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Money and Finance – How to Secure Funding for Your Home-Based Business

Money and Finance – How to Secure Funding for Your Home-Based Business

Article by Anthony Samuel

Most home-based entrepreneurs self-finance the founding of their businesses. Home-based business owners are independent, and most dislike the notion of being beholden to a lender. However, there comes a time in the life of most successful businesses when self-financing isn’t enough. Perhaps you have an order that you can’t fulfill because you lack sufficient capital to purchase the supplies. Or maybe your sales volume is growing so fast that you’re unable to re-supply while waiting for your accounts receivable to come due. Either way, if you need outside financing, there are plenty of options.

The Small Business AdministrationThe Small Business Administration (SBA) is an agency of the federal government, and the leading facilitator of small business loans. Contrary to popular belief, the SBA doesn’t usually loan money – it simply guarantees the repayment of the loans. This gives traditional lenders (banks and credit unions) a greater incentive to make small business loans, since if you don’t pay them back, the SBA will. But that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook – far from it. If you fail to repay an SBA-backed loan, the federal government will be your new creditor, and that’s not a creditor you want to have.

Types of SBA LoansThe 7A Loan is the SBA’s most common loan program. Funds from 7A loans can be used for almost any business purpose, including the establishment of a revolving line of credit or the purchase of inventory. Loans are typically for amount in excess of ,000 with a maximum guaranty of .5 million. The federal government does not permit lenders to impose any balloon payments, points, or application fees on 7A applicants.

The 504 Loan is a safer, more secure loan for lenders to make. Funds from 504 loans can only be used to purchase securable assets such as property, plant, and equipment. 504 loans cannot be used to consolidate debt, establish a line of credit, or even to purchase inventory. Furthermore, at least one job must be created or maintained for every ,000 worth of 504 loan funding. Most home-based business owners have no interest in building factories or buying bulldozers, so the 504 loan is probably not applicable.

A great loan program for home-based business owners is the MicroLoan Program. This program provides loans of up to ,000, mostly to start-up or recently formed businesses. Minimum loan amounts are much smaller, and the average loan is for just ,000. MicroLoans must be repaid within a maximum of six years, and owners of home-based corporations will be required to sign a “personal guarantee,” holding them personally liable should their corporation default on the loan.

Alternative Sources of FinancingThanks to the internet, there are new alternatives to financing through traditional banks. Some reputable web sites connect individual lenders and borrowers without the middle man. Using these sites, you can post a loan listing along with pictures and information about your business. You set the maximum interest rate you will pay, and prospective lenders can decide whether or not they’re interested in funding you. Lenders are able to see a summarized version of your credit report, and you may also be required to submit some form of income verification. If more than enough lenders are interested in funding you, then they bid down your interest rate and save you money! Once your loan is funded, the amount is deposited in your checking account, from which your monthly loan payments is withdrawn. All loans are for three years, and are fully amortized – no balloon payments, no surprises, no catch.

If you have a grandparent or great-uncle who would like to give you a loan, the internet provides great alternatives for you, as well. Web sites specializing in family loans help eliminate stress by drawing up legally binding documents, and then administering the loans. This means that your monthly payments are withdrawn from your checking account and deposited into your lender’s. There won’t be awkward moments at family get-togethers – these sites do the dirty work; sending the payment reminders and collecting the payments.

Lack of access to capital is the #1 killer of small companies, but as you can see, there are multiple sources of financing for growing home-based businesses. Don’t let a lack of funds stunt your company’s growth. The money is out there if you just know where to look.

About the Author

Anthony Samuel is a successful entrepreneur with 10 years experience in the home based business industry. He reviews home business opportunities and shares his industry views at http://www.find-a-home-based-business-opportunity.com

Strategies Anyone May Secure Good value Mortgage Rates

Strategies Anyone May Secure Good value Mortgage Rates

Article by Aileen Lowell

Some mortgage websites anytime displayed mortgage comparrison tables have since removed these tables. Once viewed as good way for internet uses to select a fresh mortgage, in addition to to use for your mortgage online, scalping systems aren’t so simple to operate in the present climate.

The problem is that numerous banks are making their mortgages harder to discover. Conditions and terms are put within the best rates and also the best APRs once cited around the popular items aren’t always accessible for many individuals.

It may be that you will be known as acquiring a lot of risk factors to the selected lender’s best items. Would likely not consider this information in the chart to get discover once you apply. It usually is that you desire an amazing deposit obtain bank’s preferential rates. With out the cabability to create a tenPercent deposit, maybe more, they may not let you occupy a mortgage utilizing the rates tha tyou have found.

With lots of mortgage types being taken from the marketplace, there’s a smaller amount selection of mortgages available. An attractive mortgage that you’re investigating today is typically not readily available for programs tomorrow.

Our advice will be to occupy the sale of some free finacial advice and request for a mortgage consultant to get a favourable mortgage. They can also tell you regarding which sorts of mortgages are perfect for your finacial conditions, although employing their product understanding to simply suggest individuals mortgages tha tyou is likely to have the capacity to submit an application for.

You’re needed to research every one of the issues that will choose you for top level home mortgage. Mortgage or every so often recorded as home loan is obviously a great venue to lend a hands for getting your home. With the goal of controlling with your costs in addition to retain your economic condition sturdy you’ll want to examine the different alternatives available available besides getting understanding through the costs that you’re built to bear while using the goal that you might get the best home mortgage rate.

Don’t abstain yourself from trying to make sure the different costs along with costs needed aside from selecting about the correct one because it will certainly make distinction between assisting you to to conserve many your hard gained money and losing it for ones unawareness. By evaluating smartly the different kinds of home mortgage rate, you’ll be able to next choose probably the most outstanding one to the essentials.

To search for the cheapest home mortgage, choosing necessary to visit deep in to the the inner workings of expenses using this type of detail considering the fact that different group of creditors, the rival banks, credit unions, companies in addition to saving institutions. Sometimes talking with a mortgage broker could be the great substitute because the broker is the best person to supply each of the essential information and might create the disparity regarding the best mortgage rate then one that’s pricey. By setting up a listing from your current homeloan rate, you’d be in the better condition to purchasing home mortgage rate, furthermore can facilitate that you remove individuals greater interest rates. Additionally find out about the fixed combined with the variable interest rates to get a tentative thought of the opportunity actions through the market.

It is important to have understanding from your annual percentage charges that you might be necessary to spend on the borrowed funds companies along with the compulsory points to have the lower interest rates. Further obligatory pieces could be the underwriting costs, brokers’ costs, deal agreement combined with the high closing costs. Pre-loaded with almost all these particulars, you possibly can later discuss for top level mortgage cost with all the financial institution. The fact is the belief that different loan companies will show different interest rates for your related style of mortgages for your reason for the maximum mortgage rate you’re necessary to find reduction along with waiver. Therefore cost comparisons is rather vital in this revere.

Constantly make the most of a mortgage calculator because that the it is really an exceptional tool to assist you together with the complicated information besides assisting you to save inside whole mess. Immediately when you have discovered the most effective home mortgage rate, choose the contract and sign up the agreement. Looking around and evaluating each of the offers besides tough negotiating is a crucial part for top level home loan rate. You’ll discover numerous assets on the net providing you with information on best home loan rates and assist you compute your cost. Start searching at the moment!

About the Author

If you are researching for additional information on guidelines on how to apply for a mortgage in the current current economic climate or alternatively giving thought to car mortgage calculator. Then you definately should consider visiting www.canmaxmortgage.com for important information connected with interest rates refinance.

Learn the steps for term paper writing and secure your A

Learn the steps for term paper writing and secure your A

Article by David Simons

Term paper writing is a very tricky yet interesting task. No one knows about the final outcome of the paper you are writing and more than that, you do not know about the grade you are going to get on your term paper. This factor can keep it exciting and full of suspense. This can also be a scaring factor for a variety of students as the uncertainty about the results can act as a huge discouraging factor. This can cause a student to become afraid of writing term papers as everyone cannot handle uncertainty about future.

But if you like to be prepared, knowledgeable and keep the front view crystal clear, then this article is purely aimed at you. We will discuss about the 7 sure steps which can ensure your perfect A in your term paper. To know further, continue reading.

1. Be informative:

Be prepared about the stuff you have to write. Choose the topic in which you are sincerely and truly interested. If you already have some knowledge about it, or are interested in finding out then these both factors can prove quite helpful in understanding the topic and stay enthusiastic about it.

2. Choosing the formatting:

Agree upon what your professor chooses for you. The choice of your professor should be respected and it is advisable to assert it. Write the paper in the same citation style as your teacher told you. Your creativity won’t help you here.

3. Prepare yourself to write:

Pick a very comfortable position to write. Sit in a very peaceful environment with no distractions, wear comfy clothes and have your favorite drink with you. Something with caffeine works best and you should avoid drinking something alcoholic.

4. Researching the topic:

If you haven’t prepared notes yet, then start doing so. Browse up Google and start using it to search up the best results for your research topic. Keep your concentration only on the topics of your research. Conduct a focused research instead of a generic one.

5. Start outlining:

Outlining or brainstorming really helps. List down or make a cloud of all the thoughts, ideas and opinions you would like to appear in your term paper. Include everything and do not skip even the tiniest of points coming in your glorious mind. Order of the ideas doesn’t matter yet.

6. Drafting:

Don’t start writing the paper yet. Write a rough draft first. In that draft, start writing about all the ideas for your brainstorm. Order of the ideas still doesn’t matter. Just write. Write whatever comes in your mind and whatever you learned from the research you conducted. Write in different paragraphs, and then mark the different paragraphs with numbers, according to their order.

7. Writing and editing:

Now it’s the time to write your final paper, write what you wrote in your draft while removing, cropping and adding while writing. Make sure that the language is formal and be careful about the references and bibliography. Keep all the distractions like social networking sites etc. away while writing.

If you decide to pursue these directions properly and concisely, no one can stop you from achieving an A+. These are the best tips anyone can give you about term paper writing.

About the Author

David Simons is a reputed and professional Ghost Term Papers writer and now a successful name through the fledging business of his own. He has ample experience working along with industry leaders as a marketing manager.For more gaining information about Term Papers ,visit out website http://www.ghostpapers.com/

Safe and Secure Compliance Practices For Small Business

Safe and Secure Compliance Practices For Small Business

Article by Ajax

It is a strangely paradoxical situation that despite revised and stricter compliance regulations the number of security breaches seems to rise. The HIPAA mandate was enforced to tone down risks threatening patients? personal records. But there has hardly been any positive report of effective progress towards a threat free environment.

As per a recent study conducted by Redspin ? the leading service provider of HIPAA risk analysis and IT security, between August 2009 and December 2010 6 million people have been affected due to security breaches. The number accounts for only those security breaches reported to the Department of Health and Human Services, which means that the actual number may have exceeded 6 million.

It is an alarming fact that despite efforts to tighten security measures, medical organizations especially the small practices are constantly a soft target for various kinds of illegitimate activities. And this is not just because of hackers who use sophisticated technology to disarm the security system, but also due to loss and theft of mobile devices which have become predominantly a regular practice.

The freedom to use USBs, cell phones, laptops etc to keep pace with the competitive world has made the employees and organizations overlook the discreet use of such confidential data and its dire consequences. Business Associates have been identified as another vulnerable link resulting in security breaches.

The small medical practices are consistently faltering in being compliant with the HIPAA/HITECH regulations as they are incapable of stretching their budgets to employ new infrastructure and deploy solutions to curb all malpractices.

SecureGRC SB is a one-stop solution for all security and risk assessment needs without any additional costs for a new infrastructure. This service is provided on the cloud which therefore fulfills all HIPAA / HITECH compliance requirements pertaining to small business. Small businesses are provided with complete control to gauge the requirements for HIPAA and HITECH through a simple self assessment menu.

The SecureGRC SB contains a central repository for all documentation purposes pertaining to HIPAA. It sends reminders to ensure compliance regulations are maintained. It follows an automatic updating schedule as per the latest and revised regulations. It provides reports regarding the compliance status for auditing. The solution ensures maintenance of a track record of the business associates and provides plug-ins in case of any PCI-DSS compliance requirement.

Small businesses can neither afford expensive solutions nor penalties for non-compliance. They need to adopt an astute approach towards IT healthcare compliance to achieve high scores. SecureGRC SB is the perfect solution ? an affordable, precise and simplified option with guaranteed results.

About the Author

To know more information read article on IT security compliance, 6 million, HIPAA / HITECH, IT healthcare compliance

How to Secure Your Laptop

How to Secure Your Laptop

Article by eightminute

Laptops are quite expensive, hence the risk of being stolen. Laptops are smaller, easy to travel with, because of these, its patronage is on the increase. Laptops because of their new processing power is a delight of most companies today.

How Do I Secure My Laptop

Laptops these days contain vital data and are greatly used for remote data access. Its security should be top priority to all users. There are three aspects to consider in securing your laptop.

Physical Security.Security Software. Security Consciousness.

Physical Security

Physical security involves physical barriers put in place to inhibit access to where your laptop is kept.

Such barriers, hinder the following circumstances;

Theft of your laptop.Damage to your laptop.Theft of information on your laptop.Using your laptop to commit fraudulent activities.

The physical barriers should have the following features;

The ability to properly lock the entrance to where your laptop is kept.An alarm system should be in place to notify you in case of a break in.An inbuilt security camera (cctv) should be placed where your laptop is kept. This is to monitor your laptop.All windows or doors must be screened to prevent prying eyes from seeing expensive information assets such as your laptop.The ability to fasten the laptop to a non-moveable object. This is stopping a thief from carrying the laptop away.The ability to trigger snap shots in case of a break in. These snap shots are directly targeted at the laptop.

Security Software

Access to your laptop can also be prevented using security software.

This security software prevents access to your desktop. It ensures that only the owner of the laptop has access to using the applications on the laptop.

Features of a Security Software

It must prompt the user, to enter a user name and a password.The ability to generate audit report such as successful logins, failed logins should be an essential feature.The user should be able to lock the screen when not in use.Optional but also essential, the software should have the ability to beep when the screen is tampered with.

Security Consciousness

After all said and done, without security consciousness on the part of the user or laptop owner, every control put in place to deter access to the laptop would be futile.

Security Consciousness Tips

Always lock the door to your office.Always carry your laptop with you.If not in use put it in a safe and lock it.Make sure when nature calls you activate the screen lock and all access doors to your office are locked.Always keep your laptop locked in a box and in the boot of your car when driving.Do not use your laptop in overcrowded places.All the necessary details about your laptop must be written and stored in a safe place i.e. serial number, brand name, model e.t.c.Insure your laptop against loss, such as damage, fire e.t.c.


Laptop security is an ongoing process. The need for regular information on laptop security is vital. The more informed you are on laptop security, the less vulnerable is your laptop to theft or damage.

About the Author

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Be Secure Whereas You Lose Weight With Weight Loss Drug

Be Secure Whereas You Lose Weight With Weight Loss Drug

Article by Gwenda Suniga

I’ve faced so much embarrassment up to now due to extra kilos on my body. I couldn’t consider regaining my flexibility. Everyone seemed me like an individual from different space. I used to be not capable of face my buddies and very quickly I lost all my friends. Then a day comes when my physician advices me to take weight loss drug. I haven’t tried that before that is why I was undecided about to take these medicines. But after starting the remedy I discovered myself in that place where I can stay life on the fullest. Thanks to weight reduction drug. I had lost weight with weight loss drug,

Weight reduction! Similar to me, everyone thinks that it is vitally difficult to shed some pounds and to regain flexibility. However the evolution of medical science has proved it wrong. We acquire weight when the intake energy are larger than energy that burned. A restricted about of calories contribute because the source of energy. However the extra calories that reside within the physique stay within the type of fat.

Excess weight may cause varied adverse results like as underneath:- .Chronic joint ache, lower back pain. .Coronary heart failure, and .Diabetes, high ldl cholesterol, and hypertension One option to get rid of extra weight is to indulge more of your time in workout routines, every day walks. Doctors’ advices low fats food with the intention of stopping the load to rise. But solely fatless meals doesn’t prohibit body weight to decrease down.

Then medical science found weight reduction drug for quicker weight loss. This weight loss is like a boon for many who hate to exercise. Various medicines can be found out there to remove that extra punch of flesh on body as: – .Phentermine .Meridian .Xenical .Adipex and many more

These weight reduction medication are meant for short time period utilization, as long run usage of these medicines might create some complications. One can loss his or her weight with weight loss drug with nicely balanced diet. Lack of balanced weight loss program with the utilization of those weight loss drugs might cause weakness within the body.

Consulting doctor is necessary if you want to use weight reduction drug. One mustn’t rely on these weight reduction medication for more than four-6 weeks without physician’s knowledge. Keep in mind that these weight reduction drugs alone might not give required results. A bit of train is needed for higher results.

Though these weight reduction medication are useful in shedding pounds but one shouldn’t overlook its aspect effects. Utilization of these weight loss medication could cause delicate headache, impact on sleep, sagging of muscles etc. Earlier than taking these kinds of weight loss medicine one should completely consult his or her doctor to stop its hostile effects.

About the Author

If you need extra facts with reference to what to do to lose weight, pay a visit to Birdie Alladien’s web site directly.

Short Term Courses Stock Market And Journalism Courses Will Help You Secure Your Future

Short Term Courses Stock Market And Journalism Courses Will Help You Secure Your Future

Article by Sanjay Joshi

Education is emerging as the most imperative façade of one?s life in these epochs of advanced technologies and state of the art contrivances. Some of the out of the box edification alternatives, which were earlier not given importance but are now a day a much sought after aspect are: – journalism courses, short term courses and stock market courses.

Today is the age of awareness; with internet an incident happening anywhere on the globe is projected on a massive level and people come to know about it in real time thanks to various web portals and citizen journalists. However students who aspire to become top rated journalist should pursue top notch Journalism Courses to make certain that their yearning is fulfilled.

There are a lot of vocational opportunities for those pursuing journalism courses as the sheer number of TV channels, radio, newspapers, other print media and web portals have significantly escalated. Apart from power, these courses also make certain that you enjoy a high social repute amid your colleagues. Stock market courses are yet another way to get the maximum out of the current market scenario.

If you want to ride the waves of the volatile share market, then you ought to pursue top rated stock market courses which will acquaint you with the various underlying principles of the functionalities of the share market. Stock Market Education will surely go a long way in making your career bright and future secure.

Then there are also the short term courses which intend to incorporate basic and expert skills in you pertaining to a niche industry segment that too in a very petite frame of time. Let us look at some of the courses we have discussed earlier.

Some of the distinguished and top class journalism courses are: – Cinematography Course, Graduate diploma in print and web, broadcast or multimedia Journalism, Crafting Creative Communications (CCC), Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Events, Anchoring & News Reading, Digital Still Photography, Certificate in Radio Jockey, Certificate in Script Writing & Direction, Certificate in Television Anchoring, Certificate in Television News Anchoring & Reading, Certificate Programme in Advertising & PR, Advance Diploma in Experimental Media Arts, Certificate Programme in Print & Web Journalism, Certified Public Relations Professional, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, B.Sc (Electronics Media) and a lot more.

On a similar note, if we were to discern some of the stock market courses, we will stumble upon: – Risk Management And Securities Settlement Programe, Advanced Option Trader, BSE – Surveillance, Advanced Technical Analyst, BSE – Venture Capital & Private Equity Finance Programe, BSE’s Basic Course on Stock Market (BBCSM), BSE’s Online Trading Operation (BOLT Trading Operation), and a lot more.

Now let us come to the short term courses, some of them are: – Advance Certificate Course in Satellite & Telecommunication, Advanced Training in Networking, Aptech Sun, Oracle & Red Hat Certification courses, CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate), Certificate Program in VFX and Compositing, Diploma in Commodities Market (DICM), Certificate in Oracle Workforce Development and a lot more.

About the Author

Infinite Courses, a foremost name in the arena of web sites and portals offering umbrella solution to all education related queries and dilemmas. Explore Journalism Courses, Stock Market Courses, Short Term Courses and much more.

Methods To Make Your Motorcycle Secure To Ride

Methods To Make Your Motorcycle Secure To Ride

Article by Motorcycle Windshield

There are many things to concentrate on when looking to improve the security of your motorbike. The motorbike tires are 1 of the most important things that require your interest. Most bikes which have been lying around idle for sometime have tires that no longer have adequate air. The air escapes naturally over a period of time although; they may additionally be due to a likely leak in the tires. Thus, to make your motorbike risk-free, you must check for the leak and also fill your tires with enough air. http://www.idealhere.com/wholesale-Motorcycle-Parts_c16

Keep the air strain of your motorcycle in check at all times to ensure efficiency. The proper amount of air pressure makes it simpler and smoother to pedal the bike. It additionally aids protect the rims of your motorcycle from any harm. The chain is as significant as the tire when talking about motorcycle security. It is most certain to wear away when the motorcycle is unused over a time period and may not even be prepared to provide an ample hold on the gears. In such situations, it is ideal to have the chain lubricated. While this method takes care of most difficulties; in certain scenarios, you may be needed to replace the chain altogether.

Another element of bicycle that requires your regular attention ‘n care is the brake. Keep a regular check on the working condition of the brake by regularly monitoring the brake pads. The brake pads normally come with signs which suggest their level of proficiency. Additionally the signs state in case the brake pads have worn out or not. It is suggested to alter the brake pads every season to make certain perfect working of the bike. Even in case the brake pads have not totally worn out, it makes sense to change them. This ensures that you get the grip as per your preference.

Give a thorough checking to the housing ‘n the wires used in the cycle. Check for any kinks, fissures and the like in the wires. Frequently the proficiency of the bike is greatly hampered because of accumulation of rust on the different parts. Look in case there is any such rusting. If you identify a rust deposit, wipe it clear with help of an anti corroding solution. In case the corroding still persists, it is in your interest to alter the rusted part entirely.

Lubrication is additionally critical when you’re fine tuning your bike. Commonly, all areas of the motorbike require lubrication including the derailleur. However, it is the moving areas of your motorbike that are more vulnerable to the dangers of dirt and moisture. In case you’re utilizing your bike after a substantial quantity of time, you will have to get these parts lubricated well. Lots of interest needs to be given to the brakes ‘n the derailleur in the method. http://www.idealhere.com/wholesale-Motorcycle-Accessories_c18

Bicycling can be too much of fun, and maybe even much more so, once it’s been fine tuned for safety. Give your bike with sufficient maintenance and you could enjoy many hours of fun and physical exercise with it.

About the Author

Keep the air strain of your Motorcycle Clutch in check at all times to ensure efficiency. The proper amount of air pressure makes it simpler and smoother to pedal the bike. It additionally aids protect the rims of your Motorcycle Accessories from any harm.

The 5 Advantages of Becoming an Entrepreneur – And Why I Decided to Quit my Secure Job

The 5 Advantages of Becoming an Entrepreneur – And Why I Decided to Quit my Secure Job

Article by John

My Five Advantages of Becoming an Entrepreneur – Why I Decided to Quit my Secure Job.

Among the many advantages of becoming an entrepreneur, 5 were directly responsible of my jump from a secure job to my entreprenarial adventure. Four of these advantages can be summed up in one word: Freedom. The fifth one is, according to me, the most important advantage of becoming an entrepreneur.

The first advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Financial freedom

The first and maybe most obvious reason why I started to dream about becoming an entrepreneur was money. You see, I grew up being told that I had to study long and hard to get a good, secure and well-paid job. So I ended up having a bachelor degree and a master degree, ready to receive the all the hard earned money I thought my academic degrees would get me. After all, I studied long and hard and accumulated huge student debts in the process, I would obviously be gratified with a really good salary, right? Wrong! As I got into the market, I soon realized that some friends with basic high school were paid nearly as much as I was! Even worse, they got out of school 6 or 7 years before me so they didn’t have debts and were able to accumulate a fair amount of money. I realized that basic demand vs. offer was much more important to get well paid than a master degree. This is when I began to read about all the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur. I didn’t take me too much time to realize that almost if not all the really rich people were entrepreneurs. Many had college degrees, many didn’t. The only important thing were their ability to identify market demands and to answer these demands with great value. If I could rapidly give the market enough value, in enough quantity, to answer its needs or wants, I would get rich. I would get out of debts much more quickly than by holding on to a secure job that would only get me a tiny raise every year. Getting rich quickly was the main advantage of becoming an entreneur that motivated me to quit my secure job. In fact, the only way to get more money by staying an employee would have been to get old! I could have changed the world, I wouldn’t have matter to my boss… the only way to earn more was to get older. The advantage of becoming an entrepreneur is that it doesn’t matter that you are 25, 40, or 60 years old or that you have a college degree or not. If you have a really brilliant idea, you will benefit from it.

The second advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Time freedom

This advantage really struck me after becoming an entreneur. If I needed to sleep a little more because I had a bad night (a little bit of insomnia is part of the disadvantages of becoming an entrepreneur), I could. If I needed to meet someone for my business, I would set the meeting outside of rush hours so I could get there in few minutes instead of an hour. I recently calculated that the mere fact of becoming an entrepreneur had the advantage of freeing almost 7 to 8 hours each week, only because of traffic! That’s a whole day of work every week that I can use to create more business profit, go to the gym, sleep more, or anything that will bring me more happiness or money. The last way that this advantage manifests itself is by allowing me to adapt my schedule to my wife’s schedule in order to be there for important moments. The same is true for family, friends, or simply for events I would never attend if I were still an employee having to get up at 6 every morning.This is a huge advantage for me, although I didn’t really thought about it before becoming an entrepreneur.

The third advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Freedom of location

If you develop a good business model and have good people in place to delegate important business tasks, freedom of location could also be one of the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur. It may take a little while to set it up, especially if you are into a “brick and mortar” business, but it is truly possible, and not that hard. Of course, you will have to be there in person from time to time, but with good people in place you will soon get paid even when you take a day off. You will even get paid when skiing for a week or two or when visiting a country with your family. To me, this advantage of becoming an entrepreneur also means that if my wife’s job gets transfered to another city, I can follow her and only come back to town from time to time.

The fourth advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Freedom of choosing my projects

This advantage of becoming an entrepreneur was a real motivation to quit my job and do things on my own! Have you ever worked on a really, really boring, annoying, meaningless project that was nonetheless treated by your boss as if it were critically important? Me too! I mean, I have worked in so many places where all the minutiae and really absurd processes took at least half of my day. I think these were the moments where I felt the most urgent need to get out and become an entrepreneur. So many hours lost in debilitating processes. I honestly think that, on the long term, this kind of work could lead to issues like depression or other work related mental health issues. Think about it, being “forced” to do things that you know are unnecessary and for which you feel no gratification at all, and doing these things again and again and again. When you are becoming an entrepreneur, you have the advantage of being able to choose your projects and only work on those which are truly important or that you enjoy the most. Of course, becoming an entrepreneur necessitates that you accomplish some boring tasks. But even then, these tasks have a truly important meaning for you: they are the necessary steps for becoming an entrepreneur and living the life of your dreams! So they are relatively easy to accomplish because they mean something. The best thing is, as you are becoming a more efficient entrepreneur, you will be able to delegate these tasks to someone who like this kind of job, because everyone has their own talents and preferences.

The most important of all advantages of becoming an entrepreneur: Becoming a Master in life.

Above all the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur, I think this one is really the most important. After quitting a “secure” job that wasn’t really that gratifying or well-paid, you succeed by your own, doing something that you are passionate about. Soon, you realize that while everyone around you was safely staying on one side of a really dark forest… you had the vision and the courage to get into the dark forest, knowing that it would bring up many fears, insecurities, and maybe pain. You did it because you knew that sooner or later, you would get through and arrive on the best side of the dark forest, where you have more money, more time, and feel more joy and satisfaction. This is the true advantage of becoming an entrepreneur. Knowing that despite all the fears you had and all the fears people tried to push on you, you went and you succeeded. The next time you’ll face a challenge, you’ll know you’ll be able to succeed again. To me, this is the most amazing advantage of becoming an entrepreneur.

To learn more about the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur and, more importantly, to get free tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur, visit GrowMyselfRich.com. GrowMyselfRich.com is a blog written specifically to help new entrepreneurs or self-employed to create the lifestyle of their dreams by mastering the inner game of success, wealth and freedom. You can subscribe to Grow Myself Rich for free to receive the upcoming series about overcoming the fears of the new entrepreneur.

About the Author

John is the editor of Grow Myself Rich, a blog written specifically to help new entrepreneurs or self-employed to create the lifestyle of their dreams by mastering the inner game of success, wealth and freedom.

3 Ways to Secure Public Speaking Jobs and Positions

3 Ways to Secure Public Speaking Jobs and Positions

If you are new to public speaking, you may find it hard to find public speaking jobs. Speaking careers are the sought after type of careers people want to get into, because of all the money that can be made. Plus, you get to travel around the world.

Public speaking careers cover a wide territory. You may want to focus on one type of public speaking career, instead of spreading yourself too thin. When you start out looking for public speaking positions, there may be many public speaking opportunities available. You have to decide what direction you want to lean toward. There are three key ways where you can secure public speaking jobs.

Are you interested in how to become a motivational speaker and pursue this type of career? If so, you must learn the art of public speaking, but by using motivation as the key attribute. This is the main way in becoming a motivational speaker. Once you have learned the true way to deliver a motivational speech, you can actively pursue this as your career path.

Any speaker, who works to become a motivational speaker, may find many jobs in this area. It seems that a motivational speaking career is where speakers are heading. It is apparently a huge market.  One key way to secure public speaking jobs is by developing your public speaking skills and stay with a tightly focused career. This will be the way you can prepare for a wide variety of public speaking assignments.


If you looked at all the different public speaking opportunities and you wonder how to be a motivational speaker, or how to pursue a motivational speaking career, there is a way to break into this field. The second key way to secure a public speaking job is by talking to those who are already motivational speakers. They can give you first hand knowledge as to what skills you will need, and how to go about applying for the public speaking jobs. And for the third way to secure a public speaking job is to only pick jobs where you will get paid to speak. You don’t care so much for those free ones, unless you are so new to public speaking, and you don’t have any clients yet, that you need to have at least one or two under your belt.

If you do not want to go for motivational speaking, you can always look toward inspirational speaking. This is also a career choice that can bring you many rewards. The key here is to know what speaking career path you want to follow and go after it. Get the training you need to pursue that choice and you’ll be on your way to making a ton of cash.

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