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Portable USB Security

Portable USB Security

Article by Jonathan Ladd

USB Secure generally protects the data stored on your portable drives from access by unauthorized users. Portable drives and device security products picked up pace somewhere around the turn of the new millennium (the year 2000). Their success has been credited mainly to demands by both consumers and businesses and USB and other external portable device manufacturers are producing faster devices with greater data storage even today.

Various types of portable devices are being used in businesses and for personal use. They include laptops, notebooks, universal serial bus (USB) flash drives, personal digital assistants (PDAs), advanced mobile phones, Tablets, Netbooks and other mobile devices.

With the exponential increase in the use of these portable devices by companies in particular, data at organizations are at constant risk when employees and other company representatives store sensitive data on USB flash drives that are unsecured. The portable storage devices are mostly used by people to transport data outside the office. That data is at continuous risk of getting lost or even worse, being stolen, and as recent data breach data shows, the possibilities of that happening are not too far-fetched of an idea. Data loss or theft while transporting important company files is at a all time high, with minor fluctuations especially at nodes of a handful of corporate information security mechanisms. Data loss or data theft may include the loss of customer data, business plans, product specifications, technical blueprints, financial data, and other confidential information. And almost always, with these types of incidents, the related risk of reputation damage is never too far away.


It is quite impossible to state that the security of the physical drives can be definite and lasting exclusive of exposing the many benefits of portability. As security measures go, one of the most capable solutions that significantly mitigate the chances of data-loss or data-theft in portable storage devices is restricting access to data on a compromised drive through USB drive password protection. One common approach is to protect the data for storage with a password. USB Secure is one of the highly rated portable data protection and security application for your portable devices. A protection application for all types of portable media including USB flash drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, external drives, and memory cards. Data protection is PC independent and does not require installation and any administrator rights at the other end.

With USB Secure, you will never have to worry again about lost or stolen data on your USB drives. Offering multiple layers of protection, portable security ensures maximum protection of your password-protected data on any portable medium.

USB Secure is a USB password protection software that is fast, reliable, and PC independent, making it the most flexible and robust portable drive protection software in the market. You can lock flash drives as well as password protect USB drives , memory sticks and all other external storage devices. Protecting your sensitive data with USB Secure is a one-click process, requiring no lengthy installations. Access to your protected data on a portable drive is convenient too. You can choose to open and browse your data or simply explore as Read-Only.

Your lost or stolen USB drives can cost you money, embarrassment, and even your job. Imagine your data being breached, your personal information being sold, and important projects being lost due to unprotected USB flash drives.

USB Secure secures your sensitive data against theft, accidental loss, and data leak. It is the perfect choice to prevent any unauthorized use of your USB drives. USB flash drives and other portable devices are small but important enough to be secured.

High-level data protection is vital to businesses, and NewSoftwares takes privacy to the maximum level. Government-approved 256-bit AES Encryption is standard matter with USB Secure. ALL encryptions use AES 256-bit (FIPS 197) algorithms and USB Secure allows access to protected data ONLY with the encrypted Serial Keys created by you. Neither NewSoftwares nor anyone else will be able to access your data.

About the Author

I am jonathan ladd, Marketing manager of Newsoftwares Inc. USB Security used to password protect USB drives or you can use it for USB drive password protection

Phones – Mobile phone Marketing and advertising Converges on Mobile or portable Phones

Phones – Mobile phone Marketing and advertising Converges on Mobile or portable Phones

Article by Alez Disto

Mobile phone mobile or portable phones at the moment are full of so a lot of features which the mobile or portable person is absolutely bedazzled and generally perplexed. Anything from a mobile phone phone to a electronic digital camera, video clip recorder, video games and mp3 music participant, GPS process, calculator and personalized organizer. And now together with the arrival of sensible phones much like the Apple apple iphone and iPad, Blackberry and Palm products along with the exploding assortment of mobile or portable phones employing Google’s Android running process, we witness entire convergence together with the entire world vast website as these devices’ browsers are virtually one particular hundred per cent effective at displaying interactive websites.

The windows mobile phone platform is ready to operate neat miniature variations of workplace applications for instance organization presentations, phrase processing and spreadsheet displays. Apple took this performance mild a long time forward by making it possible for independent application developers to construct ‘apps’ or application functions and these have blossomed in to the tens of hundreds. The apple iphone running process also powers the newer iPad and among the sights witnessed by likely customers of those electronic contact display screen products is the large assortment and extensibility of those functions.

Google’s well-known Android mobile phone running process is like an evolution of your apple iphone OS and can be vast open to 3rd social gathering functions and foreseeable future developments. Palm, or Website OS and Blackberry each operate hugely sophisticated sensible mobile phone running programs able to exhibiting dynamic web content.

The author not long ago underwent online video teaching in the best way to promote on sensible phones much like the apple iphone along with the Android. Huge networks are actually offered wherever website entrepreneurs can area small, 35 character text advertising or banner advertising within sure mobile phone functions. Two of those networks are Admob.com and Adfonic.com and Google has by now acquired the initial one particular! The numbers of entire advert impressions by now proven by Admob.com are actually astounding, numbering about 250 billion. Google has witnessed which the foreseeable future belongs to your buyer on her mobile phone cellphone and enormous sources are getting redirected on this route. For illustration, 750 million bucks had been forked out to obtain Admob.com and new affiliate networks are springing as much as present marketing and advertising presents to those keen customers of mobile phone products. Two this sort of networks are Offermobi.com and Peerfly.com, wherever publishers and advertisers can duplicate coded inbound links to make use of in their mobile phone marketing and advertising campaigns.


Sensible phones much like the Apple apple iphone, BlackBerry, Palm and Android are revolutionizing the approaches during which we talk and conduct our organization. Entire convergence of virtually all capabilities has now occurred on these hand-held products. Marketing and advertising channels at the moment are opening for merchant firms and advertisers to generate their product or service presents on mobile or portable phones by way of application functions certain to each and every mobile phone system.

Geoff Dodd is a whole new Zealander which has a background in psychology, now residing in Perth, Western Australia. He has had in depth Net knowledge considering that 1996 and is often a webmaster now running 47 website internet sites. To uncover out far more about developing your own personal Net accomplishment, it is possible to check out Geoff at his organization internet site wherever he’ll provide you with assist and also a bunch of valuable webmaster equipment, as being a thank you in your check out: Super Affiliate Teaching for Net entrepreneurs who do the job globally, which include doing work on mobile phone platforms.

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This article was published by ChinaBuye: Wholesale and Dropship Electronic Gadgets. Buy Electronics and Cool gadgets! Visit us for more phones.? copyright ChinBuye Limited.

Portable Consumer Electronics

Portable Consumer Electronics

Article by James Brown

Most online shoppers would enjoy the opportunity to own portable consumer electronics but some expect the prices to be too high to fit into the family budget at any time. People want to own portable consumer electronics because consumers live with active lifestyles in mind that require electronic equipment that can entertain for hours with no recharging required. People need electronic devices to keep pace with work requirements and most will require devices that have internet capabilities.

All of these needs can be met with the portable consumer electronics devices sold in land-based and online retail establishments throughout the internet. Should consumers wish to touch and feel consumer electronics before purchasing online, it is simple for consumers to go see the products in many stores in town. For those online customers who are intent on saving money while buying portable consumer electronics, the option of using discount codes and promotional codes will make viewing the products in person a second choice to buying the product online.

Consumers can find great sales on consumer electronics that are compact and portable. Some online retailers provide accessories at no extra charge in an effort to entice shoppers to buy from the store inventories. The online retail environment provides online shoppers with more purchase options and a great selection of portable consumer electronic products to preview before buying. Portable consumer electronics have many features and capabilities and some consumers could change their mind after receiving products at home.

The generous return policies offered by online retailers give consumers the opportunity to try and buy consumer electronics at any time of the year without committing to long contracts that limit their purchasing power. Online retailers have a wide selection of consumer electronics products to sell and want online customers to be happy with each purchase decision, and changes can be made with little difficulty with the return policies explained fully before each sell is made. Online customers enjoy this upfront honesty and feel secure while shopping online.

Online consumers expect the best selection of consumer electronics when they visit online retailers and are never disappointed. Online retailers sell top quality consumer electronics such as MP3 players, stereo systems equipped with surround sound speakers, and speakers that will make portable consumer electronics a fun choice to use with family and friends throughout the year. People can use portable consumer electronics to view the latest sports events and highlights after games.

The portable characteristics of many consumer products are one of the features that buyers look for when shopping for entertainment options for home or office use. College students can use laptops during class and while studying in any location with friends. Business people can keep pace with heavy workloads while waiting to board planes in airports. The internet connectivity options on handheld devices make work updates easy and office meetings online possible, which saves businesses lots of money throughout the year on travel costs and communication costs.

Having portable consumer electronics on hand could prove beneficial to retaining clients for longer periods. Many clients will certainly be impressed to conduct business with companies who are on the cutting edge of doing business using portable devices because all of these devices make handling transactions seem effortless at times.

About the Author

James Brown writes about BurdaDirect.de on-line coupons, congstar.de on-line coupons and Conrad.de on-line coupons