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Low Cost Web Site Promotion For Small Businesses

Low Cost Web Site Promotion For Small Businesses

Article by Daria Goetsch

Promoting your small business website in the search engines can be a daunting task. Use of freesubmissions and link popularity is a good starting point for your website promotion campaign.Start with the basis of good search engine and directory listings. Make sure you read and follow each search engine and directory’s rules for submissions. Before making submissions, alwaysverify that all your website links and pages work, with no pages “under construction”. Search Engines and DirectoriesBegin with the Open Directory Project (ODP http://www.dmoz.org). ODP is free and provides secondary search results to many other search engines. (Secondary search results are search results that come up after the primary search results of a search engine are shown.) Google uses the ODP directory results in their search engine results. It is preferable to secure a listing in ODP before submitting your website to Yahoo!, but it often takes time to become listed in ODP and may not be possible. If you can afford a yearly 9.00 subscription to submit to Yahoo! (http://www.yahoo.com), do so. If you are a non-commercial website, you may be able to submit your website for free. You will find the rules about free submissions when you click on the “suggest a site” link at the bottom of your chosen category page.Google is the top search engine and one you want to be listed in. Google provides secondary search results to other search engines and directories. If you do B2B (business-to-business) with other companies, Business.com (http://www.business.com) is a reasonable .00 subscription per year and gives you the opportunity to list not only your home page, but four other pages from your website. The Business.com search results are used by many other business sites for search results.Inktomi is a good choice for a reasonably priced link (yearly fee of .00 for first page, .00 per page 2-1000 for additional pages) and will get you into secondary search results for the MSN search engine. Position Technologies has a good submission program available for Inktomi (http://www.positiontech.com/).Zeal.com (http://www.zeal.com) listings are part of the LookSmart directory, which provides primary search listings for MSN. You must sign-up to become a Zeal editor and pass a test before being able to add your non-commercial submissions to Zeal. Articles and tutorials are good choices to use when submitting non-commercial information from your website to Zeal.com.Many of the major search engines still include a free submission section for their listings. Paid Inclusion and PPC (pay-per-click) are always the faster choices, but if your budget is limited you may want to consider submitting and waiting the 6-8 weeks (or more) it often takes to see your listings show up.Major search engines providing free submissions include: Google (http://www.google.com), AltaVista (http://www.altavista.com), and AlltheWeb (http://www.alltheweb.com).Secondary search engines you can submit to for free include Gigablast (http://www.gigablast.com) and ScrubtheWeb (http://www.scrubtheweb.com). One smaller directory is JoeAnt (http://www.joeant.com).Link Popularity MethodsIf you are a small business, seek out business directories to submit to, especially those directly related to your business. Looking in Yahoo! and ODP categories for business directories can be very helpful in getting a start on your search for links.For link popularity, searching in Google is a quick way to find suitable websites to request links from or submit to. Search for specialty search engines. If your business is in the medical field, search for medical search engines.When looking for link partners, select sites that reflect your website’s topic or subject. Links from sites that are not related to your site are not weighted as heavily by the search engines in deciding how to rank your site.Visit your competition’s websites. See how they are ranking in the search engines and find out which keywords they are found under.Link popularity is a very time-consuming activity, be prepared to spend a minimum of 10-20 hours in order to start building your link popularity. This may be a daunting enough task you might want to consider working with a search engine marketing professional.Helpful ToolsIt is always a good idea to keep in mind that many tools are not “exact” and can vary due to the search engine algorithms changing (which can be often). I like to think of it as an “approximation” of the information I am seeking.The Google Toolbar (http:/ oolbar.google.com) shows you the approximate link popularity of other websites (note the green bar that says “PageRank” after downloading the tool), as well as giving you choices such as checking backlinks (who is linking to the webpage), similar pages, a cached snapshot of the page and more when you right-click on the web page. Visit your competition’s webpage, then use the toolbar to view who is linking to them.The PageRank and backlink information is very helpful in regards to researching your competition. The backlinks you find via the toolbar may show you some quality websites to submit links to. Seek out websites with PageRank 4 and up to get the most out of your submitted or reciprocal link. Hovering your mouse over the Google Toolbar tells you the page rank of the website. To learn about writing an email request for a reciprocal link and other linking strategies, visit Eric Ward’s website (http://www.ericward.com/articles/index.html). The Overture suggestion tool (http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion) is a free way to check how popular your keyword phrases are in comparison to the monthly results of Overture. This will not give you a complete picture since Overture is used on many but not all search engines. It will help you decide which keyword phrases are the best choice, as well as as variations on your keyword phrases.MarketLeap (http://www.marketleap.com/) measures your link popularity, and that of three of your competitors. The report is free and gives you a benchmark showing where your popularity lies online vs your competitors.Lastly, if you want to “do it yourself”, the top places I’ve found to research and learn from are Search Engine Watch (http://www.searchenginewatch.com) and Webmaster World (http://www.webmasterworld.com). Search Engine Watch and Webmaster World’s sister site, Search Engine World (http://www.searchengineworld.com) both have free newsletters full of information to help you promote your website.

About the Author

Daria Goetsch is a Search Engine Marketing Consultant for Search Innovation, a Search Engine Marketing company serving small businesses. Her background involves many years as a Search Engine Marketing Consultant, including three years as the Search Engine Specialist for O’Reilly & Associates.http://www.searchinnovation.cominfo@searchinnovation.com

Small Business Loans: An Opportunity To Prosper

Small Business Loans: An Opportunity To Prosper

Article by Michael T.Brian

Money should be regularly available for successful business operation. Whether one starts up a new business or wants to expand an existing one, finance is the primary requirement. Small Business Loans are meant to meet all such necessities that are required for success in any business.

Small business loans can be obtained in either of the two forms- secured or unsecured loans. Secured loans are available against collateral which may be a home, property or the business itself. These loans are given at lower rates of interest depending on the value of the collateral. Unsecured loans do not require any collateral and are given at higher rate of interest considering the risk involved.

Small business loans offer loan amount in the range of £50000 to £100000 for repayment periods of 12 months to 10 years. The loan amount sanctioned will depend on the business plan, loan purpose, credit score and the collateral placed.

The credit score of the borrower plays an important role in the quick processing of small business loans. A higher credit score will ensure lower interest rates and larger amount. Usually a score of 620 is considered respectable for getting lender’s consent. However there are lenders who offer small business loans to poor credit borrowers.

Small business loans have a number of advantages. In these loans the ownership of the company is retained. The interest rate charged is tax free. Small business loans can be used for a number of purposes like sprucing up a factory premise, buying new equipments, buy new plots to set up factory units and many other expenses.

For getting small business loans borrowers can approach traditional banks and financial institutions and other lenders. The best way to apply for these loans is to go online. There are number of lenders online who give loans at competitive prices. Due to stiff competition, they offer loans at lower rates.

Small business loans go a long way in helping growth of business. These loans eliminate almost all financial problems of growing business.

About the Author

Michael T.Brian is the author of this article. He is Masters in Business Administration and expert in finance. He writes about various finance related topics. To find Small business loans, Secured business loan, Low rate business loans, New business loan, Unsecured business loan visit http://www.find-business-loans.co.uk

Small business bookkeeping outsourcing: Discipline your finances and see your business booming

Small business bookkeeping outsourcing: Discipline your finances and see your business booming

Article by Michelle Barkley

For a proper maintenance of business accounts in a young organization, bookkeeping and the maintenance of account books is of utmost importance. This is because the scenario of the market is always fluid and you don’t know which way the tide turns. The very survival and growth of a company, yet to find its feet in the market is what prompts the financial advisers to go for bookkeeping outsourcing services. Usually, this is done to discipline their financial records and add several other parameters, which further help in the growth of the said company. Small business bookkeeping outsourcing is actually a smart way to make annual calculations for paying up the taxes.

Bookkeeping records are especially helpful in preparing the tax reports. These are prepared by the experts adept in every aspect of bookkeeping and other details. In addition to that, the small business bookkeeping outsourcing services are hired from the outsourcing firms due to the nominal rates they charge. Thus, a large amount as revenue expenses can be saved that otherwise goes in fulfilling the demands of the in-house staff. The same amount can be used purposefully to drive the growth engines of a small business organization. As the job involves an eye for detail so that every aspect is cared for, one naturally wishes committed personnel to undertake these. Small business bookkeeping outsourcing is actually seen as an answer to maintaining most of the tedious details of accounting. The hassle free procedure is of immense help, to the accounting firms, as this generates their internal CPA’s, which further helps in using their resources for generating new business leads.

Keeping the track of one’s business requires accounting and bookkeeping services. A wide range of services assist in lowering the costs by 30-40% and the outsourcing departments are famed for their vast expertise. Technologies which surprise and the bookkeeping outsourcing methods are razor-sharp to speedup the work of preparing the tax and the financial statements. The accounting and bookkeeping services are hired for certified public accountants, small and medium business enterprises and accounting departments and the accounts departments and other small entities. Small business bookkeeping outsourcing has been made much simpler with the arrival of latest state of the art technologies. The professionalism, which drives the work of the accountants, is seen to be believed.

Proceeding in the right manner is what assures you of the success of your small business undertaking. Supply of financial documents, through the fax or otherwise is the initial step. Afterwards, they are audited by the experienced auditors and then their status is periodically checked by the clients via the web enabled document management system. This service is open round the clock, so that doubts get cleared at any point of time. The security system is truly world class and strict background checks are done to ensure maximum security. The employees are under strict watch of the higher ups and the access to the gadgetry or any other material is not permitted. Working with some of the reputed organizations of the world, ensures a keenness for meeting the challenges, however, tough they might be. The confidentiality of the data is strictly maintained by the small business bookkeeping outsourcing firms.

About the Author

Michelle Barkley is a CPA who advises people on tax preparation and tax calculation. She specializes in bookkeeping outsourcing,back office outsourcing and outsourced accounting. To know more about small business bookkeeping outsourcing,accounting outsourcing and to use the services visit http://www.ifrworld.com

Lead Generation Techniques For Your Small Business

Lead Generation Techniques For Your Small Business

Article by Daniel Silvestre

Techniques for generating sales for a small business are quite different from those for a larger one. Internet lead generation has a potential to fetch you more customers than cold calls or direct mails. The important factor is cost and time. Lead generation, if implemented in the right way, can be more beneficial to small businesses. Remember small businesses usually cater to other smaller ones and individuals. Such clients feel more comfortable when referrals and testimonies about a product are available. Here are some tips you would like to try out.

Network with your vendors and suppliers and get them to display links to your website. Develop a small eye catching content for them to display along with the link. Sponsor some content on their page and modify it to include your link in an unobtrusive but clear manner. You can display their stuff in return on your web page. For example, a business selling old and new vehicles can have a spare parts business as a lead generation partner and vice versa. This can be a win-win situation for both, since every deal made has a potential for both businesses to earn.

Independent businesses can tie up with similar smaller ones in other geographical areas. Consider a customer who is in search of a home in a nearby city. He will rely more on references from his present consultant?s or home builder?s website for tips on finding a reasonable dwelling. Here, both businesses can prosper due to the trust they develop and by simply displaying leads to one another.

Be an avid blogger and make acquaintances that can refer your business free of cost. Being a part of such online communities can make a huge difference on how your customer sees your business. Small businesses usually thrive on customizations and tailor products for their clients. Blogging gives you the freedom to gauge client preferences and current market trends without directly conducting a survey. It also helps you specifically target potential clients without being obtrusive like sending a surprise mail or a cold call. You can even provide a link for people to subscribe to your newsletter.

Joining an affiliate program can make a lot of difference. Lack of exposure is the bane of a small business. Sales may not be high even for a good product, just because you cannot meet a thousand customers at a time. An affiliate program will do the talking for you.

Advertisement is all about holding people?s attention, gaining their interest, and making them look where you want them to. A well-written article or an excellent video clip can really get people to sit up and notice you. If you provide services like training, personal grooming, culinary skills, etc. you could offer a free introductory course. Write an excellent article and post it free on websites that host free articles and other community pages, which have huge readerships. The search engines will always index articles presented on such web pages and present them higher up in the rankings. This will mean a free, better and rather convincing advertisement for your site.

Similarly, you can write a report on the latest earning potential in the stock market, or current trends in consumer product sales and present the introductory page or a small summary as a free document on the above-mentioned websites.

Set up auto responder services for your site. This ensures that all incoming mails are acknowledged and all outgoing mails containing newsletters and other information are sent on time. Small businesses survive more on personal contacts and mutual trust than advertising gimmicks.

Other methods include getting subject matter experts to endorse your website on their pages. This may be expensive, but for niche products, these methods can bring in enormous sales. It may also make you stand out of the ordinary, if you are in the business of offering common services like weight loss programs or vehicle repairs.

About the Author

Sign up for my newsletter and get the free report: ?Information Products: Understanding How to Take an Online Prospect to the Buying Step? today! If you sign up you will also get regular updates from me about internet marketing? Click Here to Sign Up!

5 Great Tools From The Small Business Administration

5 Great Tools From The Small Business Administration

Article by Seomul Evans

If you’re a small business owner, you need to check out the Small Business Administration website. You may have been reticent to visit as the SBA has not always been perceived as the most helpful or efficient agency out there. But they do, in fact, have some really helpful tools for small business owners that you should see. They’re not only for businesses just starting out, but also for businesses that are well-established. Here are 5 tools to help you.

. Starting Your Business. This is a helpful section that provides great tips for individuals who are interested in starting their own businesses. The first piece of advice in this section is to find a mentor who can guide you through the many steps involved in starting a small business. SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is a great mentoring group that is loosely affiliated with the SBA and provides free-of-charge guidance to those hoping to start small businesses. This section also includes comprehensive information about financing your startup, creating a budget for your business, and even a break-even analysis.

Other information included in this section covers buying a franchise, deciding on a business name, structuring your business, buying a business, obtaining a business license, and how to lease equipment for your business.

. Small Business Planner. This section includes questions to help you start thinking about what it takes to start your own business. It also includes a list of characteristics held in common by many successful entrepreneurs. Finally, an assessment tool can help you determine if you’re ready to start your own business.

. Business Management. This is a great tool to help you think about the management aspect of your business. It talks about leadership skills that you’ll need to be a successful business manager, as well as how to set up a business meeting, how to delegate tasks to employees, networking within your community, and running an ethical business.

. Exit Strategies. If you’re chomping at the bit to start your own business, chances are you haven’t given much thought to your exit strategy. After all, why would you be thinking about the end of your relationship with your business before even starting it? But an exit strategy is an essential part of starting your business because it will make a big difference in the way you start and manage it. This section talks about getting the most out of your company if you decide to sell it. It even goes so far as to discuss how to work with CPAs, how to determine the value of your business, and how to announce that you’re going to sell your business.

. Tools. The SBA website has a huge selection of tools for you to use. Do yourself a favor and just look through them. Chances are, you’ll find tools you didn’t even know you needed! There are sections on regulations and statistics, a glossary of business terms, and some stories of small business owners who have been very successful. There are even videos, podcasts, chats, and forms for download.

Given the reputation of general inefficiency assigned to most government agencies, you may be surprised to find out that the SBA website is so thorough and helpful. It certainly isn’t the only resource you’ll need as you prepare to start your own business, but it’s definitely a great resource to have at the ready as you go about the physical and mental preparations required of entrepreneurship. So add it to your toolbelt and enjoy your success!

About the Author

Seomul Evans is a senior SEO Expert specializing in Internet Search Engines and Small Business Articles.

Corporate Bailouts are Bad for Small Business

Corporate Bailouts are Bad for Small Business

Article by Ren Schuffman

With all the attention from the media on corporate bailouts, political opinions and expert economists all talking about the need for corporate bailouts to save industries it seems no one has looked at the impact of these actions on small business. Is their a negative effect on business? Does this negative effect have any long term effect on the economy?

As big business receives billions of dollars to stimulate their individual business, small business is left wanting. None of the media has been successful in estimating the impact this will have on small business. Maybe it’s because the do not understand the nature of capitalism or the natural progression of business in our society.

Big business that have chosen to adopt poor marketing strategies, bloated budgets and unsuccessful products, their leadership have steered devastating courses into corporate bankruptcy. All the while small business by the thousands all across our country have seen this trend, the same trend sense the beginning of capitalism, and have started to met the consumer demand for a better product and more effectively run company, as big business customers begin to flock away from larger failing company they flee into the arms of smaller companies poised to meet the consumers needs. But government intervention is stopping this natural exodus and actually doing harm to the consumer market and the economy with bailouts. Let me give you an example.

I run a small national business; one of the products we market is an alternative health program to meet the needs of families that can not afford the average 0 per month for health insurance. For example, our program is per month per family for savings on doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, dental, etc. As the economy has taken a downturn, more people are unable or do not wish to spend hundreds a month on health insurance for their families. So what?s the solution? Those consumers start to leave the larger overpriced insurance company and find a product like ours that is meeting the consumers need. As customers leave a natural shift should occur. The larger company shrinks drastically, if they are smart they prepare for it and adapt for it, which most have not which is why they are in the mess they are. But as the larger company shrinks the smaller company grows, as it grows it begins to add capital, hire more employees, and broaden its reach. The natural shift is survival of the fittest company. This is the way capitalism is intended to work; the jobs lost from one company are claimed by the other.

But the government is not allowing that to happen!

Instead our congress which 95% have no private sector experience have decided that these companies are too big to fail, causing the largest out pouring of bailouts in history, so what does that do to the small business? It halts them in there tracks! Now the growing company faces a competitor with unrivaled supplies of cold hard cash and a leveling unfair advantage over them. So what happens to the large company? Do they then survive and rebound. OF COURSE NOT! They run through their cash with the same mismanagement and misuse of capital finding themselves in the same situation the year before, but one difference. The small business ready to take their market share is driving to the brink of destruction. And what does our market have to show for it? A blotted company that still does not meet the needs of its customers and is still laying of workers and is still losing customer because of consumer distrust. Do you know anyone lining up to get AIG insurance? Now there is no small company with a product to meet the disenfranchised consumer and we spiral out of control. We saw this with the banks, before they were bailed out the collapsing banks were simple bought out by the properly run banks, um can you say, WAMU bought by Chase, all WAMU’s customers are still there, they are just simply Chases now, the better run company survives and other smaller banks begin to grow and compete. Then in steps big government that completely destroy these simple principles by giving money to failing business that will continue to fail. It reminds me of the Vegas mentality, I need to borrow money to win back all the money I lost at the crap table. As a kid my dad always told me “you should never through good money after bad”. We are rewarding failure and punishing growth and success. We are investing in failing business and abandoning companies that are succeeding. If you had a 00 to invest in one companies stock, which would you choose? A company like GM that your not sure will survive and market is drastically reduced, or company that has had 200% growth this year even in the hard economic time? Right! It’s a no brainer! When did common sense leave Washington economics?

In recent report insurance companies announced they are losing loads of their healthcare customers because the customers can no longer afford the 0 per month average premium. So where would you invest your money, in there declining business, crossing your fingers the figure out how to bounce back, or in a company like Renco Direct that is picking up their dropped customers. Better yet if you are out of work which company would you want a job from? Tell Washington to stopped hurting small business and giving an unfair financial advantage to large companies and let thousands of companies like Renco Direct put people back to work already.

If you’re out of work tell Washington NO to more stimulus and then give us a call, we are still growing, and we will as long as Law Makers stop their shameful interference.

About the Author

Ren Schuffman is the Ceo of Renco Direct Inc. a growing national Healthcare and Heatlh and Beauty Company. Founded in 1999. http://www.rencodirect.com/i/rs10000

A Career As A Small business Coach Can Be Used To Accounting, Marketing, Or Company Organization

A Career As A Small business Coach Can Be Used To Accounting, Marketing, Or Company Organization

Article by Jackson Williams

High college pupils who want to enter the environment of massive enterprise have additional possibilities right now than pupils did in earlier generations. A person element of organization that is gaining attractiveness currently is the need to have for business coaches. A College class for small business coaches will put together college students to pick wherever in the organization world they want to perform.

The very best way for corporations to develop into productive is to employ folks that can occur up with creative approaches to operate a company that will result in sales. Large businesses employ coaches in quite a few unique departments to realize that stop.

For all those men and women who are good with numbers and figures, there are possibilities for accounting coaches. Accounting coaches can help organizations struggling with holding precise information. They can assist accountants in finding far better ways to keep information and economic statements. Mainly because accounting is essential for measuring the results or the failure of an organization, accounting coaches can assist accountants produce capabilities required for decoding moneymakers and flops.

For those who want to get the job done in the promoting stop of a small business, there are work available for marketing and advertising coaches. Advertising coaches enable a business’s advertising office market their items or providers to the buying public in a range of techniques. Establishing different marketing tactics that operate for various firms is a single way a promoting coach can gain a company. How to communicate to possible consumers in the most productive way is yet another task marketing coaches will carry out.

Some small business people have a knack for knowing what shoppers want and know how to market it to the manifeste. Public relation coaches in small business help a company’s employees occur up with methods to get the phrase out about a company’s products and solutions. They also help in establishing a buyer base of shoppers that trust the products an organization sells. Manifeste relation coaches in small business can also aid in the promotion and marketing and advertising departments of a small business.

For these intrigued in continuing their schooling as an enterprise coach, there are a lot more chances for them in specialized departments in massive companies. These incorporate company, govt, and leadership coaches in business.

Corporate coaches in massive organization get the job done as consultants for large companies, operating with a company’s staff members to foster a superior functioning connection as a team. They also seek advice from managers on how to reinforce associations among professionals and personnel. Government coaches for huge organization will support executives in enterprise consulting. They also aid with organization organizing, based mostly on the targets set by the executives. Leadership coaches enable enterprise owners designate responsibilities amid staff. They enable designate jobs in distinct regions of work that may possibly incorporate private development, career satisfaction improve, increased employee overall performance level, and in occupation enhancement.

About the Author

Take a look at the best Business Coach and see the fantastic “>Business Coaching

A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Help Small Businesses Grow

A Virtual Receptionist Service Can Help Small Businesses Grow

Article by Cyril Bird

Many small business owners realize somewhat too late the imperative need for a virtual receptionist after spending valuable business hours answering phone calls instead of developing the business. Small businesses, especially those that have few employees, have found that having a virtual receptionist can spare them the energies so badly needed to concentrate on business growth.

As a matter of fact, small business owners are compelled to wear many hats – accountant, secretary, receptionist, marketing head, general administration, public relations and many more. Let us understand the type of services a Virtual Receptionist can do to help small businesses:

Answer all telephone calls promptly and politely. This is an important function because when customer calls are not properly attended, they will turn to your competitors.Messages will be taken and delivered in real time through email.The Virtual Receptionist is there to offer a professional image of your business to the callersWeb-based control panel will provide immediate 24/7 access to the client account to update instructions, check messages and change user preferencesThe business owner can free himself from the office desk, and attend to other business activities knowing they are not losing business through missed calls.

Hiring remote assistance to help with things like answering calls, fielding email, telemarketing, and setting appointments can free up more of your business time. Outsourcing receptionist and administrative duties is becoming a norm for businesses – particularly those of small size.

This way, you get the assistance needed to keep the business running, handle customer phone calls and email messages, etc. – without the hassle of hiring and supervising a full-time employee. Business owners are beginning to increasingly realize that having remote receptionist coverage is a very cost-effective method to improve business.

In today’s business world communication is critically important, a virtual receptionist is the proper way to reduce overheads, increase efficiency and improve your business image. In fact the virtual receptionist is the most important component in today’s small business office.

But you need to make sure the virtual receptionist is familiar with your genre of business and is fully trained to handle all types of customer calls. They should also be adept in screening, announcing, and transferring your calls anywhere, to your office, home, or even to your cell phone. Your virtual office receptionist is an extension of your office and should do the job as if he or she is part of your staff.

The key however is to find an organization that can provide the Virtual Receptionist service you need and even go beyond the basic requirements. Here is a list of steps that you can take to hire a Virtual Receptionist for your small business:

Browse the Internet and read some reviews about the different agencies.After identifying a proper site, contact them through email to set up a consultation to know first hand, your future assistant.Discreetly verify any references to satisfy that he or she is the best virtual receptionist for your business.Make sure all the features you need are included in the service package. Otherwise, compare the service to other agencies and decide which features are more important for your business.Finally, make sure that you engage an agency that is reasonably priced and competitive.

About the Author

Cyril Bird is a SEO copywriter for Phone System, Toll Free Numbers and Internet Fax Service. He has written many articles in various topics like VoIP Phone Service, 800 Numbers and Answering Service. For more information visit: http://www.ringcentral.com/

Investing for Small Business

Investing for Small Business

Article by Wesley Watkis

Whether a sole-proprietorship, partnership, or a limited liability corporation, all small business owners know that they are already investors in their own business. With so much involved in the day-to-day operations of running a business, many small business owners place investing in the back of their minds. However, this can be a dangerous way to operate. After all, when you’re the boss, you’re also in charge of your own retirement plan and in finding ways to reinvest in the company without damaging the capital you’ve already built.

Here are a few key tips in small business investing:

– Your business is part of your portfolio. When deciding on an investment strategy for your small business, do not neglect to consider your business as a part of your investment portfolio, since you may be able to tap into some of your existing equity or value in order to make new gains.

– Tone down the entrepreneur. When considering your investment strategy for your small business, consider risk. While the entrepreneurial spirit can make a person a successful business owner, it may also make them a horrible investor by encouraging them to take on too much risk. Slow down and understand when and where to be aggressive in your investments.

– Strategize for capital preservation. While your personal portfolio may be built around simple growth, your small business investment portfolio should strategize for capital accumulation and preservation. That way, when lean economic times come, your small business can lean on its portfolio to help generate income.

– Diversify outside your business. Small business owners may want to invest in their industry; after all, it is the industry they know best. But try to avoid putting all of your investments in one industry. If the industry falls on hard times, your business and your portfolio will both take a beating.

– Allocate your assets. It may be tempting to put all of your money in one place, but you need to properly allocate your assets to make them work for you. Stocks can make you a lot of money in the long term but can be risky short term; bonds are less volatile than stocks but also have a lesser yield, and cash in the form of savings and money market accounts do not earn much in comparison. Talk to a financial planner about properly allocating your assets to make your money work best for you and your goals.

This last step, talking to a financial planner, is probably one of the most important you can make. When making decisions on how to build your small business investment portfolio, consult someone who is as good as his or her job as you are at yours. Your financial planner can look at your business, manage risk, and help you to define goals that make sense for your business. Talking to a financial planner will ensure that you create an investment portfolio that makes good financial sense now and for the future.

About the Author

Questions? Email me at wesley@thewandwgroup.com and visit our website at http://www.thewandwgroup.com. New Money Talk is a weekly article focusing on retirement, personal finance, and estate planning.Comments and questions are welcome, but because of the volume of email, personal responses are not always possible.

How does a Small Business Owner Cancel Credit Card Debt?

How does a Small Business Owner Cancel Credit Card Debt?

Article by Peter Carville

There are many options for small business owners to get out from under credit card debt. While many of the same principles apply to individuals getting out of debt or small businesses getting out of debt, there may be more options for small businesses. That is because issuers of unsecured debt (like credit cards) have more leeway when dealing with small business accounts than with personal accounts. In the US, money from the federal stimulus program encourages lenders to settle debts for less than their face value.

The reasoning is that when the economy recovers, small businesses are more likely to begin to turn a profit than an individual card holder, thus stimulating the economy further. In an improved economy, lenders believe they will earn more having small businesses as clients rather than individuals.

There are debt relief specialists who will negotiate on behalf of small businesses with credit card debt, and often they can get improved terms for the debt, such as a cut in interest rates or waiver of fees. But you can do much of this negotiating yourself.

Unfortunately for some small business owners, their business’s debt is inextricably bound up with their personal debt. When just starting out, individuals wanting a small business credit card often have to put their own credit record on the line to be approved. After several years of good payment history, some banks will allow the business’s credit to be separated from the individual’s credit.

If you are responsible for your small business’s credit card debt, then it will mostly be a matter of coping by making minimum payments on time and cutting up the cards so you don’t make the problem worse. If you anticipate trouble meeting your monthly obligations, then don’t wait: call up your credit card issuer and explain the situation clearly and calmly. They don’t want your account going into default any more than you do, and often they are willing to waive fees, lower interest rates, or cut minimum payments in order to keep your account afloat until your situation improves.

If you are unable to avail yourself of any federal stimulus package programs or services that will negotiate on your behalf, then you will have to take action: retrieve any cards held by employees, and cut them up as well as your company credit card. The first step toward getting out of credit card debt is to stop the hemorrhaging of money by not using the cards.

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Peter Carville is a freelance article writer who writes for Financial Facts about the current financial news and the credit crunch.