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The World’s Worst Airlines

Here are the world’s 5 worst airlines to fly with!

1. Peru’s Taca

Taca are from Peru and are a terrible airline company. They messed up our flight and have screwed up a load of other people’s flights down the years. The bus would have been faster! They are best avoided!! Avoid using Taca if you are in Peru.

2. Australian Airline Jetstar

You should avoid Jetstar – they are a horrible company with a bad reputation. They often have delayed flights, cancelled flights and never offer any kind of compensation. As companies go they are easily one of the worst out there!!

3. Aerolineas from Argentina

OK so I’m including this company but they’re the best of this bad bunch to be honest – the onboard stewards were friendly and they eventually sorted me out. BUT here’s what they did during the only three flights I took with them:

– they changed my flight time 3 times

– even made me change airports at Buenos Aires

– my flight was cancelled

– they then delayed my new flight and refused to give me a coffee for free

– they put the blame on these mistakes down to a computer error


Cathay Pacific managed to lose my bag on a long haul flight then they claimed they had no record of me putting my bag on the flight. Totally crazy experience and no compensation offered when they finally found my bag and returned it to me five days later.

5. Cheap Company Air Asia

Air Asia have to be the worst airline company out there. They offer no compensation whatsoever for any kind of cancelled or delayed flight. Not even a free cup of tea and I have been on lots of delayed and cancelled flights from them!

– Never trust Air Asia

As a person who has worked in the travel industry, the customer service industry and in Public Relations during my life, I’m fairly qualified and knowledge to know that these 5 shit airline companies suck. I would like to mention that Aerosur (Bolivia), Ryanair (Ireland), Air Canada (Canada) and British Airways (England) have all been good airline companies to fly with.

I will be doing a few more negative posts in future as all my travel stuff just seems a bit too happy and we all know that a lifestyle of travel isn’t really like that!

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