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Boca Raton Florida Is A Safe City For All

If you are looking for a safe city to live in, Boca Raton Florida is a viable option to consider. They have a system of citizen protection plans that are designed to deliver aid and assistance to those in need as well as deter any person intent on committing a crime from doing so. Both the police and fire departments partner with citizens and businesses to ensure the highest level of security for all citizens in the city.

The overall crime rate in this city is lower than the average rate not only in the the state but also nationwide. There have been no homicides in the city for two years and prior to that only four in the previous three years. The other areas of their crime report show the same low levels of occurrence. This can be attributed to two factors that make the police department superior to many others.

The extensive training given to the officers is a large contributing factor for the level of success enjoyed by the police department. Continued education is also a major part of their job description and helps keep them abreast of new techniques and equipment that is available to assist them. These two things combined with community response to specific programs provide very good results.

Two of the more successful programs are the Volunteer program that involves citizens who, after training, relieve full time officers of time consuming chores such as finger printing, parking control and foot patrols. The second is the VIPER program that includes police, citizens, outside law agencies and the highest technology available to protect the people they serve.

The VIPER Program has installed cameras in the city on buildings, businesses and traffic signals to help identify problems. They are also tied into many private security systems and interior systems in businesses. They use this program in concert with community outreach programs to educate citizens and keep them informed regarding criminal activity such as car thefts and break ins.

The fire department also has community outreach programs to educate citizens about the hazards of careless fire practices. They visit schools, social groups and neighborhood meetings to educate people about smoke alarms in every bedroom and carbon monoxide alarms near heaters and stoves. They also conduct safety inspections at business locations and apartment complexes to insure public safety. They are also responsible for hazardous materials response and EMT services.

There are eight separate fire stations that cover the city. Response time is minimal and each has a non-transporting emergency medical vehicle with complete trauma units aboard. There are a total of nineteen EMS vehicles and seven of them are capable of transporting victims of accidents or illness. Each of the EMS units have two trained EMT personnel capable of saving a life when dispatched.

The fire and police departments dedication to the people they serve can be seen in the time and energy that these men and women put into reaching the community. They use every tool available to ensure safe and peaceful living for their residents and business owners. The combination of these two agencies and the population that is involved in safeguarding this city it may seem as though the entire populace is involved in keeping this a safe place to live.

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