least one or twice a year for upper respiratory infections. Another warning sign was an issue with his eyes. The pupil in one eye would get really small like the size of a pin head. This was treatable with medication.

Once the leukemia was determined my first question was, how long will my cat live?

The Vet could not give me a definitive answer. It is very hard to predict. Statistics on this disease is that once the cat is diagnosed, 85% will be gone within 3 years. However, 15% can live to grow old.

Peanut was now placed on steroids and eye drops which worked for a couple of years. He would still have the upper respiratory issues, but I quickly rushed him to the Vet and he was placed on antibiotics.

After about 2 years, he developed herpes in his eyes. My Vet recommended a specialist. A Veterinarian Ophthalmologist. I did not even know that one existed

This specialist was able to correct the problem by prescribing Voltaren and increasing the steroids. Within two weeks Peanut was back on track.

Now we were passed three years and Peanut was still with me. However, as the years went on, Peanut?s episodes were more frequent.

Peanut lived five years from the day he was diagnosed. The last episode he had, he was no longer able to fight the infection off.

All you can really do is provide them with as much love as you can and take good care of them. Be thankful for each day you have.

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Individual with a passion for animals!

Chronic Leukemia Surgery? – Think India

Chronic Leukemia Surgery? – Think India

Article by Rohan Sinha

India today boasts of numerous Cancer Treatment Centers which are equipped with all ultra-modern facilities and equipment to carry out Leukemia surgeries successfully. Surgeons are more focused on inventing newer and better techniques to treat the disease and help the patients recover at the earliest. Even hospitals in this part of the world charge much less when compared to hospitals in several other parts of the world. And, this is perhaps the biggest reason why patients from abroad now fly to India for their treatments. It is due to the advancement in the surgeries that patients now recover fast and resume their normal daily-life activities soon.

Leukemia, as Wikipedia puts it, is a type of cancer of blood or bone marrow, characterized by an abnormal increase of immature white blood cells called “blasts”. Leukemia is a broad term covering a spectrum of diseases. People, attacked by the disease, may easily become bruised, bleed excessively, or develop pinprick bleeds. Leukemia weakens the immune system and thus, the patient may easily get infected with the smallest of diseases. Other symptoms may include night sweats, feeling fatigued, flu-like symptoms, sores in the mouth, diarrhea, pneumonia, etc. The cause of the disease is not known. As far as treatment of the disease is concerned, there are several options available, in the form of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, India today has many Cancer Treatment centres which provide world-class treatments to ensure that the patient is completely cured of the disease and resume his/her normal life activities soon. The cost of treatment is comparatively very affordable when compared to the counterparts in the western world. If you or any of your loved-one has recently been diagnosed with the disease, make sure that you pick the Best Cancer Hospital for the treatment.

Look for the hospital which is known for similar surgeries or treatment. Talk to the doctor to know the pros and cons of the treatment. Get yourself familiar with the Medical Oncology India (if you’re residing outside). Do remember to carry all your medical reports when visiting the doctor. These previous medical reports of yours may help your doctor chart-out a recovery plan for you. Once convinced, get yourself ready for the treatment.

Hope this article helps you! If you want to know more on Medical Oncology India or are looking for a Cancer Hospital, do see me at the below-mentioned contact details.

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At Max Cancer Centre, we’re committed to recuperating our patients as soon as possible. We’ve a team of experienced Oncologists that provides the most advanced cancer treatments using cutting-edge technology, based on International standards. Max does deserve your attention when you think about the Best Cancer Hospital or Medical Oncology India.

Decisions upon Leukemia treatment

Decisions upon Leukemia treatment

Article by Groshan Fabiola

Very often persons without any disease symptoms whatsoever are diagnosed with chronic myeloid Leukemia during a routine blood testing. Unlike the acute forms of Leukemia, the chronic form develops an increased number of white blood cells which can still work normally in spite of their high rate of division. This aspect is responsible of the mild onset of the disease but the negative impact is due to the impossible stopping of the white cell production.

The most effective treatment in these cases is a bone marrow transplant that still implicates risks that make it inaccessible to many of the Leukemia patients. A series of other different therapy methods are available that mostly implicate high challenges in deciding upon the right one.

The increased production of immunity white blood cells is caused by an abnormal chromosome called Philadelphia that allows the bone marrow to produce irregular cells with a very rapid multiplication rate inside the bloodstream. Most of the chronic myeloid patients are taken by surprise by diagnose as they have no clinical manifestations.

The actual development of the disease is mostly unknown but physicians usually use the number of white blood cells to predict the further course of the Leukemia; a further identification of abnormal cells inside the bone marrow has a negative prognosis. Another important clinical sign is the increase of some organ’s size (especially spleen) due to an accumulation of white cells inside their tissues.

The most efficient treatment is the injection of healthy cells from a compatible donor inside the bone marrow. It has the highest chances of curing the patients but also the most many side-effects. The second therapy method is the targeted therapy with Gleevec but its curative potential is not yet well established as it has been available only since 2001. A treatment way with benefic results until this time is the immune sustaining Interferon. Other possible cures are in course of development but are not yet approved.

Patients requesting a treatment for Leukemia always expect to be cured after the therapy. The most efficient treatment is the bone marrow transplant with also the most high risks and side-effects. Other possible cures are still in process of experimentation and their capacity to provide a definitive cure is unknown. A series of years are required to determine their exact benefit.

A patient choosing to undergo a bone marrow transplant must be matched with an available donor and take a cure with immuno depressives who may cause a series of infections due to the decreased capacity of defense of the organism. A patient must be well informed about the risk and the cure statistics before choosing to suffer a transplant. This therapy is the most appropriate for young patients but is not recommended for elder persons with other pathological conditions.

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For greater resources about Leukemia please visit these pages http://www.leukemia-guide.com/leukemia-symptoms.htm or http://www.leukemia-guide.com/leukemia-causes.htm