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How to write blog to improve SEO

How to write blog to improve SEO

Article by Allan Mathews

The diction of blogs is very important for SEO, however to achieve the desired results and improve your ranking needs to follow a few tricksWriting content for a web site can be a chore but it is very necessary for your website promotes your business in better way. In regard to the positioning must consider other factors when you create and publish blogs to improve positioning. Below are some tips for blogs in the best way possible.Absorbent Titles The title of the blog has to be sharp, relevant, and descriptive and contain a keyword. A short descriptive title that users will never seek and search engines could not understand it makes no sense, so rich titles keyword added relevance.Relevant Meta descriptionGoogle takes only the first part of the Meta description for that has to make sure that the description has a number of less than 160 characters. The Meta description is to summarize the theme of the blog in 1 or 2 sentences and include the main keywords.The main categories and keywordsTo help the user find the blog you can provide the best information in the module for the blog is to establish the categories. Each category must have a keyword, and 5-8 categories are enough.Include keywordsThe main objective is to write keyword-rich blogs because the main reason to write blogs is to add relevant content and web site. Every blog has to focus on the product, service or aspect of your business and is focusing on a maximum of 3 keywords so that Google can understand the theme of the blog. Each keyword should be used on the blog 3 times and should be in bold.Use the header H2Since the header tags are used to add relevance to the blog have to be used at least once in the blog. The addition of headers on the blog is useful to divide the text in paragraphs and attract users. If you need additional divisions can use the header H3.Link to posts related pagesThe creation of internal links is one of the main objectives for which they write blogs, and are useful for increasing the authority of the website’s main pages you want indexed. Search engines read blogs and follow the links at the blog. Most often the web spiders read your site and your site will get more authority. Instead we advise you not because it will give external links page rank to other sites and not take advantage of yours.Copy and paste blogsBlogs written in Microsoft Word and then pasted into the blog module could be damaged by formatting problems. Then we recommend you copy and paste the contents in Notepad before you paste software in the blog module to remove all formatting issues that could make way for the errors.BloggingMany of the modules for the blog now have features to handle errors in grammar and spelling mistakes but it is very important to read the content before publishing. Since the blog on your website and represents your brand must be sure that no errors in the content.Bulleted or numbered listCreate a numbered list in the blog is useful to draw users’ attention on the main points of the blog also allows you to add keywords and improve SEO. Blogs also facilitate the promotion of products and services.There is no doubt that implementation of these factors on their blogs for search engine positioning will help increase your ranking in the list of results from search engines but this may take time and require resources.

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Write for craft boxes

Write for craft boxes

Article by Chady Leonard

Small craft boxes made from cardboard or wood are normally found in lots of craft stores. These boxes could be decorated to fit your decor in your home as well as to work as gift boxes during holidays and birthdays. Creating decorated craft boxes is a good technique to use old wrapping paper or recycle cards. Understand that you can utilize identical process to be seen empty cigar boxes or any small boxes you may have at your residence.Wooden craft boxes are typically manufactured from thin, inexpensive woods like pine, and in many cases, particleboard manufactured from compacted wood chips bobs. Built to be relatively cheap for craft projects, craft boxes may be used so that you can express your artistic ability or apply an affordable touch to your simple box familiar with store small items or mementos.Wood boxes gives excellent reasons gifts or containers for gifts. Decorating wooden craft boxes definitely makes the package as beautiful or interesting since the gift inside. Painting a box is simple and anyone, also a child, is capable of doing this dependant upon the impracticality of the look you end up picking.A beautifully decorated craft boxes could be used to house your selected recipes, special trinkets through your travels or meaningful love letters out of your spouse or partner. You are able to transform an ordinary box, maybe a shoebox, into a luxuriant craft box by decorating it with craft materials and supplies. To generate a beautiful craft box, you must apply materials on the box in such a way that will enable the decorations to stay around the box for years.Craft boxes can be used gifts or simply for storing small items from around the house. As an alternative to wasting money getting a dolled-up box from your retailer, create your own and include a personal touch to the gift or the house decor.It’s storming plus the household is stuck inside. The perfect time to visualize some activities to hold your kids busy. They will spend a long time coupled to the television or computer. Assembled a rain day craft box and also hardwearing . kids’ minds and creativity from exploding for a day’s playing indoors.Wooden craft boxes are extremely inexpensive that it must be tempting to purchase them in case you not have the slightest idea what you want to do using them. Naturally, the difficult work of developing the lamp is done, leaving the fun of decorating it. Craft boxes may be used in several ways, which provide the chance of decorating diversion.Boxes can be produced employing a vast number of craft techniques. Styles and methods vary based on the intended technique boxes, the supplies you’ve accessible, your own craft skills as well as the look you should achieve. Paper, fabric and needlecrafts can be utilized to make boxes yourself or even to decorate plain cardboard or wooden boxes.Decorating an ordinary box offers you the opportunity show some creative flair while creating a handy storage container for your self or simply a friend. Complete a few matching boxes to hold on to photos or files for your bookshelf or go wild with material or found objects to generate a crazy gift box for the friend’s birthday or function. A fairly easy project that has to have not many tools, decorating a box is a wonderful day you need it activity.Paper and cardstock is often cut, folded and glued into boxes of practically size and shape. You should check the dwelling of cardboard boxes and copy the design or draw your personal “net” having a pencil and ruler. Experience cheap office paper and tape before making use of your chosen materials to guarantee your design creates a box you’re satisfied with. Cubes are definitely the easiest boxes in making but the majority geometric and rounded shapes are achievable. Origami techniques enables you to fold variously shaped boxes originating from a single notepad. The dimensions of the actual simply is determined by how big the the small note credit card debt negotiation with. Instructions can be found online or perhaps in origami books.

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How To Write High Converting Emails: 9 Email Marketing Tips To Follow

How To Write High Converting Emails: 9 Email Marketing Tips To Follow

Article by Jeremy Gislason

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to learning how to write high converting emails. Unlike the kind of emails you send to your friends, co-workers and business associates, high converting emails aren’t always addressed to someone you know personally or even recognize by face at all. Most of the time, these emails are simply broadcasted to a list of email addresses with no faces.

However, there are some things you can learn from sending regular emails that you can apply to these marketing emails. Read on to find out how to write high converting emails.

Email Marketing Tip # 1: Be Friendly.

As you would a friend, adopt a relaxed and pleasant tone in your emails. You may not be aiming to develop a close friendship with the recipients, but you’re still aiming to form a trusted relationship with them. Besides, being friendly gives your otherwise professional email a personality, a face.

Email Marketing Tip # 2: But Not Too Friendly.

Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard with the niceness either. Some people might interpret that as being pushy or aggressive. And as far as marketing emails go, becoming a little pushy automatically marks you as spam.

Avoid making your letter sound too much like a love confession. Try not to sound desperate when attempting to get people to buy a certain product. Start with a friendly greeting then state the facts and what they can get out of the deal.

Email Marketing Tip # 3: Be Wary of HTML emails.

While sending an html email (with graphics) sounds like a good idea, it’s actually not quite as advisable. Some email programs don’t really support html email properly (or at all), while a few may filter them out as spam.

And if your message turns out looking a little less like it’s supposed to be, then you’ve just made yourself and the product you’re representing look somewhat incompetent. Being perceived as incompetent (even though it’s not true) almost always translates to untrustworthy in the minds of customers.

After all, you can’t exactly point your finger at the email program or blame your recipient’s slow Internet connection. Html email is risky and has proven itself to be more trouble than it’s worth. To be sure, send out text emails.

Email Marketing Tip # 4: Capture Them with a Fine Subject Line.

Experienced Internet users can usually tell from the subject heading alone whether an email message is worth opening or not. While a very minor detail, it still has a large impact on your recipients. One look at your subject heading is all it takes for them to decide whether to click on it or to send it to the spam folder.

There are many ways to get a person’s attention. Some like to insert a “you” in their subjects because it appeals to a person’s basic instincts. Others like to start with a bang with controversial headlines.

Email Marketing Tip # 5: Be Specific When Addressing Your Recipient.

Opening your email with the phrase “to whom it may concern” is a big turn off. If you want to make a good impression right from the start, address them by their name.

Most autoresponders allow you to place a certain syntax, where the syntax is replaced by the subscriber’s first name upon sending.

“Hello David” sounds a hundred times better than “to whom it may concern,” don’t you think?

Email Marketing Tip # 6: Keep It Short and Sweet.

Even though you have a rocking headline, keep your message brief yet informative. People don’t exactly have a lot of time to read long messages (much less long messages from someone who’s trying to sell them something). Besides, keeping it short and to the point makes them hunger for more information.

Email Marketing Tip # 7: Focus on the Benefits, Not the Features.

Sometimes, people don’t realize just how much they can benefit from your product. Even if you list down all 100 of your product’s amazing features, they’ll still need a large arrow pointing which ones can benefit them personally.

To save them a lot of time (and to maintain their interest as well), zero in on how your product can help them lead a better life. If your product is an e-book that can help them earn additional income, for example, saying “find out how to earn big bucks in just seven minutes” ought to do the trick!

Email Marketing Tip # 8: Use Bullet Points.

Bullet points are your best friend. They help summarize what you intend to say in a just a few direct to the point lines. Using bullet points also helps you highlight the important benefits of purchasing your product.

Email Marketing Tip # 9: Earn Their Trust.

When writing emails, you also need to keep in mind that your recipients might belong to the huge group of Internet users who have been burned by spam before.

To help earn their trust, make sure you put relevant information about you and the product at the end of your message. Giving them a contact number or an email address they can direct their inquiries to also amps up your credibility factor.

Learning how to write high converting emails is easy and will prove to be quite profitable in the future! Take note of all the tips and tricks mentioned in this article so you won’t have a hard time attracting your prospects.

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How to Write an Impressive Science Paper

How to Write an Impressive Science Paper

Article by Kelvin Brown

Teachers always want their students to work with the pace of the developing world when they are writing their science papers. However students don’t have the experiences and writing skills in order to come up with quality custom science papers. This is because students may be so much engaged in extra curricular activities or generally they have other assignments to do on other courses during their studies. A person who knows how to write an impressive science should have all the writing skills and good organization of ideas. For all kinds of science papers such as science essays, science theses or science dissertations, there are general rules that should be followed to generate good research papers. The science papers have descriptive introductions that suggest the topics of discussion. A good introduction of a science paper should introduce the topic clearly, giving the thesis statement which also important in every term paper since it gives the importance of doing a certain research. The organization of ideas and native writing of the writer is seen in the body of the document whereby the arguments are given in an orderly manner. The information of the science paper should be obtained from wide variety of sources whereby the writer should visit all the online available libraries and internet to obtain the latest information. The arguments of the writer should be accompanied by examples or evidences in order to give proofs or support claims. The conclusion which is normally the last paragraph of a custom science paper, should give an overview of the main ideas in the paper and it should be brief and short enough. For college students who are in trouble whenever they want to write academic papers on science, they often go to those companies which produce the best legitimate science papers. The writer of any of these companies should be in a good position to write custom papers in the very shortest time possible to beat the deadline of the professor. Therefore a quality company of high integrity employs writers who have good academic backgrounds in order to write term papers for them. The writers are efficient enough in the writing such that they can finish the science papers on time to meet the demands of the clients and promote efficiency of the company. The writer should also understand all the writing styles when writing term papers so that he/she can have proper citation and reference page containing details of sources employed according to the standard of writing as required by the instructor of the science paper. Improper use of referencing style leads to plagiarism of science papers whereby the ideas of another person are used in the papers without the writer acknowledging the use of the source. Plagiarism is very delicate issue in term paper writing because if the professor finds out that the document of the student is plagiarized, it leads to failure and sometimes dismissal from studies. The writer therefore must take this critically when writing science papers by having the aspect of originality of writing. In order to achieve its goals, a custom company should offer good services to its customers like producing affordable custom science papers. The company should also make its staff members quality by providing support to the writers e.g. having the editors to assist writers in proof reading science papers.

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Freelance Copywriter Secrets: 7 Ways To Write Powerful Benefit Statments

Freelance Copywriter Secrets: 7 Ways To Write Powerful Benefit Statments

Article by Charles Brown

freelance copywriter, copywriting tips, white papers, rainmaking tips

I read a major magazine from cover to cover the other day, looking at the advertisements. These are ads that cost the companies thousands of dollars to run, but throughout my reading I kept thinking, “where are the benefits?”

When I reached the end, I realized that less than 10% of the ads were benefit oriented. And yet, if you were to ask the copywriters who wrote these ads, each of them could give you a lengthy lecture on how important strong benefit statements are to writing good copy.

The problem is that many of us think we are writing about benefits, but we are writing only near misses. We use words that take the place of benefits and mistake them for the benefits themselves. But here are 7 ways that can help you (and me) write stronger benefits statements:

Don’t write a single sentence of your copy until you first write out an entire page full of benefits. If your product or service is relatively complex, your benefits list may run into several pages. This exercise alone cuts through our natural tendency to write only superficial benefit statements. By the time you get past the first 10 or so, your benefits will start becoming stronger and stronger.As yo write your list, think about your product as either a solution or an opportunity. What kind of pain will this widget take away? What new opportunities will it open up?Get past the tendency to write about features but think we are writing about benefits. This happens when we are so close to the product or service that our minds translate a feature into the benefit it was designed to bring about. For example, if to a car industry insider, anti-lock braking systems mean safety. But to everyone else, that leap in imaginiation takes additional explanation. Fix this by tagging each statement with a sentence like, “and what this means to you, is……”Approach your product or service from the point of view of your targeted customer. Write out a long list (fill up several pages, again) with sentences that begin with, “this is for the person (or organization) who wants ______. Looking at your product from the perspective of what the customer wants opens up more and more insights that you can easily turn into benefit statements.Take the benefit statements you’ve already written and go one or more levels deeper. Let’s take the auto braking system again. Now your want sentence my be, “for the person who wants the confidence while driving in bad weather.” Or, “for the person who wants to be able to avoid accidents caused by unexpected mistakes from other drives or pedestrians.”Don’t forget to write emotional benefits. Sometimes we think only of the practical types of benefits, but certain emotions and feelings can be just as important to the customer as the “what it will do for me” practical ones. In your list of sentences describing “for the person who wants _____,” be sure to include feelings this person wants to feel. Continuing with the brake example, “this is for the car owner who wants to feel secure when his teenage daughter is driving alone on a stormy night,” includes the kinds of feelings that are true benefits for potential customers.A good benefit statement can sometimes be a negative. Often the things a person doesn’t want or wants to avoid are just as persuasive as those that are stated in the positive. Don’t forget to include benefit statements that clearly define what a person does not want in your list of benefits.Benefit statements are the building blocks of all the work a freelance writer does. The people who read our ads, web content or direct mail pieces are only interested in what your product or service will do for them. When your benefits ring true to them, you are speaking their language.

freelance copywriter, copywriting tips, white papers, rainmaking tips

COPYRIGHT(C)2006, Charles Brown. All rights reserved.

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Get New Clients With Irresistible Copywriting! Charles Brown is a Dallas, Texas based freelance copywriter who writes web copy, advertisements, white papers and direct mail. Read his “Freelance Copywriter Secrets” at http://dynamiccopywriting.blogspot.com or contact him at 817.715.3852 or **charbrow@gmail.com**.

If You Want to Write, Then Just Do It

If You Want to Write, Then Just Do It

Article by Michelle Linn-Gust

There is a reality to being a writer that most people don’t understand: You will never have time to do as much of it as you’d like. Life has a funny way of sliding between you and writing. Get used to it and learn to work around it.

People talk about how if they could get enough time together they could write that novel they’ve been thinking about. Or if they could spend a week at the beach, they could do a lot of writing there. Those aren’t the times to write. Writing should be slipped between the cracks and crevices of living life because it’s in living life that you will find what to write about.

• First set a goal for each day. For some people it’s a word count or for others it’s a certain number of pages. Try it a few different ways and you’ll see which works better for you. Quality isn’t always as important as quantity especially in the beginning as you’re disciplining yourself to write each day. That’s your focus.

• Reward yourself for keeping up with your goals. Maybe after you’ve reached a certain number of pages or words, get something for yourself that you’ve been wanting and or reward yourself in another way. Heck, take a day off! Sometimes a day off can rejuvenate you and bring you need ideas.

• You don’t always need a quiet writing space. A quiet writing space might not be possible in your home. You don’t have to write in the same place each day. I actually write on airplanes. Long flights are great because I won’t be interrupted by anyone but the flight attendant (or the kid kicking my seat back). Learn to tune out the chaos around you because you’ll never make it go away. It’s part of your life, it’s part of you. And if you want writing to be part of your life, then you need to integrate it just like you brush your teeth each day.

• Take notes. Use sticky notes or scraps of paper. No matter where you are, make sure that a notepad and writing utensil is nearby. You never know when those thoughts are going to come. You might consider keeping a scuba writing board in your shower. Some of the best thoughts can come during the shower when you’re washing your hair and have uninterrupted time to think. You might not know where the thought you write down belongs but that’s okay, stick it in a file of random notes and one day you also can use it as a writing starter when you don’t feel you have anything to write about.

• Writer’s block is only for those who believe in it. Maybe you aren’t supposed to do a lot of writing on one day. Maybe you’re supposed to spend time with your family or go for a walk where you have time to think. If it’s not working, then go do something else unrelated and you’ll find that when you’re ready, what you need will come to you and you can get started.

Many people talk about how they have a book inside them but few follow through with writing it. Everyone has the ability to make that dream come true. The key is making it happen. No excuses. Just do it.

About the Author

Michelle Linn-Gust, Ph.D., is an international author and speaker about finding hope during times of loss and change. She is the author of several books including Ginger’s Gift: Hope and Healing Through Dog Companionship. Her first book, based on the suicide of her younger sister Denise, Do They Have Bad Days in Heaven? Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Sibling, inspired siblings around the world in their survival after a loved one’s suicide. To learn more please visit: http://www.michellelinngust.com

The best way to Write a Top quality Movie Review

The best way to Write a Top quality Movie Review

Article by Pat Jacalyn

Writing movie reviews could be a fantastic interest. With enough operate, it can perhaps become a fantastic occupation. However, writing a movie review can be tougher compared to it may seem. Thankfully, you’ll find an amount of methods one can take to help to make high-quality, exciting movie reviews that men and women will relish reading and be considering looking at much more of work. In this article, Let me review some fundamental elements of a movie review that may cause them to become equally educational and fascinating.

Think about realize is that nobody actually loves your own thoughts and opinions. Nobody really wants to read about that which you such as as well as don’t like. In the end, that they like along with don’t like points, as well. Whatever you carry out, talk about the attributes of the movie, not necessarily regarding your personal comments. Movie reviews, in the end, usually are not polls.

Onto the strategies…

Talk About the particular Direction: Mention your direction associated with a certain film. You must speak about the options the representative constructed with value to music, lights and how the particular routines communicate. Remember to brand the actual movie director with the film. It is a great possiblity to hyperlink to various other reviews regarding movies from the exact same director.

Speak about your Actors: Make a choice as well as two of your celebrities inside movie as well as focus on their shows. Who came anyone to their heroes and exactly why? Whom very best brought out your themes in the film using the acting? Had been right now there anybody who stood out for the incorrect motives?

Speak about the look of the actual Video: This is a common group, however, you could mention the application of coloration, involving units, involving cinematography or perhaps associated with tricks. Videos, after all, are generally an aesthetic channel, which means you must talk about exactly how that channel is used. You can even focus on things like using darkness, particular digicam tips and so forth.

Discuss the particular Themes: Motion pictures are concerning a thing. What was this specific movie with regards to? When you’ve discussed the style, discuss exactly how properly the actual motion picture brought out the concept or even virtually any ways that the idea do the particular concept an injustice. Just what does this kind of movie have to say about the concept that is superior to any other motion picture. Themes are likely to be what directors tend to be most considering, so simply by talking about this particular, you’ll go over the actual film when it comes to what are the overseer had in mind.

Assess the actual Motion picture with Films: You’ll find a few solutions to do this. Initial, it’s often a good idea to discuss exactly how this specific movie comes even close to various other videos from the same overseer, as well as what sort of routines of the actors can compare to various other shows simply by those famous actors. When you are conducting this particular, touch upon what exactly is specific concerning this movie relative to individuals with the same artists. Second, you are able to touch upon the actual way it even compares to various other films with the same simple styles. Will it reveal exactly the same styles inside a far more informative approach? May be the film re-inventing a previously better-invented wheel?

Comment on the building of the Motion picture: 1 good key whenever critiquing a movie would be to reply to the actual creating or even submitting. In case a film proceeded to go over-budget, or perhaps if an professional chose this particular movie around yet another, this information can be interesting and some thing readers may well not recognize, regardless of whether they’ve already witnessed the actual motion picture. You can even comment on the way it had been acquired with motion picture celebrations, whether or not this was originally unveiled presently there.

Following an earlier mentioned actions will allow you to write intriguing, notable and useful movie reviews that individuals will in fact want to read. Content observing!

About the Author

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7 Inspiring Reasons to Write a Book

7 Inspiring Reasons to Write a Book

Article by Earma Brown

Are you looking for someone to inspire you? Why not activate the law of reciprocity by inspiring someone else first. Write the book you’ve been dreaming of writing and you may inspire a whole generation.

You could take your natural wisdom or professional expertise and write it into a book. Your audience is waiting for you to inspire them. They’ll love you for it. They’ll buy your book and become fans of yours. They will tell all their friends about your wonderful book. It will happen all because you decided to share your wisdom in a book. Here’s 7 more inspiring reasons to write a book:

1. Write a book and leave a legacy. We all leave legacies in our lives to our children or those we have influenced along the way. After realizing that, our job becomes to leave the best legacy we can. Aim to fill your book with timeless information. Use principles and laws that aren’t subject to change with each season. Write your book this way and it is sure to inspire those in the next generation and beyond.

2. Write a book and change destinies. It’s intriguing how a couple of words can make a difference in one’s life. Don’t be careless with what you put in your book. You have the opportunity to change a heart or mind with your words. Perhaps you are writing a book to inspire others about your favorite cause. Weigh your words carefully to influence your audience and perhaps change their destiny.

3. Write a book and inspire others for good. Inspire others with success experiences that motivate your audience to do more, give more or share more? Share your experiences to motivate your audience. Share how you overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in your life or professional field. It will motivate your audience to think if you did it; they can do it too.

4. Write a book and activate the law of reciprocity. The law of reciprocity simply put says what you give out will come back to you. So if you are looking for inspiration, why not give inspiration in your book? It will surely come back to you; usually it comes back in a way you least expect it.

5. Write a book and create your own destiny. Take destiny in your own hands and shape your life and future. Stop waiting around for some big name publisher to commission you to write the next best seller. Make your own commitment to write your book and inspire your world in the process.

6. Write a book and dream bigger dreams. Many aspiring authors kill their dreams with small thinking. They listen to those around them telling them they can’t because neither of you know anyone that did. Be the first; dream a bigger dream. My vote says you can. All you need is one other vote to get it done. That vote is yours. Vote yes; write your inspirational book and inspire those you influence.

7. Write a book and touch lives. Will your book offer a greater understanding of life? Have you been gifted with a deep wisdom about life? Put small excerpts of your understanding throughout your book. Sprinkle your quotes along with other famous philosophers or world thinkers within your book. If you have special understanding of human nature, bless the global community with it in your book.

Are you excited about inspiring others with your completed book yet? Don’t keep waiting for inspiration to come to you. You could be this time next year looking for that experience. Go ahead; write your very own book and inspire others. Then get in expectancy for the law of reciprocity to work; some wonderful things are coming your way. Here’s to seeing your inspirational words in print!

About the Author

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How To Write Useful Movie Reviews

How To Write Useful Movie Reviews

Article by Vikram Kumar

What is one of the first things you consider when trying to determine if you should see a certain movie or not? It is almost always what other people?s opinion about that movie is or, what the movie reviews are. These reviews, or the latest movie news, are a great way to help people determine if a movie sounds good enough for them to see so it?s extremely convenient for many. Where would we be without them? And where would we be without the people who write these reviews? If you are interested in movies and love to write, then here are some pointers for writing movie reviews.

Before you begin undertaking this project, you need to do a few obvious things. First, you?ll want to find the movie you are going to watch. Second, find out who the actors are, whom the director is, what?s the story about, and all the contextual information you can find. Third, write your opinion of the movie in one sentence that is clear and concise so the audience understands your point of view from the bat. And finally, find certain scenes in the movie that support your opinions.

Remember that you are giving valuable movie news to many people. Take notes as you watch the movie. You could even go as far as watching the film twice to help you absorb more details about the film. Basically when movie reviews are written, the reviewers are giving a personal opinion about the movie. Although this is true, you also want to give an opinion that is neutral and not too much one sided. This allows the reader to form his or her own idea and opinion over the matter.

You also should take into consideration the audience that you?ll be approaching. If you are writing movie news to children, then, the approach would be entirely different than if you were to write a review for the general public. So just keep the audience in mind and the people who will be your primary target when writing.

Always remember that the information you give should not be so much information that it gives the plot away or certain surprises. The evaluation of the movie is purely for the purpose of telling your readers why they should or shouldn?t watch it. You can mention things such as crewmembers, actors, and directors. How well did the actors do? Did they portray the characters well? What about the technicalities of the movie? You could include insight on things such as the music, cinematography, art direction, editing lighting, and much more.

If you have some criticism to give in the movie reviews, then by all means, give some. This way you can give informational movie news to people letting them know what you thought could have made the movie better. Don?t give too much criticism though; just giving a little can serve its purpose well.

These tips are important aspects to keep in mind when writing movie reviews. Just don?t throw so much information at the readers that it kills their enthusiasm to even watch the movie. You want the movie news you give them to be concise and serve a purpose that will give the readers a desire to see the movie and make a decision for themselves whether it was worth their time.

About the Author

If you want to see some great examples of Movie Reviews on the web, then head to Movie-Vault. You?ll find top-notch reviews, as well as some exciting new Movie News to keep you busy for hours!

Write The Perfect Super Bowl Ad: No Real Writing Required?!?

Write The Perfect Super Bowl Ad: No Real Writing Required?!?

Article by Kevin Browne

I want to make this point crystal clear: if you write a Super Bowl ad and it gets produced and shown on the big game down in Florida, your life will be in jeopardy.


Because the people in the ad business that live and breathe advertising have desperately wanted to accomplish that their ENTIRE careers. (That’s really why they work weekends, spouses!)

Writing a Super Bowl ad is their Mount Everest.

And if you come in and actually write a Super Bowl ad that we end up seeing, and you’re not in the business…well, that’s just crazy.

But here’s why its actually doable:


Dead wrong.

‘Writing’ a Super Bowl Ad is 95% about dreaming up a great idea and then 5% making sure you have one great line at the end of the idea.

That’s right. The ‘writing’ aspect that most people fear ISN’T really writing at all. What you’ll be doing is called…

…concepting. Much, much different than writing. And that’s why the NFL Write a Super Bowl Ad Contest is VERY winnable by someone outside of the advertising world! (Hat’s off to the NFL.)

Writing a book is writing. Writing for CNN IN Iraq is writing. Writing commercials the rest of the year is writing (arguably).

But ‘writing’ a Super Bowl ad is about you dreaming up a killer idea for a brand. You, and a cup of Earl Grey, or a frosty beer, and a set of pads and a Sharpie.

What you’ll be ‘writing’ on your pad will look a lot like this:

“Joe Montana walks into a bar

in the old West. He notices

a skunk at the bar…(MORE HERE)”

Or like this…

“The guy who laces up all the

footballs for the Super Bowl

is missing and his family

thinks…(MORE HERE)”


“The grocery store is boarded up.

The bowling alley is empty…

The airport is closed…

Why…because…(MORE HERE)”

These are scenarios. They are the theater of the Super Bowl spot that you will write. There are no mechanics to them at this point. There is idea concepting.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s very hard. But this is about you wring a Super Bowl ad, so suffer through it.

Write down as many concepts as you can. Then short list them. Then be brutal on your ideas and narrow them down to 4 Not 3…four. Everyone does the Rule of Three, but you’re trying to be a copywriter…and copywriters do things differently.

Give yourself the time to keep knocking your best ad off its perch (constantly put better and better ads in its place.)

Then, and only after you are convinced that you have written a Super Bowl ad worthy of being produced, do you need to go in and write a line of COPY that ties everything back to the brand…(or in this case for the NFL).

Yes, that’s the extent of the formal writing you’ll need to do. That’s all of it.

But here’s the kicker (pun very much intended here)…it had better be brilliant. Your single line or two of copy had better explain your commercial PERFECTLY. It had also better elevate the brand, and please the salespeople and, and, and…

Basically, and do everything a Super Bowl spot line needs to do.

That’s why it’s SO important when you get to the actual writing to weigh EVERY SINGLE WORD YOU USE. Don’t tell the consumer ‘why.’ Be as assumptive as you can and write the ‘because.’ Because Pepsi is so great…


The rule of thumb for your copy is two and a half words equal one second of air time.

Don’t use more than 5 seconds of air time on your copy.

Bet you never thought writing a Super Bowl ad involved so little actual WRITING, did you?

Kevin Browne spent twenty plus years as a Creative Director and a Senior Copywriter on Madison Avenue. During that time he wrote and produced hundreds of television commercials.

Kevin is now the founder of http://www.become-a-copywriter.com instructing advertising hopeefuls on EXACTLY how to master the specifics of copywriting.

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