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Site Promotion Through Web Awards

Site Promotion Through Web Awards

Article by Scott Lindsay

Website promotion is not an easy task, because thousands of new websites are created each day, each of them striving for a position in the first search engine results, some using ethical techniques, others try to fool the search engines. If you want to achieve a top 20 position you have to compete against spam content sites, black hat SEO sites, made for Adsense sites and powerful websites created by the most skilled web developers.

The good news is that are not so many websites of genuine quality out there, so webmasters who really focus on usability, valuable content, improving user experience and so on, do have a chance to reach the top positions. However, it is not enough to create the perfect website. The job is done when the website is known and recognized, when people come back, mesmerized by the information and design, in one word, quality. That’s also the moment when a website starts paying back for itself.

Webmasters and online entrepreneurs employ many tools to make a website known. From the simple directory and search engines submissions to complex advertising means, pay per click, banner exchange and ads, nothing escapes the trial. A less popular method is submitting websites for web awards. While many web awards are not really meaningful, there are a few that can mean a lot for the award wining website.

If you have a website and you are serious about doing business online, applying for web awards couldn’t hurt. Generally, awards show a commitment for excellence and quality, exactly what web users are looking for. The psychological impact is great. A web award is not just a pretty picture on your website, but a statement. It underlines values and encourages visitors to trust your company and make a purchase.

For example, a Webby award-wining site is actually recognized for excellence in Web design, creativity, usability and functionality. A World Wide Web Award serves the same purpose. Both these awards are prestigious and very difficult to win. They are significant because experienced web developers who make every effort to create compelling and innovative websites, for a better Internet, choose the winners. To have any of the two can bring important benefits to your website, including increase of traffic, media coverage (both online and offline), a boost of popularity and, as already underlined, enhanced public credibility.

Usually to qualify for a web award, a website needs to be developed according to the W3C Standards, to have original, quality content, to be spam and scam free, family and children friendly – eventually apply for a free ICRA label, to respect copyright laws and to promote moral and universal values. If you apply for a web award you have to make sure all your links are fully functional – that means no coming soon or under construction pages, no broken links, and no other technical difficulties (dead graphics and pictures, lack of proper alt attributes, heavy flash, etc).

Winning a web award could bring you recognition offline too. Just ad the award on your brochures, fliers and other promotional materials to let people know that your company strives for excellence in everything it does.

About the Author

Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many other web projects. HighPowerSites is the easiest do-it-yourself website builder on the web. No programming or design skill required. Get your own website online in just 5 minutes with http://HighPowerSites.com at: http://www.highpowersites.com

Powerful Magnet for Traffic & Sales – Site Promotion!

Powerful Magnet for Traffic & Sales – Site Promotion!


Internet traffic is the life of any website. If you’re not getting traffic to your site, then you’re not going to make money online. Unless the website is ranked high in the major search engines, traffic will be hard to come by. So getting traffic is the most important thing to any website owners. So here are the best website promotion tips that you must follow to make your website a powerful magnet for traffic and sales. It is no secret that search engines are the number one traffic generating method for driving visitors to web sites. Search engines are very useful in helping people find the relevant information they seek on the Internet. The major search engines develop and maintain their own gigantic database of web sites that can be searched by a user typing in a keyword or keyword phrase in the search box. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of studying the search engines in an effort to determine how to get your web site to rank high on user searches. Depending on the statistical information reviewed, search engines account for over 80% of the visitor traffic to web sites. Writing Articles is an excellent way to promote your website and best of all you can get recognize as an internet business expert. This is very easy to do, for people that don’t know how to write real good yet look at other articles to get good ideals or go to http://www.killer-sales-letters.com

After you write an article insert a link to your site and there you go. If you don’t know what to write. Just write what you know best. You must have some knowledge or experience in one domain. Don’t you? You can submit your article to ozone or article directory. It is good to get traffic but it is even better to get sales. Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to pull targeted traffic. Could anything be better? In many cases, pay-per-SALE advertising is a better choice. With pay-per-clicks, you may or may not make sales. With a pay-per-click program, there’s very little or even NO risk. You only pay when you make sales. Affiliate programs and joint ventures are examples. Set up deals where you pay only for each sale. Bogs are a relatively new and popular way to publish content on the Internet. They allow the logger to publish content very quickly AND get feedback from the people that read it. Because they are new and content is created regularly, search engines love indexing them – and if search engines love them, you should too. Exchanging links is one of the best methods for getting web site traffic and ranking higher with search engine when you start a site you should exchange many as possible links with sites that are RELATED to YOUR site. Search Engine’s robots are eager to find new links and fresh information you can visit http://www.sales-letter-secret.com

A press release is a public relations announcement issued to the news media and other targeted publications for the purpose of letting the public know of company developments. You should write on news about your business. Don’t make your release a sales letter. It will get banned. Search engine adores press releases. They are food for them. Good press releases can bring thousand of free visitors to your website. RSS marketing is a tool used by many on the Internet to deliver articles, advertisements, emails, customer support responses, rezones to clients and potential clients. It is also a good way to rank higher on search engines and traffic from different websites with RSS. Having a mailing list can bring wonders to a web site, not only will it help bring old visitors back, but they will send the newsletter to their friends (If they like it).This is like gold for you. The only real purpose for a consumer website is to capture leads and to sell products. By leads I mean e-mail addresses. You want to build up a customer list and then you want to work it repeatedly. Send out a monthly e-zone that offers FREE valuable information and mentions similar products they may be interested in. They may see something that a friend of theirs will want to buy from you

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Talk About Web Site Promotion

Talk About Web Site Promotion

Article by Mike Rogers

If you are thinking of ways on how you can effectively promote your website despite the numerous competitions out there, you should definitely consider reading website promotion techniques that are available over the internet.

There are several ways on how you can effectively promote your website but the most important thing that you should do is to determine what your website is actually for.

If your website is something which is intended for personal use, meaning it is focused on your personal experiences like with the case of the blog, you should consider promoting your website that contains the same niche so readers will not be confuse about the real reason behind your site. Otherwise, if your website is focused on different types of services, you must also look for those websites that have these things in mind, doing this will allow you to be focused on what you really want to happen to your website and also on what you really want your website to achieve.

Another website promotion technique is to consider the need of your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes so you would know about the things that they wish to obtain from a particular website. You can also placed surveys or allow them to write to you for further suggestions or mere inquiries.

Also, see to it that your website provides the kind of user friendliness that novices would like to get. Do not over decorate your layout and get rid of unnecessary widgets. Check also the content provided by a site since this is a crucial standard set by online users. If people can get sensible things from your website then they will be eager to visit it almost very often. Give original and creative contents, specially those that will tickle their fantasies.

About the Author

Want to earn great deal of money? Try online marketing now.

Are Banner Plugins The Perfect Solution For Your Site Promotion?

Are Banner Plugins The Perfect Solution For Your Site Promotion?

Article by Riya

What makes online marketing so important?The internet is the most crowded place with millions of websites, all competing with one another to attract the web users and drive traffic. The thirst for knowledge and information has led to the rise of the search engines, which is directly proportional to online marketing. The online marketing industry has earned prominence due to its successful strategy in generating revenue. A website optimized with online promotional tools secures high-ranking, which eventually promotes the business by ten-fold of potential users every day. opposed traditional marketing, online marketing reaches the desired goal in a fast pace and hassle free way.

How to explore the online marketing techniques?Just by incorporating the underlying techniques of online marketing alone will not bring any vast sales. Every new opportunity that brings sales should be optimized. Identifying the potential phrases which suits your business services is a key reason which is vital for website ranking. The flexibility of online marketing is the greatest advantage which lets you try all possibilities that could drive traffic to your website.

How effective is Banner Ads?Banner ads have the capability to boasts about the services of your website to a wider audience. The impact is greater and influential via website banner promotion with attractive images. Let us analyze from a customer point of view. A customer who is looking forward for a selected purchase online eventually lands on a search engine to find them. These search engines do good justice by providing the largest website links of the selected products providers. In such circumstances, the customer will not browse all the available text content of the web page. Instead, you get more hits if your home page conveys the required information with attractive banner/images.Easy way to merge a banner promotion for Site

Creating a banner ad for your website requires huge patience, good color sense and most importantly sensible text display. Fine tune the information you have decided to deliver, because the banner ad communicates with your targeted customer. Prior importance should be given to the text that has to be informative and relevant. True and honest information should be delivered through the banner text to create a sense of trust in the customers.

To avoid all these tediousness and complexity, the World Wide Web provides many ready to use plugin. For example, if you own a WordPress site, you can just download a banner plugin for WordPress, like Apptha Banner Plugin: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Apptha-Banner install it in your WordPress site, configure with right images and start displaying your banner in the front end in record time. These Banner Plugins not just showcases your product images, but reads text describing the service for more user interaction. The banner maker displays thumbnails for easy navigation, giving the banner an enticing look.

Your entire web-page is aggravated, giving a gilt-edged website, increasing the website standard and efficiency. The banner plugin is an illicit solution for online marketing that brings you the desired results and often stuns you by the exceeding sales than you expected.

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A Perfect WordPress aspirant on doing research about wordpress resourses..Blog: http://gallerywp.wordpress.com

Multiple C Class IP Hosting Is the greatest Technique of Site Promotions

Multiple C Class IP Hosting Is the greatest Technique of Site Promotions

Article by isaac vega

Need is the mother of innovation and so comes Multiple C Course IP Hosting to rise above the limits put by search engines to lead the SERPs in a impartial and also easy manner, which permits the webmaster acquire the best places in SERPs as well as a great deals of visitors for his funds net site.The Multiple C Course IP Hosting focuses at the capabilities of a Class C IP as well as carries out those excellents to enhance the position of a webmaster’s money making website by raising the PR and inbound internet traffic.

? To accomplish the most effective results in search engines, each factor pertaining to the domain that is liable to supply back links for the money spot is tracked extremely tactfully, since a moment mistake can impact the outcome of Search Engine Optimization Having enormously generating various business losses.? Multiple Class C IPs are clubbed together to create networks and also form link wheels, weblog ranches etc. for the rear linking procedure.? These connections and also blog sites are crawled by the spiders to authenticate each site’s source and also their connections likewise, however Class C IPs defend against it from transpiring as all the internet sites are hosted upon diverse Course C IP and stick by the search engine regulations.? Every web site has diverse term server, rDNS and also Whom. is info to ensure the spiders do not discover the underlying partnership of all the web sites, which plainly could put across that all of those are from the same manager. Thus having varied Course C IPs is not enough, the above factors are important also for a protected and also spider peril cost-free Search Engine Optimization hosting.? Each of the websites are optimised in an Organic Search Engine Optimization technique to make it search engine spider appropriate and uncomplicated to browse by the individual visitors also, which make it skilled to turn the SERPs northward while attracting a number of incoming traffic for the best PR.? Multiple Class C IP Hosting is the most sought after procedure that is able to offer a webmaster cheap and cost effective technique of online brand promotion in fact without devoting an extra penny for it, as all you pay is for Search Engine Optimization Throwing your sites as well as with the raised positionings instantly the label promotion is performed by spotlighting the cash spot at the initial webpages of SERPs as well as captivating additional investor to it.? If a webmaster is getting multiple Course C IPs from different hosts it’s a surprisingly pricey process, so instead they is able to buy diverse IPs emerging from various Course C Range and bunch the websites within couple of hundred dollars.

For attaining geographical location intelligent traffic a webmaster have to get Class C IPs from the target area or neighboring it, so as to bring in internet traffic as well as set company at those areas, which is just one of the cost effective methods of Multiple C Class IP having.There is a good need to consider Multiple C Class Ip Hosting so about help webmasters achieve the most reliable of outcomes on their web site’s PR and SERP. Firms such as Page1Hosting are some of the only few authentic Search Engine Optimization Throwing alternatives that should be developed by having the sole intention of knowing which are the leading marketing strategies accessible in the market today.

When there is a requirement to boost your circumstances on SERPs with SEO hosting, these backlinks function like tiny marvels. Such a type of SEO throwing resourcefully as well as effectively raises your search engine positionings for your thorough key phrases as you have linkings from 12 diverse spots all of which have surprisingly couple of outbound links. This action boosts your conviction slot astonishingly and also opens a enormous habit of traffic from Hunt Engines all due to the diversified C course hosting.

Expectedly, you need to generate site on diverse C course IPs having and also place your incoming connections on them. The complete approach is incredibly uncomplicated, offered you find for dissimilar C Class IPs hosting. The moment you obtain this need, all you are required to do is join 10 dissimilar domain names in accordance with the particular niche of your site. Subsequently, diverse c course having is a charming process to supplement your search engine positions.If you wish simply to supplement the Page Slot of your web page for flipping over, at that point fluctuated C Course IP having is not exactly what you wish for to waste your time on. Yet, if you’re browsing to place your website for a certain key phrase, if very wonderful targeted traffic is just what you are hungering for that point various C Course IP hosting is the finest thing for you.

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For more information , you may this site:best seo hosting

Low Cost Web Site Promotion For Small Businesses

Low Cost Web Site Promotion For Small Businesses

Article by Daria Goetsch

Promoting your small business website in the search engines can be a daunting task. Use of freesubmissions and link popularity is a good starting point for your website promotion campaign.Start with the basis of good search engine and directory listings. Make sure you read and follow each search engine and directory’s rules for submissions. Before making submissions, alwaysverify that all your website links and pages work, with no pages “under construction”. Search Engines and DirectoriesBegin with the Open Directory Project (ODP http://www.dmoz.org). ODP is free and provides secondary search results to many other search engines. (Secondary search results are search results that come up after the primary search results of a search engine are shown.) Google uses the ODP directory results in their search engine results. It is preferable to secure a listing in ODP before submitting your website to Yahoo!, but it often takes time to become listed in ODP and may not be possible. If you can afford a yearly 9.00 subscription to submit to Yahoo! (http://www.yahoo.com), do so. If you are a non-commercial website, you may be able to submit your website for free. You will find the rules about free submissions when you click on the “suggest a site” link at the bottom of your chosen category page.Google is the top search engine and one you want to be listed in. Google provides secondary search results to other search engines and directories. If you do B2B (business-to-business) with other companies, Business.com (http://www.business.com) is a reasonable .00 subscription per year and gives you the opportunity to list not only your home page, but four other pages from your website. The Business.com search results are used by many other business sites for search results.Inktomi is a good choice for a reasonably priced link (yearly fee of .00 for first page, .00 per page 2-1000 for additional pages) and will get you into secondary search results for the MSN search engine. Position Technologies has a good submission program available for Inktomi (http://www.positiontech.com/).Zeal.com (http://www.zeal.com) listings are part of the LookSmart directory, which provides primary search listings for MSN. You must sign-up to become a Zeal editor and pass a test before being able to add your non-commercial submissions to Zeal. Articles and tutorials are good choices to use when submitting non-commercial information from your website to Zeal.com.Many of the major search engines still include a free submission section for their listings. Paid Inclusion and PPC (pay-per-click) are always the faster choices, but if your budget is limited you may want to consider submitting and waiting the 6-8 weeks (or more) it often takes to see your listings show up.Major search engines providing free submissions include: Google (http://www.google.com), AltaVista (http://www.altavista.com), and AlltheWeb (http://www.alltheweb.com).Secondary search engines you can submit to for free include Gigablast (http://www.gigablast.com) and ScrubtheWeb (http://www.scrubtheweb.com). One smaller directory is JoeAnt (http://www.joeant.com).Link Popularity MethodsIf you are a small business, seek out business directories to submit to, especially those directly related to your business. Looking in Yahoo! and ODP categories for business directories can be very helpful in getting a start on your search for links.For link popularity, searching in Google is a quick way to find suitable websites to request links from or submit to. Search for specialty search engines. If your business is in the medical field, search for medical search engines.When looking for link partners, select sites that reflect your website’s topic or subject. Links from sites that are not related to your site are not weighted as heavily by the search engines in deciding how to rank your site.Visit your competition’s websites. See how they are ranking in the search engines and find out which keywords they are found under.Link popularity is a very time-consuming activity, be prepared to spend a minimum of 10-20 hours in order to start building your link popularity. This may be a daunting enough task you might want to consider working with a search engine marketing professional.Helpful ToolsIt is always a good idea to keep in mind that many tools are not “exact” and can vary due to the search engine algorithms changing (which can be often). I like to think of it as an “approximation” of the information I am seeking.The Google Toolbar (http:/ oolbar.google.com) shows you the approximate link popularity of other websites (note the green bar that says “PageRank” after downloading the tool), as well as giving you choices such as checking backlinks (who is linking to the webpage), similar pages, a cached snapshot of the page and more when you right-click on the web page. Visit your competition’s webpage, then use the toolbar to view who is linking to them.The PageRank and backlink information is very helpful in regards to researching your competition. The backlinks you find via the toolbar may show you some quality websites to submit links to. Seek out websites with PageRank 4 and up to get the most out of your submitted or reciprocal link. Hovering your mouse over the Google Toolbar tells you the page rank of the website. To learn about writing an email request for a reciprocal link and other linking strategies, visit Eric Ward’s website (http://www.ericward.com/articles/index.html). The Overture suggestion tool (http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion) is a free way to check how popular your keyword phrases are in comparison to the monthly results of Overture. This will not give you a complete picture since Overture is used on many but not all search engines. It will help you decide which keyword phrases are the best choice, as well as as variations on your keyword phrases.MarketLeap (http://www.marketleap.com/) measures your link popularity, and that of three of your competitors. The report is free and gives you a benchmark showing where your popularity lies online vs your competitors.Lastly, if you want to “do it yourself”, the top places I’ve found to research and learn from are Search Engine Watch (http://www.searchenginewatch.com) and Webmaster World (http://www.webmasterworld.com). Search Engine Watch and Webmaster World’s sister site, Search Engine World (http://www.searchengineworld.com) both have free newsletters full of information to help you promote your website.

About the Author

Daria Goetsch is a Search Engine Marketing Consultant for Search Innovation, a Search Engine Marketing company serving small businesses. Her background involves many years as a Search Engine Marketing Consultant, including three years as the Search Engine Specialist for O’Reilly & Associates.http://www.searchinnovation.cominfo@searchinnovation.com

Basics Of Web Site Promotion

Basics Of Web Site Promotion

Article by Zachary Thompson

Your website will be your main promotion tool. You will use this as one of your lead generation tools. This form of marketing is a very powerful and cost effective way to promote your business and gain targeted responsive leads for your opportunity, service or product.

Web form: customize your web form or subscription box for your publication, so that you can qualify leads. Do not only collect email addresses and names, try to include a couple of questions. For example how much would you spend on an opportunity? What aspect of business interests you? What would you like to learn from the newsletter? In this way you can make a more targeted publication and get to know your subscribers needs better.

Special squeeze page (landing page.) These pages are special pages that are designed to give more information and persuade your prospect to join your opportunity or newsletter. They are very useful as tracking pages to see how many people are converting to sales from your direct marketing.

Driving traffic to your web page. There are several ways to do this:

Search engine submissionLinking to related websitesPay-Per-Click and Google AdwordsArticles DistributionSocial marketing-Myspace, forums and blogging.Viral marketing with free giftsYou will need to optimize your website by putting in a title tag and description tag. Then you will need to optimize your content. When you have done this, submit your site to the three major search engines MSN, Google and Yahoo. It will take about 4-6 weeks for your site to be included in the search engines. But it can take 6 months to see significant amounts of web traffic.

You can build up traffic by linking to quality related sites, and encourage others to link to you by filling your website with good content and resources. This will build up targeted traffic to your site.

Google Adwords will bring you plenty of good-targeted traffic within a day of setting up your campaign. A word of caution is to be careful how you bid, as this can get very expensive if you are not careful. Try to read all the very good tutorials that Google provides.

Distributing articles is a very powerful way to promote your business. You can do this manually, this is very time consuming, use software or use a service. These last 2 options will save you a lot of time and money.

Social marketing: you are not allowed to post ads, unless it is in a designated area, but you can post questions and answers, with your little email signature and link to your website. There are many ways to promote your website and you will probably think of more as your enterprise grows.

About the Author

Zach Thompson is a 23 year-old internet marketer & business coach. To learn more about how Zach can help you make money with your own business check out: Become a Distributor.

Site Promotion

Site Promotion

Article by Galacticul

How to promote online site? Create a link in one direction for your site. Submit your site to SEO friendly directories for one. Getting through high-level service (Multilingual Search Engine Optimization Solution Technology First Edition no. 8) ML FST8 SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FST8 ML has already made a turn through directory submission and articles promoting the highest professional level . You could have a great site, and may you have the latest e-commerce technology and the best graphic design. Now comes the complicated part: choosing an SEO firm. There is a long list of SEO companies that claim they can do subscription folders link building and composing articles and you have a site that really need chocolate topped with a “hard work” to build professional links and thus to be visible on the Internet. Google has implemented LSI and has already begun maneuvering internet links between registered manual step by step and pointless paid links. For any SEO firm or webmaster of a site, the most valuable is the presentation of original articles with reference to the website, our team here has 8 internal specialists and external collaborators 48 original texts you think .. Not only does our article submission service ensure that all incoming links to your site are \ “relevant \” We also ensure that your precious time and resources are not wasted on futile link building. Our submission services ensure that each article entry is done manually, compose what is relevant to your site, each directory is chosen based on pedigree and reliability. Any major search engine indexes and catalogs containing its directory must meet certain criteria. Our service ensures that each directory was researched thoroughly and not blacklisted by any search engine. If your site is well optimized for search engine traffic SEO can deprive thousands of potential customers to know. The benefit of working with complete marketing company Euro Network Romania (ENR) to design your site is that we approach the perfect SEO optimization from all angles required by search engines, functionality, optimization strategies are integrated into each site I was working with FST8 (First Solution Technology).

Nothing give 100 euros or 7,000 euros buying a site or an online store if you have a SEO application (FST8) to develop it in the first search on the net!

It’s like a Mercedes petrol you cheap and poor and obviously is exceeded at traffic lights and a Dacia Logan with high octane gasoline. We make any production car (Web site) to become a car (web site) of formula 1 with formula feeding a FST8 SEO magic.

Euro Network Romania (ENR) is the “team” you are looking for if you want to successfully compete for placement and exposure to other Internet business. Euro Network Romania (ENR) understand the mechanism of the Internet puts you above or below competitors. You will feel relieved that you finally found SEO team who needed to give you answers that empower you to deal with the monster called Internet. Euro Network Romania (ENR) is a team shooter intelligence and director, who will advise on how to use his expertise honestly to give you the biggest bang FST8 SEO for your buck. Finally, let me tell you that taxes are more than fair analysis mainly to the value of SEO services offered.

About the Author

Olariu Alvir

Web site Promotion – Producing Posts May Be Better Than Employing Search engine marketing Firms

Web site Promotion – Producing Posts May Be Better Than Employing Search engine marketing Firms

Article by Jackie Williums

It is a well-regarded simple fact that a key to acquiring a superior search engine situation is having a ton of other Internet websites hyperlink to yours. The quantity is important, and the excellent is essential, as well. A website link to your site from Amazon.com is regarded by the search engines as far more critical than a hyperlink from Under no circumstances-Heard-Of-It.com. How can another person with a pretty new Internet site receive inbound links from other sites? Rather simply, as it transpires. Write content articles about your Website’s matters and publish them on the Website. It is effortless to do, it offers pretty quick outcomes, and it is much less expensive and safer than if you hired a company to encourage your Website for you.

Producing posts is simple. Just locate a topic that relates to your Internet site and write what you know about it. Give educational suggestions, info or other factoids that may possibly interest the public about your subject. It need to have not be long 250-500 words is just very good. At the bottom of your write-up, you may well involve a quick bio about yourself and you might include a link to your internet site. The subsequent phase is to search for “submit totally free content” in your favourite search motor. You will find several web-sites that take articles or blog posts from everyone who wishes to lead. You commonly publish an report by only cutting and pasting into an on-line sort. The Web page in which you publish your document shares your document with other sites that would like to republish them. Each and every time this transpires, you will get one more website link back to your Web site. It only will take a minute to publish an post, and I have noticed added backlinks again to my web site in as little as 12 hours! It will work, and it is cost-free! The more content articles you publish, the additional the inbound links to your Site will propagate through the Web.

But what about employing a search motor optimization (Web optimization) company? Can not you hire a person to promote your web site for you? Yes, you can. These firms will modify your internet site to make it far more search motor pleasant, and they may advocate some other advertising techniques, such as spend-for each-click on promotion. Depending on your monetary predicament and the volume of free time you have, such organizations may well signify an excellent investment. Sadly, there are also unscrupulous Web page advertising organizations out there, and there seem to be to be additional of individuals than respectable kinds. I acquired a call just last week from one particular this kind of business that promised to place my Site at the very top rated of the 1st page of Google’s search results. They also promised to supply 1000’s of links to my web site. I declined their offer you, but did some study on the business. What I found is that they have done enterprise below a few distinct names in the very last yr, they’ve applied hidden hyperlink, hidden code and other methods that search engines don’t like, they’ve created Net pages that plagiarize from other web-sites and they’ve completed operate that effects in their purchasers being blacklisted from the main search engines.

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Little Known Effective Web Site Promotion Techniques

Little Known Effective Web Site Promotion Techniques

Article by Terry Detty

There can be no doubt that website promotion has proven to be one of the most challenging obstacles to many web site owners. How does one get their web site noticed among the sea of millions of web sites out there, much less get actual hits and visits?

There are a number of unconventional but highly effective web promotion techniques available to those who are able to get a little creative. The principle advantage with unconventional or guerilla-marketing techniques is the fact that they often cost less money than other techniques. They just require some creative thought, a little planning and some time. Yet the rewards can be huge.

Set Up A High Traffic BlogBlogs are the ultimate and most potent guerilla-marketing weapon ever discovered by man. Unfortunately many webmasters and site owners are yet to fully appreciate the potential explosive power of blogs. This can actually work to your advantage. The key to success with blogs is getting others to link to your blog. This will rapidly enhance your search engine ranking and get you tons of traffic overnight. Smart bloggers get others to link to them by using various techniques. One of these linking techniques is utilized by posting something topical and yet highly controversial to a blog site.Some webmasters have built up huge traffic to their sites by simply setting up a high traffic blog site and then littering them with relevant links to their web site(s). You can use the most popular blog hosts online to set up your own free blog site now blogger.com is one of my favorites.Use Comments On Blog Sites Without SpammingFind a couple of high traffic blog sites that cover topics that are closely related to what your site focuses on. Read these sites regularly for a few days. The idea here is to fully understand what they are about and even more important – why they are so popular. You can then attempt to write comments on these sites that are highly relevant. Do not place any links back to your web site or blog site because this can be considered spamming and it will not give you the desired effect. Instead gently point readers to the direction of your site and just stop short of naming the site. Depending on the way you have crafted your comment and how useful of a solution the site you are pointing to really is, sooner or later, somebody will ask you to name your site.Create Several Opt-in Email Lists Or Purchase Email Advertising ServicesIt can be a tough job building up an opt-in email list. In many cases it takes ages to get a handful of names. However you can build your list much faster by starting a number of different lists all related to the topic covered by your site. There are several ways of doing this. You can offer several different free ebooks at your site (You do not even need to write them yourself! There are numerous ways to get content available for free re-distribution.You can also launch several different blogs and again you don’t need to write the content yourself. You can post free articles from article directories (see the two I have already named above) and then offer to give away several interesting free email reports if people join your email list.If for instance you have just 10 different lists set up you need an average of only 200 in each list to have a total opt-in email list of 2000 names. This is a very good number to start emailing to and it can generate a lot of income for you. All you need to do is to occasionally summarize the most useful tips from your own web site and when emailing your report out, you can very carefully and very wisely insert your links to your web site where they are relevant.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, happily married, internet guru who finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to internet marketing he does a little bit of link building, and occasionaly will get out for a short walk. He reads a lot and generally likes to have his hands occupied. <div><div>The Best Internet Marketing Firm on the Web<div>Exclusive Opt-in Email Marketing

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Terry Detty, 42 years old, happily married, internet guru who finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to internet marketing he does a little bit of link building, and occasionaly will get out for a short walk.<div>The Best Internet Marketing Firm on the Web<div><a href=”http://www.majon.com/safeannounce”