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Stock Market and Painful Investment in Nepal

Stock Market and Painful Investment in Nepal

Article by Kiran Bista

Stock market is one of the major financial markets of the State and has it’s direct relationship with the State’s economy. Changes in the economy have a large impact on interest rates and inflation which affects the stock or bond markets. Thus, Stock market is often observed as an indicator or the mirror of economic growth and development of the Country.

So, what reflection does Nepalese Stock Market has on State’s economy and development? It’s 468 NEPSE Index!

Does it really indicate the worst economic scenario and falling development of the State? The answer is “NO”

Considering Nepal Stock Market as an economic indicator would be nothing but a blunder because the Nepalese Stock Market graphs little on the function of demand and supply or in the crawling development of the State but draws more on the pooling and the matching of so called big investors and other investing groups who are engaged in conducting malpractices. Stock market being a sensitive fraction of economy and a State’s financial vertebral column yet can be easily influenced by market thugs for their personal benefits. But, the most disappointing scene comes to view when the Government fails to act against them or wedge loop holes, but rather observes the stock market with an unconstructive vision and labels it as a gambling house. And the Central Bank adds a little more by blindly imposing new clauses to demoralize investors and to slow down the market pace.

This unnatural and an uncommon market correction practice of NRB which has been observed in past years with a frequent change over marginal loan clauses and monitory policies specially in the bullish period clearly signifies the pessimistic outlook of the Government towards the Stock Market. Furthermore, the clinging market holds itself hard below the 500 index for several months suffocating many small investors, whereas no responsible bodies have shown its keen interest for markets recompense even by providing temporary flexibility in the clauses or by providing some other possible ways to grant a relief. Similarly, the weak management and irresponsibility of Nepal Stock Exchange and Central Bank can be observe when it blindly ignores the correlation of the primary and the secondary market as it repeatedly grants permission to offer IPO’s even when the secondary market struggles in its bearish age. If only IPO’s are proffered in a systematic and a scientific way understanding the situation of secondary market then sudden drop in stock’s graph can be minimized which is obligatory and a relief doer for both big and small investors.

Stock market is an undeniable part of State’s economy and its negligence can severely harm the State and the people. The best case would perhaps be the Wall Street Crash of 1929-1932 in United States. This rapid decline in the stock markets severely affected business and investors and customers confidence. It also caused banks to lose money and this crash was undoubtedly a key factor that contributed to the length and severity of the Great Depression in USA. But, still after such a long time of market crash Government and other responsible bodies are engaged in their internal conflict which is heartbreaking.

Although, the news of introducing Central depository system (CDS) and new brokers in recent future has uplifted investor’s expectation with its promising output the story still seems to have a long wait. Central depository system (CDS) is a better way for stock management which will eventually replace the current but traditional practice of holding and moving the share scrip physically and a complete computerized based data entry system which will finally cut off the possibilities of scrip misplaced and lost or forged. But, with the new custom there are new challenges too. Government should work on building awareness as this system is new and although it will be an ease for young investors but can be sophisticated to those aged investors who are not familiar with computer system. So, the question arises if the Government and the stock market can monitor or handle this CDS as it has been expected by the consumers?

Furthermore, the hassle that small investors are facing from the stock brokers are expected to be minimized with the admission of new brokers which has though brought a great relief for small investors but the State going through its own internal clash it looks like small investors have to face some more days of hopeless attitudes of cunning brokers.

We hope the future government will help in making our Stock Exchange a better and a safe investing place clearing the loop holes and taking strong actions against malpractices giving stock market an economic standard and not a Gambling House.

About the Author

Kiran Bista is an Article Writer and a search engine specialist. He is also invest in Stocks and Bonds and has keen interest in writing and sometimes poetry too.

Timing Is a Key to Stock Market Success

Timing Is a Key to Stock Market Success

Article by Gary E Kerkow

After the 1929 crash, it took the stock market about 27 years to get back to its high of 1929. The bear market that started in early 2000 crushed the NASDAQ 100. As of this writing in late 2010, the index isn’t even close to its high, achieved in early 2000. Amazingly, you are better off owning the wrong stock at the right time than the right stock at the wrong time. This is because about 75% of all stocks follow the general market direction or trend. What does this tell us? It tells us, timing is crucial to overall success. It makes a big difference when you buy and sell a stock at the right time. The very best stock market participants own the right stocks at the right time. That is how they achieve stock market success, and make fortunes.

A successful strategy is to buy the best stocks at the best time. The best time to buy stocks is when the general market is in an uptrend. Look for stronger volume as the general market moves up, and lighter volume when the market corrects. This will tell you the stock market is in a healthy uptrend. Watch out if during a 2 or 3 week period, the market has a number of down days on heavy volume. These are called distribution days, and a sign the market is ripe for a correction, or possibly the beginning of a bear market.

When the general market is in an uptrend, look for fundamentally strong stocks that are breaking out of technically sound base patterns. You want volume to be much heavier than normal, as the stock breaks through a key resistance area. Heavy volume tells you that big institutions such as mutual funds and pension funds are buying your stock. This is important, as these big buyers are the fuel that can carry a stock to very high price levels. Another important factor is to make sure your stock is a leader, in a better performing industry group. Stocks tend to move in packs or groups. This will also help your stock move up in price.

In my opinion, buy and hold is for the most part, a flawed strategy. Unless you are able to buy fundamentally strong stocks near the end of a major bear market, or at the beginning of a major bull market, it simply is not worth it to buy and hold. You are much better off buying the best stocks at the right time, and implementing solid money management. This is the key to stock market success, and the way to make a fortune.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Gary E Kerkow, founder of Tradingmarkets4u.com. This site provides information to help traders and investors become successful. I have over 20 years of trading experience including stocks, futures and options. I implement the strategies, methods, and psychology of the world’s best traders and investors. This includes Jesse Livermore, William J O’Neil and others. Visit my website at http://www.tradingmarkets4u.com

Stock Market place Indices and the Stock Exchange

Stock Market place Indices and the Stock Exchange

Article by Allan Powers

The analogy of the world’s stock markets can possibly be traced to the town marketplace put, wherever all villagers introduced their goods to trade and offer. About centuries this has led to the existing stock exchange. Stock marketplace buying and selling in the United States can be traced back again to around 200 many years ago, when the colonial federal government was pressured to finance the war by promoting bonds and federal government notes, promising to spend back at a profit at a later date. All around the same time private banks started to increase funds by issuing stocks, or shares of the business to elevate their own income. Additional in 1792, a meeting of twenty four big merchants resulted into a creation of a market place recognized as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The merchants agreed to meet every day on Wall Road to trade stocks and bonds. Quickly an typical particular person also realized the worth of investing in stocks in comparison to standard property like land, residence or Gold.In a stock exchange the stock or shares of organizations are listed and can be traded i.e. bought or offered. Depending on the economic performance of the firm and its monetary wellness as nicely as financial and investment situation in the country, in which the stock exchange is positioned, the shares listed have a selected market place worth. These share costs fluctuate depending on a amount of variables like industry well being, investment climate and firm overall performance.On a stock exchange we have a thing termed the normal value of all corporations listed. This is the index amount. It’s a statistically calculated reference range. It is calculated on a day-to-day foundation. This reference range is the stock index of that stock marketplace for that day. This quantity differs and has a liquidity of its own .In reality in situation it is plotted on a graph it will indicate a zig zag end result. But a central line by way of it will present whether the stock is steady or going up or heading down. There is good deal of speak of the market heading ‘up’ or heading ‘down’. When the industry goes up it implies that the ‘bulls’ are in action and if heading down the ‘bears” maintain sway.The index quantity of the stock exchange is a summary of the marketplace and the economic overall health of a nation. It encompasses the total worth of the stocks that are listed. Presently some of them have become a bench mark for evaluation of a nation’s economic well being. They are usually referred to when an investment is to be made or loans granted to a nation.Two of the most renowned market place indices in the entire world are American. They are Dow Jones Index and SP 500 index. Charles H. Dow normally requires the credit score as the man the Dow Jones Index in 1896. At that time Charles calculated the index by a basic process. He added all the stock prices and then divided the total by amount of stocks listed. Presently the technique is a little more complex and the calculation can take into account the market place weightage of the stock. Also the Index refers to the heavy excess weight i.e. stocks that have the increased worth and marketplace capitalization.Other marketplace indices are also nicely acknowledged.They incorporate the FTSE of Britain, CAC forty of the French republic, DAX for Germany and Nikkei 225 for Japan. Amongst the rising markets NSE Nifty is crucial from India.An index is an imaginary range that represents portfolio of securities that are listed on the exchange. This range is like a reference bench mark that is utilized by traders and CA’s and dollars managers to evaluate the state of wellbeing of the economic market place of a country. The creation of this benchmark has also encouraged a huge quantity of investing population to opt for the initial time in investing in stocks, in spite of getting very minor economic know-how. There are now indexes for technologies stocks, pharmaceuticals and many others also. In 1985, the NASDAQ launched its very own index to compete with the S&P. The Nasdaq one hundred contained more businesses from the engineering sector. The NASDAQ itself has been expanding in importance as the two the laptop or computer and the internet have taken know-how within peoples households.Presently the names of indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Normal(DJIA), S&P 500 and NASDAQ composite have grow to be part of our daily vocabulary. For instance, two of the greatest identified indexes for the stock industry in the United States are the Dow Jones Industrial Normal and the S&P 500 index. These are International standards.Indexes aid track the overall performance of the market place. So, if you hear that the S&P 500 was up 5%, you know that the stock market (as represented by the S&P 500) has gone up about five% in worth.The effect of indexes on investing is large. This is because these indices from Tokyo to New York have brought about greater transparency all about. Other prominent indexes incorporate the DJ Wilshire 5000 and the MSCI EAFE (foreign stocks in Europe, Australasia, Far East). Every single index has its individual methodology for calculation and is typically expressed in terms of a adjust from a base worth. Thus, the percentage alter is additional crucial than the actual numeric worth.Presently Regular & Poor’s 500 is 1 of the world’s ideal identified indexes. This index is a bench mark for a great deal of experts about the globe. The challenge for investors presently is not to get dependable market facts, but how to use the info obtainable.For far more information about “Michael Fuljenz”, you need to visit: Michael Fuljenz

About the Author


Tips For Stock Market Investors

Tips For Stock Market Investors

Article by Day Gains

New Stock Exchange investing in – or just thinking about it? It used to be that investing in equities has been the search for well-off, but some changes to the structure of the stock market and the growing need for retirement planning has changed completely. Today, the equity is all about – the need to ensure a comfortable retirement, if not the way to filthy rich.

Of course, if you really make money from stock investment, you can not just go blind and start buying shares. The frightening truth is that, at least as much as the losers in the stock market is a winner. And even if we’re talking about winning and losing, by investing in the stock market is not a game, and it is not gambling – or should be. If you walk into a place to think “big market”, but do not take the time to learn the rules and stock investment advice, and may be a sad awakening.

Stock investor needs to understand the market before investing.

Well, this is not an absolute right. If you can afford, you can always give your money to an investment firm and let them take full control and make your investments for you. But for those who want to choose their own reserves, a job is an absolute necessity.

You can find many good tutorials with tips and tricks of the trade stock online. Learn the definitions and obtain a basic understanding of market functioning before sinking any money into a stock. Bank of terminology can be intimidating – and not understanding the terms can cost you serious money if you make a mistake, so before you start spending money, or even consider what stocks you should invest, take the time to read about the basics of equity investments.

Stock Analysis – How to pick stocks?

Although there are hundreds of trade “systems” that is, the smartest investors on the market use one of three methods for selecting stocks in which they invest – the fundamental analysis, technical analysis or a mixture of both. The advantages of one over the other is a very controversial topic in most forums to share tips and news from equity markets to understand differences and relative advantages of each is important.

Fundamental analysts the freedom to choose the strength of the company’s stock, they are buying shares. A thorough analysis is valuable for the selection of securities for long-term investment in the equity market.

Technical analysts use charts to compare models and signals to know when traders buy and sell stocks and other securities to maximize their profits. Technical analysis is the most widely used by traders who buy and sell shares in the short term rather than buy shares as long term investments.

Market tools for early investors

Gone are the days when the only way to get your new bag in the morning paper. The Internet has made possible – and easy – for anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to make appointments second grant, to track your favorite stocks, research opportunities for possible investment and stock market get the report measures that catches your attention. There are free or pay services that offer stock quotes in real time – while most of the free services are a delay of twenty minutes or more. Many of these sites also allow you to lift the financial data, fact sheets and news about your chosen company’s shares, and even the choices of action and offer suggestions of values.

As the principle investor, one of the best things you can do is visit a wide range of reports on stock market sites that offer tools to play and read tutorial that will help you learn how the stock market and business functions. When you have a solid foundation in technical and how-to at the end of the stock market, you can make much better decisions when it comes time to put your money work.

About the Author

DayGains Services is a leading Investment Advisory firm in India and provides recommendations for investment in India Stock Market (BSE NSE) and market products (MCX, NCDEX). If someone wants to use the services of DayGains then visit http://www.daygains.com.

How Does the Stock Market Work?

How Does the Stock Market Work?

Article by Patrick

Before investing in the stock market, you must first understand how it functions. This type of market is one in which parts of companies are bought and sold. These parts are known as stocks and represent a financial interest. Any company that wishes to be traded on a stock exchange must be publicly held which simply means they must allow investors to purchase stocks through an open market. Raising capital is often the reason a company begins to offer stocks for sale. The capital is then used to expand or finance the day-to-day operations of the company. When these changes result in profits, each stock holder will receive a share. When money is lost, investors lose too.

The stock exchange itself is one central location where stocks are bought and sold. It’s not a building or store though. There is no physical structure that one can look to when referring to the stock market. Most do associate either the New York Stock Exchange or Wall Street with this industry. The stock market is much bigger than that though. The reason these two are associated with the stock market is that they do a great deal of volume.

When determining which is the global principal stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange will most likely come to mind. One must remember that not all stocks are traded on this index though. What makes this index so well-known is the fact that it is where one will find the stock of major companies which are both well-respected and impressive. Money is needed to invest here and many investors choose to do so through a broker as this allows the investor to bypass the floor trader to buy and sell.

The stock market actually consists of two markets known as the primary and secondary markets. When one wants to purchase securities from an initial public offering the investor will head to the primary market. This offering is the first sale of a company stock and has a base price. Once this occurs, the stocks will now be those of a publicly held company. The secondary market is the one that most are familiar with as stocks of publicly held companies are traded here. Most, when thinking of the stock market, tend to think of the secondary market.

About the Author

Patrick Cranley likes to write on health related topics and also music. Check out his popular blog on online guitar tuner microphone, where you will find excellent articles and jewellery tips at http://www.onlineguitartunermicrophone.com

To Play The Stock Market Wisely You Need A Stock Market Education

To Play The Stock Market Wisely You Need A Stock Market Education

Article by Willamson Vanderbilt

As soon as you’ve got your investment capital together, you are able to think about the subsequent barrier to investing, stock trading fees. Even though there’s no ideal quantity of capital to begin buying and selling with it is not any mystery that the larger the trading float you start with, the simpler it’s to trade and also the much less proportion of stock investing fees you’ll need to pay. This is simply because of the single greatest expenditure in investing – broker agent stock investing fees.

It is essential to mention that training plays a important role inside your stock trading procedure. Search for qualified teachers or dependable sources to be able to get important understanding simply because in stock investing your ignorance will price you a fortune.

Purchase and promoting stocks with out the help of a broker could be intimidating. We searched for on-line stock trading companies that offer educational resources also as monitoring tools. The very best on-line brokers provide tools like investment decision calculators, analyst reports, mobile phone alerts and helpful charts, chains or equity graphs.

Some might say that the stock market would be to large of a threat. Actually it’s a threat, but only in the event you do not have, and deviate from, a stock trading program. A trading program organizes your function, and doesn’t allot marketplace adjustments to remain out of hand. A stock trading program equally simplifies your function, and can decrease your tension level to permit you to maintain your objectives calmly in front of you.

A great trading program somewhat enlarges the little adjustments inside your marketplace, allotting you the capability to take correct action. Your stock trading program will be the distinction in between hundreds of dollars. With out a trading program, you’re setting your self up for losses.

In the event you don’t know something concerning the stock market, you might wish to educate your self somewhat prior to you start to make use of any kind of stock trading programs. The whole procedure involved in trading stocks is extremely fast and occasionally you’ll need to be watching issues as they progress from second to second.

One answer to create it simple for us to be much more efficient in our mission for stock market good results would be to simplify issues as a lot as feasible. Stock trading software program can make issues simpler for us by permitting us to screen countless numbers of possible stock candidates in only seconds. To create issues even easier you can begin off merely by searching the thirty stocks which consist of the Dow Jones Industrial.

So, if you’re a beginner to trading, having the capability to really speak having a stock broker could be fairly advantageous, if you are not stock market savvy, on-line stock trading might be a somewhat risky factor for you to complete, even though guidance from a stock market trader is costly. If this will be the situation, be sure that you discover as a lot as you are able to about trading stocks prior to you begin on-line stock trading. If you’re new to on-line stock investing, be sure that you discover as a lot as you are able to about researching businesses and trading stocks prior to you begin to trade on-line stock for actual.

To conclude, learning how you can invest in stocks isn’t as tough as it might appear, however it does take some effort. Take the time to inform your self, there are lots of stock trading textbooks to read which will get you going within the correct path. Read them, examine them, research the marketplace, practice buying and selling on paper. Take the time to discover how you can invest, you’ll not be sorry that you simply did. The stock market isn’t going anyplace, it is been here for a lengthy time, and will proceed to be here for a lengthy time to come.

About the Author

Start getting maximum returns from your investment. Let Stock Trading System show you how.

Stock Market Buying and selling Tutorial

Stock Market Buying and selling Tutorial

Article by Kerry Ware

There’s nothing more thrilling than playing the stock market. Enjoying is the important thing word here. When you may invest $ one thousand and within 24 hours make it develop into 00, then you definately develop a starvation for the game. Should you dream of doing this, however are afraid to take your first step into the world of stock trading, do not worry. Here’s slightly stock market trading tutorial that should whet your urge for food sufficient to open a brokerage account.Every stock market trading tutorial needs to start with the language of the trade. In fact, you understand what the stock symbol is; it is the letters that represent the company. You need to know what stock shares are. In the event you don’t, it is really half possession in a company.While you make a commerce, there are two types. The primary sort is the market commerce; you purchase or sell the stocks for the going charge, no matter it’s at the moment. The second is a restrict trade and one of the important sorts in the stock market buying and selling tutorial. Right here you set the price to you will purchase or promote the shares. Once you commerce penny stock, you ALWAYS use a limit order. When you keep in mind nothing else from this share market education, keep in mind that. If you want to purchase shares for .001 per share and have $ a thousand to do that, plus the price of the commerce, and order 1,000,000 shares however use the market price you find out in a short time that you don’t all the time get what you assume you will get. Market makers, the lads that control the shares of specific corporations, can determine that they actually need .01 a share and all of a sudden you owe ,000. Even when there isn’t a foul play, the market strikes swiftly and a tenth of a penny can make the difference between a revenue and a loss. So, lesson one of many stock buying and selling tutorial is use the limit order and decide ahead of time how much you need to pay and what value you need from the stock.Lesson two of the stock market tutorial goes with the restrict order. You don’t must be a slave to the market. Look for stocks with trends. Some prices go up and down in regular intervals. They volley between prices. In the event you find one which does, decide a number close to its bottom worth and put in a limit order. You’ll be able to then go about your enterprise and when it hits that worth, you mechanically bought it. If the value is lower, you bought it for the decrease price. The share trading training doesn’t finish there. As soon as you discover you purchased the stock, put in a sell limit order for the upper end of the cycle, and go watch tv or eat lunch. The transaction takes place when it hits that price. Do you all the time make as a lot as you may? Completely not, but you didn’t have expend all the trouble either. This stock market buying and selling tutorial offers some share buying and selling education that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort.Lesson three of the stock market buying and selling tutorial includes figuring out how much you wish to make on the trade. “What a foolish lesson for a stock market trading tutorial.” You say. “I need to make as a lot as possible.” Sorry, flawed answer. You could find a comfortable profit and never get greedy. Remember, much of the cash you make is in just some days in the event you’re a short-time period investor. Should you made the first day after which added it to you investment and made on that the second day and stored including and growing your return, the numbers grow geometrically and identical to the penny doubled day-after-day for one yr, you quickly make a huge sum. If you attempt to guess at exactly when to commerce, you typically end up dropping all profit. Investing shares for novices quote, “A profit, like money, makes no enemies.” Maintain that in thoughts from this stock market trading tutorial.A fast assessment of the three lessons from the stock market buying and selling tutorial:1. Use a limit order significantly with penny stocks.2. Search for trends and set buy and promote limits with them and don’t be a slave to the market.3. Know the way much profit is snug and promote while you attain it.If you wish to be rich then the simplest way to obtain this aim is to grow to be an investor.Additional Resource(s):

About the Author

Author is a leading writer about Investing News/a> and other various sites related to money and business issues.

Hack The Stock Market Review

Hack The Stock Market Review

Article by Terry Marsdens

This is about John Bell, a 32 year old asperger sufferer who spent a lot of his time as a loner this has lead a massive knowledge base in maths and stock trading, including stocks and shares, as well as key basics and how to profit from the stock market. From this point John learnt how to turn this to his benefit and earn from it. It lead to a in demand product currently with the successful title online report for Hack The Stock Market review, what is this report and what does it involve?


Is How To Hack The Stock Market review a scam? Currently, the product has a refund rate of just 0.35% at CB so this is very low & therefore probably people are finding the system rather useful. You can also get the product for a 31 day trial offer at .95 so you can find out before you fully buy whether it is for you. It also comes with a 60 day guarantee.

The .pdf ebook is currently and is just online via the website, and not in shops. With this in mind, the payment methods that can be accepted are by all major credit cards or Paypal, most people will have one of these cards or know someone who has one.


The item comes as an ebook pdf which you download from the link/email. Once you receive the item, you can go through the 62 pages of information and screenshots which have graphics illustrating profits being made from NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange, by John Bell when he uses this system.

With profits being claimed by John Bell of around k each month and considers to have made around million during a 4 year period there are examples provided on how a single trade provided k for instance.


Hack the Stock Market comes from an original trading system, which John adapted actually comes from a higher prolific stock market trader, a multi-millionaire who is called Greenblatt “Finding Value In Spinoffs” is the highly prized possession that is rather rare.

He identified this loophole and the book continues to be the most stolen library book in the USA,, commanding high prices on the 2nd hand market. People have been beating the market for over a decade using this information & so the system does certainly seem to work if used correctly.

hack the stockmarket pdf

Using the rare Greenblatt book John Bell simply made the report more manageable chunks by finetuning the system into an easy to follow & streamlined all the information into a 62 page document with images and screenshots to show you through the trading system.


The chapters cover the strategy and how the system works, showing you how to identify the most appropriate and matching shares which match the given criteria, helping you to avoid the under achievers. Chapters may include primers on the market, this is useful both for the more seasoned and experienced trader, as well as a new starter. Followed by the loophole itself, to include how it works, what the loophole consists of and why it probably will continue.

  how to hack the stock market


One of the key elements for this of course is knowing when to enter the market, at what is a fair price for these stocks and when to sell the shares at a good price & not miss the boat, to sell at the best time. It is illustrated so you can calculate these numbers. This is also so you can find key sound stocks which are underpriced for some reason & therefore the market has them undervalued. Finding and buying such stocks at the right time and selling at the right time is something many stock traders would love to have the insight to do. The How to Hack The Stock Market provides a more unconventional method but will provide inspirations.


The second loophole which shows risk free options with smaller profits and margins although this may be good to the more conservative investor initially.


RNS and company accounting does not form part of this system that ordinarilly apply to stock market evaluations.


You can also sign up for the hot stock hack service so if you do not have any time or inclination to do the necessary resesarch yourself and simply want the information & for those of you who prefer to receive the key tips so you know the best stocks recommended that you can buy then you need this service. This may sound interesting, provided that you bear in mind other investors on the list who have also signed up will be receiving this data, so prompt action will be necessary in this instance in my opinion.


Buying and selling and at key times with identifying the stages when to sell & not hanging on so you miss the boat being disciplined & acting immediately when the right time comes If you are capable of doing so, then there is no reason why you would not be successful in the same vein as John Bell. You can also have the option of automating a lot of the tasks and so speeding the stock trading.


A Lot of the successful stock market traders will have systems and legal stock market loopholes for key ways to identify & make money trading in a particular formula.

About the Author

Terry writes about hack the stockmarket pdf and how to hack the stock market

Feel The Nerve Of The Indian Stock Market Before Making A Move

Feel The Nerve Of The Indian Stock Market Before Making A Move

Article by Nirmal Kumar

It has been a long journey for the Indian stock market before finally settling down in the lap of stability and maturity. Investment opportunities in the equities and derivatives market have never been so lucrative. Thriving on the electronic technologies, the Indian share market now boasts of numerous online stock trading grounds. This is where share stock exchange takes place now; this is the integration platform for share trading brokers and investment banks. But does online trading ring a bell of alarm for you? Are you worried about online thefts? Give those alarms and worries a back seat and make the best use of these online trading platforms as they are integrated with technically enhanced security systems. The Indian stock market is now running on a high and so are the investors. Not a single moment is wasted in the share stock world and to make the best of every minute, the online sites serve you with up-to-the-minute updates.

It tells you how the shares and stocks are faring in the market, the latest stock market tips and all that you would want to know about the Indian share market. The progress that Indian share market has witnessed in the recent decades is a guarantee that more investors are likely to step in the arena and reap benefits from the ripe stocks India market. However, the share stock play is not for the novices. It takes a lot of experience, knowledge and insight to take the right decision and this cannot be done without taking in account the vital BSE stock statistics and NSE share stock play in the last few months. Before allocating significant portion of your assets in the Indian stock market, ensure that you are well aware of the play of stocks in India in the recent times. You may follow tailor made share market tips provided by market experts. Caution is the buzzword!

If you plan to invest in BSE stocks, gather as much relevant information as you can about the companies listed in the related bourse. BSE stocks in India can fetch you profits only when the buying and selling decisions you take are backed with circumspectly figured plans and strategies. The returns will be directly proportionate to the amount you invested in the BSE. To fare well in the share stock world, catch live stocks India portals and check out the live charts showcasing BSE stock views to reap profits. Here are a few share market tips for you. Always be active in the market even if you are not investing. When it comes to investment in share stock market, rely on diversification and do not invest wholly into one share or stock. Diversify your investments as it minimizes the risk of losing. You can also depend more on day trading in the NSE or BSE stock market. Short term, day trading can help you direct your moves on a daily basis.

About the Author

Nirmal Kumar is author of Stock market analyst and is writing reviews articles on stocks and shares, bse stock and share India.

They Say – You Cannot Time The Stock Market – Part 2

They Say – You Cannot Time The Stock Market – Part 2

Article by Richard Day

Not many folks are adept at making money at investing in the stock market. Some people have a stock market trading system built into their psyche, but they are extraordinary. However, most of us mortals, don’t have this instinct. Most of us flounder and make some money here and there and then lose a large amount of money on one or two trades.

Investing is counter-intuitiveYou cannot win at trading the stock market, based on your emotions. That is how most human beings trade. The professional traders know that you are trading emotionally, and they take advantage of that fact. Trust me, they aren’t trading emotionally.

So what is the average feller, with retirement coming up soon, supposed to do?

See previous article that discusses principles #1 & #2: Safety & Diversity, and,Ease of trading.

We discuss Principles #3, #4 and #5 in this article.actually

Principle #3: Time the marketI know. You have read many expert articles that imply that you cannot time the stock market. If you have a stock market trading system, you can time the market.

You need something basic like: The market is bullish. Or, the market is bearish. Or, who knows? Get out of the market until it trends, again. You have to be on the right side of the market. Never short a bulish market. Never go long a market that is crumbling. These principles appear to be so simple, who would ever violate these rules? Many people do. I know I have.

The trick is getting in on a trend. You don’t care whether it is an up-trend or a down-trend You have to catch the trend.

Will you get into the trend at the very kickoff of the trend? Probably not. But you will get in timely enough to get a good portion of it. Will you get out before the trend changing direction? Probably not. But, you won’t be holding, and hoping, as most or all of your gains dissolve into some professional trader’s checking account.

When the stock market is consolidating. Sell your positions and watch – this is very bothersome for some investors, by the way. Many people are so eager to make money, that they think that they have to be in the market nearly all or all of the time. They over-trade, and get a little haircut here and a little buzz cut there, as the market moves back and forth. In a short time, if they do this for a period of time, they end up bald.

Does a good stock market timing system get it right all the time? I have never seen one. But there are several satisfactory stock market trading systems available that make more money than the average person can make.

If you are capable to get the timing services trade dates, you will look at them and think, “Well, I could have done better than that.” In fact, you most likely couldn’t – or you wouldn’t be reading this article. You might consider the trades and think, why didn’t they get in there? See the market was trending up. They could have made a great deal more money if they had entered the trade earlier.

If you think like that, you are suffering from 20-20 disease. Or, perhaps, you should be loaning out your time machine, or crystal ball instead of investing in the stock market.

Principle #4: Some strategies just don’t work.Timing services are not dead-on. Let’s admit that fact. In fact, gurus have stipulated that “buy and hold” is the method to invest. Well, let’s look at the last 10-years. You would have lost about 28% if you bought and held. If you had purchased almost any mutual fund, you most likely would have lost almost as much. Check out several of our other articles that examine these facts.

Perhaps you should merely “dollar-cost-average”. That means you buy a fixed dollar amount of stock every month, or every year whether the market is going up or down. That hasn’t worked in the last 10-years either.

How about somehow finding a stock that is going up and keep buying more shares of it as it advances. Trust me, that doesn’t work either. Does GM bring memories back? Does Novell or Cisco do anything for you?

Ok then. What about following the maket experts? They are TV every day. There are countless investing blogs. There are services, I won’t mention any names, that announce crumby, low volume, stocks to buy. If they have myriad of followers buying, the stock, that stock will go up. Then, of course, they sell before you do. You are left holding the bag.

I’ve got it. Buy a stock that is depressed and is at the bottom and ride it back up. If you have been investing for a while, you will have learned this lesson, too

The problem is this. Where’s the bottom. Stocks routinely go down further than the charts would indicate. They can exceed support and go down in impressive, gut wrenching strides. If you buy at what you think is the bottom, you might find that you are now a “long-term investor”. You convince yourself that If you hold it long enough, the stock will have to come back up – sometimes it doesn’t come back up.

Principle #5: Money Management StrategiesIsn’t that what the old Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Snit, advertised as their accounts – money management accounts. I had one of those. That’s not what we’re talking about now. If we are going to have a stock market trading and timing system, we need to exercise money management.

We have to by some means know when to “take the money and run”! We cannot go into all the specifics in this article, but to give you the simple principle, you have to take profits as the stock, or broad-based index is moving in your direction. When you have the right amount of profits, which is defined by the money management system, then, you should harvest them. Sell your holdings and put the money into your account, before the market reverses its direction and takes your profits away.

If you do follow a defined, tested, money management systematic process, you will discover that you don’t have to suffer as much draw-down. Draw-down is defined as the amount you are willing to lose from where you got on board, before the investment goes back into the positive direction – or, in many cases, you discontinue the trade. However, if you take the gains when the trend is very likely to end, you improve your account balance.

In summary: You need to gain security by diversification. You have to have an easy to follow stock market trading system that doesn’t take much of your time. You have to have a way of knowing whether the market is bullish, bearish, or should you sell and be out of the market for a while. You need to know when and how to take profits as they present themselves. And, finally, you need to know doesn’t work.

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Richard Day has been trading the stock market for around 35 years. He and his partner have defined the principles of what is required make good returns investing in the stock market. Their secrets are visible in their trading systems found on SPXTimer.com