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How to Get Paid Writing Articles for the Web

How to Get Paid Writing Articles for the Web

Article by Adeniyi Adesanya

Have you ever thought of spending the whole day or a couple of hours browsing and writing online, and then you smile to the bank afterwards? Well, writing for the web is one of those ways to work flexibly online and earn payments for the job you do. You can write a couple of articles in your spare time and earn some cool money once you do a good job. So, my aim in this post is to tell you some of the best ways to make money online as you write articles for the web. After you read this, you should be on your way to getting started as a freelance writer.

First, let me allay any fears you may already have about writing. Writing articles for the web is great because it does not take much effort, even if you are not an expert. The average word limit used online is hardly more than 500 words. So, even if you are a slow writer, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to get an article written.Now, let’s talk about the two ways to make money writing articles for the web. They are freelance writing and article marketing. Both are great, but you can choose which one works best for you and suits your lifestyle the most.

In freelance writing, you write an article for someone and get paid for the job done. There are many websites you can get writing tasks from. For example, Helium, Associated Content, Elance, Scriptlance, Freelancer and a host of others. In fact, there are also sites that will pay you based on a revenue sharing method. You can even make extra money from such sites each month, depending on how significant you write. I mean the quantity of articles you can write.

Secondly, you can make money through article marketing as well. Writing articles for the web using this method entails you get paid for recommending and writing about products or services to potential consumers who need them. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer selling phones for a company, you may want to write about phones and post a link to the site where the individual can purchase a phone. If they end up buying the product, then you get paid a commission for the product you reviewed and recommended. There are a whole lot of websites that can help you make up to 75% in commission depending on the volume of sales you can make through your own referral article.

These are just two great ways to make money writing articles for the web. There are so many other avenues out there, waiting to be exploited if you want to make money writing for the web. So, it is up to you to define where your passion lies. For me, I would recommend scriptlance to anyone who wants to give freelance writing a shot. It is easy to sign up with scriptlance. You just need to create a profile with the site and bid for projects from prospective clients. Once you are accepted, the client awards you the job and you get paid after completing it. CLICK HERE to get started!

By the way, which one of these ways of writing for the web do you prefer? I want to hear from you. Thanks!

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Adeniyi Adesanya is a freelance writer who is currently working from home. You can visit his blog @ http://freelancehaven.blogspot.com