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Choose an Elder Care Facility with IP Video Surveillance

Choose an Elder Care Facility with IP Video Surveillance

Article by Sam Pascucci

It is always sad to see our parents become mentally or physically debilitated by age. For the first half of our lives, our parents were the ones taking care of us, and even after we’d technically grown up and started families of our own, they have always been there whenever we needed help or comfort. So when they reach a time in their lives that they need someone to care for them, it’s hard to trust strangers to do the job, even if they are professionals. Still, the fact is that most of us just don’t have the skills, knowledge, equipment or proper facilities that our parents need later in life. In short, we simply can’t offer the quality elder care that some people need. If an elder can no longer live without full-time assistance and care, a nursing home is really the only smart option. But with so many horror stories circulating about elder abuse and neglect in apparently reputable institutions, it’s hard to know which one to trust. Choosing a quality elder care facility that uses digital Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance can ease your mind, and allows you to check on your parents’ well-being anytime, from anywhere.

The Benefits of IP Video Surveillance

Internet Protocol enabled digital cameras can be hooked into a system network, allowing selected users to access the live action video feed and recording from any internet connected device, at any time. Using a secured password system, and with permission from the facility manager, you can actually check in on the video-feed monitoring your parents’ activities and care. Many facilities use this remarkable capability not only to better monitor and coordinate security efforts, but as a remote monitoring system for nurses caring for high needs patients. Using the elder surveillance network video feed, nurses and care staff can instantly check in on patients, and even do a visual response to an alert to assess a problem before responding in person. This saves time and resources- both of which can be critical factors in the success of any emergency response effort.

If you are worried about your parents’ privacy, keep in mind that video cameras will not be placed in privacy areas such as bathrooms, and the facilities director will need special permission and a request from you to place them within private bedrooms as well. Most elder care facilities that use camera surveillance will place them in public areas, such as sitting, dining, activity and reception rooms, in visually prominent areas so that employees, clients and visitors know that their actions are being monitored and recorded. Not only does this visual reminder serve as a deterrent in its own right, it provides people with the comfort of knowing that keeping track of their loved-one’s well-being is important to the people in charge of the elder care facility.

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Surveillance is Now Easy with Security Cameras

Surveillance is Now Easy with Security Cameras

Article by victorben

With the increasing crime rate in the country, security has become the biggest concern of the masses these days. Everyone wants to live in a safe and secure environment. When people walk out of their homes, it is important for them to ensure that the household is safe, with appropriate security arrangements that provide complete surveillance. People, therefore, are looking for the options that provide them total security solutions in today’s uncertain life.

Home security allows the users viable options to maintain vigilant security checks of their places. This is because the equipments possess the latest technologies that deliver high quality services. These equipments are designed keeping in the mind the needs and demands of the people.

Several home security solutions, which are widely known as surveillance systems Vancouver, are available in the market these days. One of the most widely accepted and used surveillance systems Vancouver is security camera Vancouver. Security camera Vancouver is the device that provides security to the place 24X7. This helps in providing security to the place even when no one is present at the place.

Security camera Vancouver is embedded with advanced and unique security features that are most reliable against intruder surveillance and detection. These cameras facilitate the user to enjoy an environment that is safe and secure. Security camera Vancouver is easily accessible through internet, through which the user can keep a constant eye over the property, even in his absence.

These days, custom home security systems that are installed in the home after assessing the requirements of the place are also available. These home security systems can be integrated with the lighting network, which intelligently reacts to any intrusion and alerts the user regarding any malicious movement around the premises. Nowadays, almost all the surveillance cameras are equipped with tamper detection technology that enables the user to know about the malicious attempts done to remove or deface the camera from the place where it was installed.

Apart from cameras, several options that provide security solutions to the place are available in the market and users can choose the most suitable one, depending upon his financial strength. With the development and incorporation of such home security solutions, users have a sense of assurance that their place is always under a watchful eye.

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Surveillance and Security System Must-Haves

Surveillance and Security System Must-Haves

Article by Provision Security

Surveillance, the monitoring and recording of information, natural phenomenon and activities from a distance is an integral part of a full functioning security system. The use of surveillance cameras in public places such as malls, supermarkets, banks, and corporate buildings is now almost a routinary process. According to a 2005 statistic by the Homeland Security Agency, crimes of theft, burglary, and vandalism decreased by 2% after the installation of video surveillance equipment on the streets and in public establishments. However, they did note that crime prevention rates remained the same, but investigation procedures did speed up due to these surveillance cameras.

Since the raised awareness of terrorism due to the September 11 Bombing of the World Trade Center, even small establishments like convenience stores and boutiques turned to the help of security system company to provide them with full security in their buildings. One good example may be seen in the Anytime Fitness Gym where they sought the help of Provision Security after a breaking and entering incident. Provision Security is one of the most reliable security system company across Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. They can provide the necessary residential or commercial security system equipment and devices in order to ensure safety for the people in these establishments.

The Anytime Fitness security system is complete with almost every essential surveillance, alarm, and access control equipment for a safe and full functioning commercial building. Surveillance cameras are installed in crucial areas of the building, including those that are strictly for the staff of the gym. Video surveillance is also strategically placed in all entrance and exit points of the building so there is full view of who is coming in and out. Access control is also a key feature of Anytime Fitness Security because the system has a tailgating detection device that sounds an alarm when more than one person has made use of key card or has entered the door without one. Their access control provides each member and staff with a unique key card that is registered into a software that triggers the doors to open and close. Information on whose key card has been used is logged in and recorded for information use.

Commercial security systems also help with more than just security. One Tampa supermarket has been using their surveillance system to conduct market studies on some of their products as well. What they do is to observe customer behavior and preference over a specific product which allows them to make better revenue-making strategies. Also, store lay-out and customer behavior towards a store’s look has also been observed so they can formulate better ideas as to how to present and display their products in the store.

For higher levels of security, sometimes, video surveillance and alarm systems don’t seem enough. More restricted areas are installed with biometrics, a special feature of a security system that makes use of a person’s unique physical characteristics like fingerprints and voice for access into an establishment. Tampa government buildings have made use of biometrics to survey and secure their areas.

For more information on security system installation in the areas of Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, try contacting Provision Security.

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